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Handling disputes with neighbors when moving

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There are a lot of different people in the world and some of these people are your neighbors. We are not all the same so you may have some disputes with your neighbors. Whether you live in your or rented home, you can get in different situations with the neighbors. We can’t choose the people who live near us but we can choose the way we communicate with them. If you have just moved into your new home or in the process of moving to your new home and you have some issues with neighbors, here are some tips for handling disputes with neighbors when moving.

Moving and handling disputes with neighbors when moving

There can be a lot of different reasons for the dispute, dog barking, loud TV or music, or your neighbor are not being tolerant at all. If you are moving to your new home, it is normal that you will make some noise while dissembling or packing your furniture. Or if you have just moved in, you will have a lot to do, cleaning, unpacking, reassembling. If you have a lot of packing leftovers, or you need to get rid of some items, make sure you clean and remove all of that, so you can avoid disputes with neighbors. Do not leave it in front of the doors or your building. You can research for junk removal Monterey CA moving companies have to offer. They will remove all the waste and unnecessary items.

Find a way to calmly resolve the dispute with your neighbors.

We all know how moving can be stressful, it takes a lot of time and energy. If you are not sure you can handle it efficiently, you can contact your movers and let them handle the work. Their team is skilled in any type of moving and they will do it much faster than you, that is for sure. They will do it fast and leave no waste so your neighbors won’t have any reason to make problems.

Make sure you let your movers do all the work. Especially ask them for packing services, they will do it fast and you will have a smooth and stress-free relocation. And you will leave your neighbors and your old home in peace.

Make sure if there is really a problem

First, you should make sure there is really a problem between your neighbor and you. If it happens here and there some annoying situations or your neighbors seriously interfere in your life quality. Maybe they have just a bad day or you are. So think if there is really a reason for dispute if it does, then you should react. You can’t be quiet about the things that bother you, but you should choose your words and tactic to resolve the problem. If certain situations repeat constantly, maybe it wouldn’t be bad to record it or write down, so you can later mention them to your neighbors if you decide to talk with them to resolve the problem.

Keep it cool

Not every situation needs a reaction. It is the same with neighbors, choose your battles. If you have decided to react and let your neighbors know you are not ok with their actions, just take time before you say anything. You know that sometimes when people are angry they can say something they do not mean or something inappropriate. So, think before you speak. Do not yell, do not use violence, and make sure you are polite and don’t insult your neighbors.

conversation with neighbor
Let your neighbors speak too, so you can find a solution.


If it is possible, make a compromise. In case your neighbor isn’t doing something illegal, or something that affects your life in a way you can not manage your daily routines because of that. If that affects your sleeping, everyday activities, etc you should find a way to compromise. Be openminded. Listen to your neighbors and let them say if there is something you do that bothers them. Maybe they see the problem differently. If possible to have a conversation without some accusations and heavy words. Have in mind that you can’t tell someone to get rid of its pet or quit smoking just because it bothers you. So, you should talk and find a solution.

If you do not feel comfortable to speak in person, it is ok. Instead, you can leave a note, send a message, or mail, or you can call your neighbor. It is also ok to leave an anonymous note. But if that doesn’t help, then you will need to talk to them personally.

Call the third party for handling disputes with neighbors when moving

If it is not possible to resolve the situation calmly and with a talk, then you should include a third person. You can call your landlord or housing association mediation board. It is important to find someone that will be objective and that could help with the situation you have. If it is not absolutely possible to resolve the problem even with the objective mediator, you can call your lawyer or the police.

Make sure you check housing contracts or guidelines dictating tenant behavior, there you will find some regulations.

Check the rules

In case you live in an apartment complex, there are for sure some house rules that need to be respected. Make sure you research housing contracts or guidelines dictating tenant behavior. There must be some regulations that need to be respected. Once you relocate and unpack your items, make sure you get to know your neighbors and make some good relations, it will help you to resolve easier your disagreements.

Handling disputes with neighbors when moving

Here you can find some tips for handling disputes with neighbors when moving. You should not be quiet and let your quality of life suffer because of your neighbor’s habits. But, make sure you resolve the problem and don’t let the dispute takes away your energy, and don’t let the anger lead your actions.

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