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Handling sentimental clutter before the move

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Moving is a sentimental process itself, and handling sentimental clutter is just another thing that makes us feel sad. We are here to help you realize what you need and what belongs in the garbage. What you need are moving companies Morgan Hill CA, to start with.

Handling sentimental clutter, what do you really need?

When you organize, pack your belongings, and call California professional movers to transfer them, you will see that there are many things that you still have but do not really need. Most of those things have been kept because they had some kind of sentimental value. All they really do is make a mess and keep you attached to something you should keep in your heart and not in your room. 

Clutter-handling sentimental clutter
That corner in the room you work in? Well, by not handling sentimental clutter, it will look like this.

Questions to ask yourself before keeping the clutter

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you decide to keep something you know you should throw away. Here is a list of those questions:

  1. What does this remind me of?
  2. Do the memories this brings make me happy or sad?
  3. If I throw it away, will I really miss it?
  4. If I throw this away, will the memories really disappear? This one is crucial for handling sentimental clutter.

The answers to these questions are all you need to know whether you should keep something or throw it out. If it reminds you of something that is not so happy and beautiful, throw it away! If it is useless and takes up a lot of room but you’re kind of attached to the memory it brings, the memory will not disappear. Not only will the memory stay and not be forgotten but you also will not miss the thing you threw out.

Clean work corner
If you take our advice and get rid of clutter, that corner you work in can look like this!

How to know if you should keep it

You will not throw away everything you have nor should you. Of course, there are some things that are of great sentimental value and you should keep them. The only thing that makes valuable things different from sentimental clutter is the fact that it holds a beautiful memory and is absolutely irreplaceable in every way. If you have a dress from your late grandmother that you will never wear, of course, you should keep it. But, again, if you have old silverware that cannot be used and the only thing keeping you attached to it is the fact that you have had it for a long time, throw it out now.

Handling sentimental clutter done successfully!

It is very simple, if it is irreplaceable and you love it, keep it. If it is just old but nothing special, throw it out! Be responsible and be aware of the fact that hoarding things is an awful habit. You should, as an adult, know what you want, need and what is simply clutter and takes up space you need for more important things. Ask yourself those four questions we mentioned and we wish you good luck!

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