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Helping kids adjust to a new home and neighborhood

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The moving process requires much more than just packing and relocating. Moving companies in Hollister are easy to find and packing is a bore but it is a fast process that you finish sooner or later. Now, when it comes to helping kids adjust to a new home and neighborhood, that is where we might find more than a few setbacks. This is the ”after the move” kind of problem almost every parent has to deal with. We think we have some recommendations you might like and use to help your child accept the new environment in a healthy way.

Should you be helping kids adjust to a new home?

This question is often asked by parents who are not sure should they give their child space, tough love, or intervene and give them simple love. The simplest answer would be to give them love while providing space and intervene but stand your tough ground. No one said it would be easy. You may find yourself in a situation where one of the best movers in California has relocated your things for you and you are thrilled to finally be in your new home but you sense that your child is not. No parent can be happy if their child is not and this situation is no different. And yes, it is your job to help your children adjust to any life situation. 

When helping kids adjust to a new home, there are certain obnoxious behaviors you should treat with tough love. Still, mostly they just need simple love and encouragement.

How to help your child adjust to a new home and neighborhood

First of all, helping is not standing next to them at all times. That is attacking their personal space. Whether your child is a toddler or a little older, he or she has the right to feel different emotions because of the relocation. For all you know, maybe your children are not mad because you moved, maybe they are mad because you hired packing services and someone else touched their stuff. But, instead of speculating in a million directions, let us choose a situation where your kid is not happy because you have moved and how you should deal with that.

All you need is love

The Beatles have said it loud and clear or sang it, actually. There is nothing you can say that can’t be sung, right? All you need is love. Children have a universal response to affection and that response is accepting it. They often react badly to relocation because they are losing everything they are used to, a big change is happening in their little lives. This is the part where you shower them with enormous love to show them that nothing important changed nor will it ever. Besides, love is shown through understanding, patience, time and devotion, and many other things people replace for some three clearly less important words. Give them your time. They do not really care where they are as long as they have your attention.

At the end of the day, all they really need is your love, no matter where you are and where you live.


Of course, if your child is very small, you cannot expect a straight answer. Still, you can try to talk to them, ask them what is wrong and why do they seem sad. They will say something that might not seem like an answer but it is your job to understand their eyes. Communicating with them also gives them the attention they crave. Just because they cannot talk properly, does not mean they cannot communicate. You know your child best, we trust that you will understand their darling, little concerns perfectly.

Avoid touching their things

One thing you should avoid is touching or removing their belongings. You will probably get storage services once you move but do not store their things right away. This brings us back to the fact that a move is a big change, do not change anything else. If you take away their previous home and then take their things from them the next day, they will literally freak out. Even if they have outgrown them, wait for the right time. 

Persuasion as a way of helping kids adjust to a new home

If used properly, persuasion can have a great effect on the minds of children. You should not misuse it, just periodically resolve to it in situations that are drastic. You will see that if you constantly tell your kid that something is great and that they are going to love it, they will eventually believe you. If a stove is hot, and you tell them not to touch it, they first get burned, and then they believe you. It is the same with everything else. Tell them, and when you have their attention, show them how great your new home is going to be. You can:

  1. Take your kids to see all the parks in the neighborhood.
  2. Show them their new school and how fun it is.
  3. Spend an entire day together exploring the new environment. Make an adventure out of it. 
  4. Help them decorate their room exactly the way they want it. Show them how this one is better than the last one, even if you have to lie a bit. Satisfying their wants can sometimes be of great value when helping kids adjust to a new home.
  5. Tell them that you will be happier here and then explain why.
If you persuade them by showing them the good side, there is no harm done.

Attention seeking on both sides

There is one thing that is universal for everyone in this world. The age does not matter, the situation does not matter, everyone reacts the same way. That reaction is called compassion and it occurs when your child senses you need them, not the other way around. Children are unbelievably smart and they can sense you from a mile away. If you decide to be honest with your kid, or kids and tell them that you need their help, you will most certainly get it. Therefore, if you seek a bit of attention from them as they seek attention, through various behaviors, from you, you will get an immediate response through compassion. Just make sure they feel that you really do need them. Because trust us, you really do.

Helping kids adjust to a new home is now a piece of cake for you

These were all some great tips you should consider when helping kids adjust to a new home. Of course, these were not the only solutions in the world but have proven themselves worthy of mentioning. We hope that your kids end up liking the new home and that you will have a wonderful time with them. Make new memories and enjoy them. We wish you good luck! 

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