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Hiring Monterey movers based on referrals – pros and cons 

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Like all other big and important things in life, moving also demands a lot of time, preparation and usually causes a lot of stress. If you are thinking about hiring moving help Monterey CA then you should also consider hiring Monterey movers based on referrals. You might think that hiring somebody based only on recommendations is always a smart thing to do. See here why that is a good idea or in what cases it might be a bad idea.

What are the pros of hiring Monterey movers based on referrals?

It lowers the risk of making the wrong choice

The most important thing when it comes to relocation is that you make the right choice for yourself. By choosing a good and reliable moving company you will definitely be less stressed out. This is applicable in all types of relocations both home and office moves. If somebody you know has recently moved and now can recommend Monterey moving services it means that you don’t have to do research on your own. Also, the risk of making the wrong choice will be lower. 

woman using laptop
It is much easier to find a moving company in Monterey based on referrals than to do it on your own

It will save you time

One thing that we all need or lack while moving is definitely time. We could always use more time to pack, organize, unpack, etc. If you decide on hiring Monterey movers based on referrals you will save yourself time instead of losing it on researching companies. It is good to mention that it is important that referrals come from somebody close to you. This way you can be sure that you can trust their recommendation. On the other hand, if you learned about the company from somebody you don’t know or somewhere online, then you should check that company anyways. 

Using friend’s referrals you can avoid fraudulent movers

Sometimes, in spite of your extensive research, you can choose a fraudulent company. The best way to avoid this is to use a recommendation from your friends or family members. If the referral is coming from a person you trust it is safe to say that you are going to make a good choice. There are a lot of fraudulent relocation companies out there so you should be careful. Always check out the company and don’t fall for the lowest price at once. Choosing local movers Monterey is easier with a direct recommendation.

Too many positive referrals can be suspicious

When you are in the process of searching for the best company suitable for you, you can come across a company that has all positive referrals. At first, this sounds great and you think that you find yourself a great mover. However, moving is complicated and sometimes it doesn’t go exactly according to a plan. Among positive reviews, there should also be some negative experiences. It is quite common that people have some mishaps during a move.

A worried woman looking at a laptop
Too many positive reviews in one of the major red flags

Cons for choosing movers based on referrals

As much as it sounds good and the fastest way to find a moving company, referrals sometimes might be disappointing. A relocation process is not the same for everybody. For example, if you are moving from California to Oregon you need to find a company with experience with interstate relocation.

  • Check if the company has experience with the type of moving you need – there is a difference between long distance or a local one
  • Make sure if there isn’t a better deal out there
  • Choose a company based on referral but check the company anyway.

Use reviews as a reference but be careful anyway

Hiring Monterey movers based on referrals is the best way to get reliable moving assistance for your next move. Of course, you still need to ve very careful and check your movers anyway. If you do it right, you will probably be in a situation where you will be the one who is writing positive reviews for your Monterey movers.

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