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Home improvement ideas for seniors

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As people age, it can become hard to get around the house. So it would be good to adjust the house to their needs. Some of them decide to relocate to somewhere south in order to find peace and comfort. When about moving, it is always better to get in touch with California residential movers and let them conduct your move. In that way, you can also you can prevent injuries. Either way, you can make some changes. If you’re thinking ahead to retirement, or maybe you’re already in retirement it is a good thing to think in advance and adjusting the home to your needs. Making a few improvements and modifications to your home can increase your comfort and allow you to be more independent. So, here are some home improvement ideas for seniors.

Make a plan

Renovations depend on each person’s specific needs. Some rooms in your home may require extensive work while others might need minor fixes. You should go around the house, room by room, and put on paper everything that can be an obstacle for every-day normal activities and note what can be improved or replaced. Search on the internet moving boxes Monterey CA and the companies that can provide you with them. Pack in them all the necessary stuff. You can store them or give them away. Here is a list of steps you can take:

  • make a list of home improvement ideas for seniors
  • check each room
  • remove unnecessary items
senior reading the newspapers
Start thinking in advance about the improvements to your house, so you can adjust your home even before retirement.


There is a high risk of falling while getting in or out of the bathtub. So this can be a top priority when making improvements in the bathroom. So, you can install handles and a non-skid latex mat inside and outside. This could prevent the fall. Also, it is better to install a shower in the bathroom than having a tub. A step-in shower is safer than a tub. Also, a hand-held showerhead is often easier to use for someone with limited mobility than a fixed showerhead. Have that in mind. You can elevate toilets to help people that find it hard to squat. Think about adding grab bars by the toilet, too. Store toiletries and other bathroom necessities at waist level where they limit bending, stooping, or stretching. You can add some stool or the bench somewhere in the corner of the bathroom.


This is also one of the rooms where there is a risk of falls and injuries. Elevate the dishwasher so bending is not needed for loading and unloading. If your budget allows for some kitchen renovations, it is a good idea to replace higher cabinets with lower shelving or drawers. You can install the oven with flat surfaces. It is easier to clean and allows sliding of heavy pots instead of lifting. You can replace doorknobs and faucets with lever handles. Simply replacing doorknobs with lever-style hardware can make life easier. You can install counters if different heights and that will provide you with more options for prepping or cooking while standing or sitting. Do whatever you can to prevent falls or burns, or any other kind of injuries.

old women in the kitchen
You can install counters if different heights and that will provide you with more options for prepping or cooking while standing or sitting.

Other rooms – home improvement ideas for seniors

Make sure there is ample room to maneuver easily between furniture and walls. All floors should be made slip-resistant. You can replace the flooring with slip-resistant materials. If you don’t have a budget to replace everything make sure you at least replace or repair any damaged areas. You should remove thresholds or saddles from doorways to make passing through doors easier. For those who use walkers, adding low-pile carpeting is safest so the walker doesn’t catch on the deep pile and causes a fall. You can add a wheelchair ramp. Even if you don’t have an immediate need for a wheelchair, a ramp can be useful so you don’t need to climb stairs to enter the home. In case your doors are narrow you can expand them to accommodate a wheelchair or other mobility device. Or, if your budget allows you, you can install a chair lift or elevator.

For older people living in the house with more than one level, stairs can be very risky and an obstacle for their moving through the house. So, handrails are a must. If possible, on both sides. Also, lighting is very important, in order to see clearly and prevent falls. But the staircase isn’t the only part of a home that needs good lighting. That is an important thing to improve in all the rooms. Make sure there’s adequate lighting in every room, hallway, and doorway to prevent falls. Besides the lighting, be sure to have a table, bench, or another surface nearby for putting things down. For example something in the hallway, by the door.

living room
Clear the space in your house so you can walk freely.

There is one more idea, making space for a home office. It can sound crazy, but life doesn’t stop when you retire. Some of the seniors continue to work something while retired because they feel they can still do something useful and important. When people are no longer going to a place of business they feel a need to transform some corner of their home into a home office, so they can place all their paperwork and financial matters.

Home improvement ideas for seniors

Make changes for possible future needs. We are not getting any younger so check where to retire. Use these home improvement ideas for seniors to think about what you can improve each room. Many seniors prefer to live in familiar surroundings as they grow older. So these improvements can help seniors maintain independence for a longer period. Your home should be a place where you always feel comfortable and safe, no matter how old are you. With age, things change and some places in the house can become dangerous. You can find out there are some obstacles in your house that it would be good to remove or replace. Start thinking about making some improvements in advance.

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