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Home inspection checklist for homebuyers in Big Sur

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Buying a home is one of the major decisions in one’s life. It’s not something you should do in a rush, but rather after a period of extensive research and inspection. If you are one of the potential homebuyers in Big Sur,  you must make sure you’re investing in the ideal home for you. After that, your next task is to conduct a detailed inspection to make sure everything works well in a new home. That’s why we at Mod Movers are presenting you with this ultimate checklist so you can learn how to do it right in order to have peace of mind. Also, once you buy and inspect your dream home, moving endeavor comes next. Since we operate as one of the most reliable California residential movers, you may rest assured we will help you settle in your new home stress-free.

All homebuyers in Big Sur have to get ready for the home inspection process

In case you wonder “Why should I conduct an inspection at all?”, let’s get some things clear. No matter how good-looking your desired home is, there are many things that are easy to miss. Therefore, you must learn to look beyond appearance and make sure everything in your new home functions properly. This is especially important if you are about to move to a bigger home. Also, keep in mind that a home inspection is a process that happens right after you sign the purchase agreement with a buyer.

home buyers in Big Sur negotiating
The home inspection comes after you accept the offer.

The last you need is additional repairs that cost a fortune and make you feel regret buying a home that seemed promising at a first glance. That’s why a home inspection process can help you make the best decision for yourself. Also, it becomes easier to avoid fraudulent schemes that are everywhere, including California.  There are important steps to take before a home inspection takes place:

  • The home inspection contingency is a clause included in a contract that allows you to discuss additional repairs or even cancel the sale due to home inspection results. Also, you will have a specific time frame for scheduling and completing the home inspection process.
  • Take time to find a qualified and reliable home inspector that will conduct a detailed examination of a home you intend to buy. By hiring an inspector, you will spare yourself from potential repairs that may disrupt your estimated budget.
  • Be present on a home inspection day. Follow the inspection process and pay attention to the severity of issues inside the home. That way you will make a difference between minor repairs that aren’t a big deal and damages that are non-negotiable.

Know what to look for during the home inspection process

In order to know what questions to ask, you must learn to tell the difference between major and minor repairs. First, make sure that everything in-home functions without problems:

  • Electrical systems are in a good condition.
  • Pipes aren’t damaged or rusty.
  • Heating and cooling systems work well, with clean filters.
  • A home foundation and exterior are in great condition.
  • Septic tank leaks aren’t likely to happen.
  • Walls and ceilings in interior rooms are straight, without damage, stains, and mold.
  • The bathtub and toilet are stable, clean, without signs of rust.
  • Floors appear straight, without cracks.
  • The doors and windows open easily.
  • All lights work well.

Warning signs any home buyer in Big Sur mustn’t overlook

If you notice any of the following issues, maybe you should reconsider your choice:

  • The gas odor comes from heating and cooling systems.
  • There are exposed electrical splices, while cables aren’t properly secured.
  • Rusty pipes and visible evidence of leaks.
  • Home foundation and bricks have visible cracks.
  • The paint is visibly flaking.
  • A home interior has visible cracks and damages.
  • Dirty air filter.
  • Poor ventilation.
  • Weak stairways.
  • Too many signs of moisture and rust in a basement.

Don’t settle for home repairs that will cost you a fortune

Many get disappointed about their buying choice after they realize their dream home is a financial burden right from the start. That’s why a home inspection is much-needed. You have the right to negotiate or drop the offer as a home buyer if there are repairs to be done that would simply cost you too much. While minor repairs are possible to negotiate and don’t cost much, some major ones are a deal-breaker. Remember that your new home is also your investment. Plus, there’s no need to exceed your estimated expenses for additional repairs that should have been completed before.

red mark on a checklist
Homebuyers in Big Sur should complete a home inspection to make sure everything in a new home is in a good condition.

Hire a reliable moving team after buying a home in Big Sur

If your desired place passed the inspection process – congratulations! You are ready to settle and start fresh! The next phase is moving, which is why Big Sur movers are your best choice. If you’re moving from somewhere far, then hiring a capable team of movers is necessary. Just make sure you’re hiring licensed movers who prioritize the needs of their customers.

furniture movers
Hire movers to help you with bulkier items.

Furniture and other bulkier items aren’t easy to pack and move, especially if this is your first time moving. All homebuyers in Big Sur make sure to have their new home properly set up. So take time to find some of the best furniture movers California companies have on offer. They will complete the packing quickly and efficiently. Plus, your furniture will be protected from dirt and damage. Furniture movers can help you properly organize your home, so you don’t have to worry about it later. In addition, you might want to consider storage rental in case your relocation takes longer than planned. Opt for climate-controlled, indoor units where all your possessions are safe and sound.




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