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How much does it cost to move from San Jose to Austin?

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Bothered of California but you don’t want to move without using the best weather in the world? That’s why Austin is such a great choice for you. Probably you’ve seen it all on ads and figured it out but you’re still not sure How much it cost to move from San Jose to Austin. That’s why moving companies in Northern California would like to help you out and reveal this “big mystery to you”. One more reason why you might be looking for this is that post-pandemic inflation is higher by the minute. Let’s dive in and explore this topic together.

Cost of living and moving in San Jose

Before we even start let’s face it California is the second most expensive state after Hawaii so you should expect higher prices. San Jose, California, has a 53% higher cost of living than the national average. This implies that living there may be pricey. The cost of living may also be impacted by your job, salary, and local housing market. You can use the PayScale Cost of Living Calculator if you want precise results. All the information about the cost of living from both places is taken from the Payscale website. Housing is 134% higher than the national average. So the median home price is $967,298 and the average rent is just below $3,000 ($2,955 / month). San Jose’s utility costs are 24% more than the national average. Gas and other transportation costs are 6% more expensive than the national average.

The city of San Jose;
San Jose is beautiful but it’s becoming too expensive.

When it comes to food and groceries are 21% more expensive than the national average.  Even healthcare is 20% higher than the national average. You probably know this and we hope that you won’t miss paying $141.67 for a single doctor’s visit. Moving from California to Austin will be cheaper if you schedule your move in advance. It’s best to contact your movers right away because they’ll give you a probably “cheaper estimate and price”. This has to do with inflation and recession because prices can rise from day to day as you can see in the grocery store. Plus you’re moving from California so you can expect higher prices anyway.

Welcome to Austin, Texas

First of all, people are moving massively from California to Texas and the main reason is the cost of living. Maybe even Apple and Google will be moving cross country since they’ve laid off so many people. Since labor costs, operating costs, taxes, and everything else is cheaper in Austin when compared to San Jose. Also, don’t forget that Texas doesn’t have a personal income tax. On the other hand, prices are overall lower starting with that the cost of living is just 2% higher than the national average. If you remembered it’s 53% higher than the national average in San Jose.  Housing is just 15% higher than the national average with the median home price of $458,152; that’s more than double the price in San Jose. While the median rent is $1,400/month.

A document of a laptop with open how much does it cost to move from San Jose to Austin file next to the calculator, lots of dollars, papers and a calculator;
Calculating the cost to move from San Jose to Austin isn’t that as cost of living is.

Utility prices are 6% lower than the national average. While bus tickets and gas prices are 8% lower than the national average. This is something unimaginable for people from California.  Groceries are a bit more expensive at 11% above nat. average. Last but not least is the 5% higher price of healthcare. With all this in mind, you should see that Texas is a much more affordable and cheaper state. Plus it has great weather but it lacks beaches and the ocean (trust us lakes are just fine plus they’re not salty).  Moving from San Jose to Austin might seem impossible or too hard but trust us with our help it’ll be a piece of cake. It can be a problem if you try to DIY the entire move and you get all messed up with packing, planning, etc.

How much does it cost to move from San Jose to Austin?

For the most part, it depends but it can by some estimates be between $1,200 to $8,000 or even more. Also in the time that you’re reading this blog price might’ve risen by some percent. This has all got to do with fuel, prices of food, and other factors like inflation. The easiest way to calculate this is to schedule a go to our website and get a free quote. While you’re there you can find in our blog section more tips and tricks for moving, packing, other places where people are moving, etc. So let’s say that you’re a person that cares about the environment you’ll probably need tips on how to make your move more sustainable.

Texas State Capitol building;
Don’t forget to visit the Texas State Capitol building.

For the final part, you’ll probably miss a lot of friends and family members so make sure to say a proper goodbye. Proper closure with friends, family or broken relationships is more important than any closed stores or malls. In the end, you’ll find a job in Austin just like you did in San Jose companies are moving there plus you can work nowadays from home. People in Austin are concerned about their health so they enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering, riding bikes, etc. You should also visit places like

  • Texas State Capitol building the largest Capitol building in the US
  • Sixth Street is the best place to have great nightlife and live music
  • Food trucks, local cuisine, and the world-renowned TexMex food
  • Live Music Capital of the World is the most famous music festival in Austin

Final thoughts on how much it cost to move from San Jose to Austin?

That would be it for this article and thank you for joining us today. We hope that you liked our opinion on how much it cost to move from San Jose to Austin. If you have any questions give us a call or contact us through our website. Enjoy the move and have a great time in Austin, Texas. Just remember that the sooner you book the better your financial graph will look.

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