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How much time do you need to organize a move from California to Oregon

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Organizing an interstate move can seem like a daunting task, but with careful preparation, it can be very smooth and enjoyable. Many people ask themselves how much time they need to organize a move from California to Oregon. As one of the most reputable moving companies in California, we’ve facilitated countless cross-country relocations. That’s why we’ll share with you our knowledge and experience regarding this matter.

You’ll need 6-8 weeks to organize a move from California to Oregon

When you decide you want to move, start the whole process 6-8 weeks before your projected moving date. This will give you enough time to take care of every important task and detail of the relocation process. If you are not sure what is it exactly you need to do to organize a move from California to Oregon, as trustworthy California interstate movers, we’ll help you out.

Organize a move from California to Oregon
Even though it’s a long-distance move, it will take no longer than 6-8 weeks to complete your relocation

Create a moving checklist

The first thing you want to do is to write down each task you need to complete during your relocation. Creating that checklist and following up once something is completed is a great way to stay on top of things. After all, when you’re moving from California to Portland, a careful organization is key. Also, you should create another list that relates to your belongings.

Sort and declutter your stuff

Create an essential and non-essential list of things as you sort and declutter your home. This step should begin about 4 weeks away from the moving date. Once they’re sorted, start packing the things from the non-essential list. Packing them early on will help you invest that time for something else more pressing as moving day approaches. Decluttering has many benefits as well. You can save up space and money by donating to your local charity or selling things you are sure you don’t need anymore. Less packing materials are required and less time is spent on packing.

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Organize your move from California to Oregon in such a way that the whole process is exciting and fun

Pack your stuff and transfer your utilities

Two to four weeks before the moving date, you should start packing the remaining items. Up until the day before moving, make sure everything is packed, including an overnight bag for each family member. Two weeks out start thinking about transferring your utilities. Notify your current utility providers that you are moving and transfer or cancel their services. At the same time, make sure the new home you found has all those utilities ready a day before you move in. Be as diligent about that just like when choosing between moving companies California to Oregon. The quality of your movers will make or break your relocation process! 

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