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How much to tip interstate movers in California?

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Moving time is nearly here and you are checking a few last details. There is one thing that many people wonder and this is whether you should and how much you should tip interstate movers in California. Moving companies in Northern California have different experiences, and so do their customers. Before you start with your moving day, you need to get familiar with common rules, so to speak.

Do you tip interstate movers in California?

There is no requirement for tipping your movers. However, like in any other service industry in California, it is encouraging. Imagine yourself after a long moving day, if you are feeling satisfied then feel free to tip your long distance movers California. Like in any other business, if you are happy with the service you should leave a tip. The usual tip in California is around 15-20%. The usual tip for movers is 5 -10 % of the move cost.

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Tip only if you are satisficed with the service

How much should you tip your interstate movers?

There is quite a difference between nearby and interstate moves. Obviously because of the distance and the complexity. However, you can tip a cross country movers California how much you feel you should. As it was previously mentioned, the general rule is to tip interstate movers in California about 5 – 10 % of the move cost. Or to be more precise, people usually tip about 4$ or 5$ per hour of work, per mover. The usual tip for local, nearby relocation is about 10-20 % of the moving price.

Include tips in your budget, so you don’t end up surprised. Once again, you can decide on your own how much you will leave. It is just good to prepare.  Try to include unexpected moving costs in your budget plan. You will see at the end of a moving day how a service was provided and then you can decide. Just have in mind whether you live in a tricky space, in a building with too many stairs and similar difficulties.

Do you leave cash for tips?

This might seem like a strange question, but it should be answered anyway. The question is should you offer them food or drinks during or after the move. So good manners are to offer food or beverages to your movers. Especially on a long moving day or when you are using hauling services Monterey CA. Surely it is not a requirement however it is a common courtesy. As for the tip, it is best to give them a cash tip.

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Cash it most convenient for tipping movers

When to tip interstate movers?

When your interstate relocation is finished without delays and your movers have invested a lot of hard work into their job. Besides arriving on time, courtesy and professional behavior are good enough reasons to reward your movers at the end of a moving day. Long-distance or interstate moves are especially demanding.

There are a few things to consider when you are deciding to tip and how much. Are you using a packing service? Don’t forget about their tips. Do you have any large and bulky furniture? If you do, make sure that you tip movers for the hard work. Tip interstate movers in California, like you would in any other place or business. Of course, if you are happy with their service, make sure they know how much.

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