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How much to tip residential movers? 

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Many questions arise when a moving day comes. Whether you should tip and how much to tip residential movers is one that comes in the end. Like in any other service industry, tips are welcomed. When you hire a moving company, like Mod movers and you are satisfied and happy with the finished move, then you should tip residential movers. Just see what is the usual tip for a certain type of move.

What is the right time to tip residential movers?

As you would usually do, tip your mover when they finish their job. It is simple, you should wait until the end, and if you are happy with the service tip them then. Some people like to give tips in the beginning. It is an incentive gesture, in a way. There are no written rules on how to tip California residential movers. It is completely up to you. There are some guidelines, regarding the amount of the tip. Also, if you are using some additional services from the moving company, have that in mind too. If you are using a packing service and the people that are packing your belongings aren’t the same as the ones moving you, then you should tip them separately.

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Tip your movers after the job is completed and only if you are happy with their performance

Usual tips in California

Many things have changed in the last two years. However, tips are still a must. Usual tips in restaurants are 15-20 %. Lately, more people leave 20%.  Although, if you have excellent service, you can absolutely leave 25 %.

How much do you tip your movers?

Usual tips are about 4-5 $ for an hour of work. So it actually depends on how long your move lasts. You can either tip your California interstate movers hourly or tip them for the entire job. Of course, hourly doesn’t mean you should tip them every hour. Also, you should consider how many members a team that moved you has. Because you should tip them enough so they can divide between them and still have 4-5 $ each.

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You are the one determining the size of the tip

If you are not happy with the service provided

As we previously said, tips for movers are the same as tips in other service industries. If you aren’t happy with the moving service or the crew that relocated you, you are not obligated to tip them. Tips are voluntary and you should tip if you are happy with the finished job. Have in mind that you will choose from moving companies Morgan Hill CA based on their experience and reviews. And you will pay for the relocation service, so tips are only for the movers that actually move your house. If they are efficient and considerate, you should reward them.

Feel free to offer your movers refreshments

Tips aside, you can also offer your moving crew beverages or snacks, especially if it is a very hot or cold day.  All in all, if the provided service was good, you can say thank you with the tip.

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