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How often should you clean a storage unit in Gilroy

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When it comes to big cleaning projects for any household, storage units are often overlooked. Whether you moved recently to Gilroy and found new storage space, or you have had storage for some time, your storage unit should be considered into your cleaning schedule. If you haven’t found your storage unit yet, you can look into California residential movers to find one. But before you do, make sure you know how often should you clean a storage unit in Gilroy.

Why you should clean a storage unit in Gilroy

The appeal about having a storage unit is putting belongings you may need someday away and out of sight.  However, this doesn’t mean that you should forget about it. If you are really planning on using any of the stored stuff there, you should really take the time and check on them and provide them with care. Yes, that means cleaning your storage unit in Gilroy. Some of your items may require proper dusting in order to keep them usable. Some may require occasional airing like fabrics and leather of all sorts.

A smiling elderly man preparing to clean a storage unit in Gilroy.
Cleaning your storage unit at least once a year is important to keep your stuff protected and usable.

You also may want to check the condition of the storage unit itself. For instance, if the is any kind of leakage from rains. Or any other damage that can come from environmental impact. Even though Gilroy has a moderate climate, days can get pretty humid and rainy.

Before you go to your storage unit

When you make a decision to take on a project to clean a storage unit in Gilroy, you might as well take the chance and check if you need to store more stuff away or take something from the storage. You should have a copy of the inventory list of your stored belongings. If not, now it’s an excellent time to create it.

Start with the thing from your current household you want to put away. Make a list of those items. If you don’t have a storage inventory list, try to remember if you’ll need anything from there. Make a list of this also, so you wouldn’t forget once you are there. If you plan on taking some especially large items, like old furniture, make sure you hire the right kind of moving service for that. Depending on the stored items, your storage unit in Gilroy should probably be cleaned at least once a year.

Preparing to clean a storage unit in Gilroy

Before you set off to clean your storage unit in Gilroy, make sure you go prepared. Cleaning a storage unit is no easy task. Of course, you can always opt to hire a professional cleaning service. But if you want to save some money, or simply are more of a DYI kind of person, you will need to be properly prepared.

Colorful plastic bottles arranged next to each other.
Make sure you have cleaning supplies before you clean your storage unit in Gilroy.

Firstly, you would need proper cleaning supplies. Some of these can be:

  • Dustpan and a broom
  • Wireless vacuum cleaner (if available to clean a storage unit in Gilroy)
  • Mop and a bucket
  • Dusters
  • Microfiber cloths and sponges
  • Paper towels
  • Trash bags
  • Some good cleaning product
  • Antibacterial sprays

Once you prepare those supplies, you can leave some of them behind. This way you don’t need to drag them each time you decide to take on cleaning your storage unit in Gilroy. Since the cleaning process can last for a few hours, you can also pack a snack and some entertainment possibilities for quick breaks. Packing a Bluetooth speaker or your earphones is an excellent idea. Also, If you taking a lot of stuff, or some really big and bulky item to or from the storage, search for reliable movers Gilroy CA to handle the transfer.

Packing supplies and packing

Of course, if you just moved to Gilroy, most of your stuff for storage is properly packed and protected. But if not, you may also require some packing supplies to store your item safely and securely. Some of these supplies can be vacuum bags, bubble wrap, cloth wrap, and of course plastic boxes with lids. Plastic boxes are by far the most secure packing boxes for your smaller items. The stuff inside is secured against humidity and dust. And the boxes are sturdy, so the chance of them falling apart over time is minimal.

For the stuff you plan on storing, you should pack them beforehand. For the items already in the storage unit, you should bring extra packing supplies. This way, you can upgrade any worn-out boxes or reorganize your storage unit. Of course, you should also check out professional packing services if you have a large amount of stuff to pack.

How to clean a storage unit in Gilroy

First of all, when you clean a storage unit in Gilroy, you should start by taking everything out of the unit. This way you will be able to properly inspect the unit itself. Then you can start cleaning, dusting off, and vacuuming the floors. Remove any cobwebs that may be on the walls or dealing. Take your microfiber cloths and wash any shelves or dirty spots on the walls or floors. In the end, you can thoroughly mop the floor and leave it to air dry before you start putting your belongings back in.

During this time you can have a snack break and take time to replenish your energy.

Reorganize and declutter your belongings when cleaning a storage unit in Gilroy

If you brought in new items to the storage unit, or even if you didn’t, this is an excellent opportunity to declutter your belongings and reorganize the rest. You should prioritize your belongings, and donate or sell the stuff you definitely don’t want or need anymore.

A wall of plastic labeled boxes with stuff inside them
Cleaning your storage unit is an excellent opportunity to reorganize your belongings.

For the stuff, you plan on keeping, make a new and updated inventory list. Write next to each site a place where you put it, and make two copies of this, one for your home and one to leave on sight. When you start putting your stuff back into the storage unit, clean them properly. Check if they are protected and securely packed. Label each box, with a list of contents.  You can also check how to organize your storage unit easily.

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