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How stressful is moving with a newborn?

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Of all the possibilities that can complicate a move, having a newborn can be the most stressful. Moving with a newborn is a great responsibility that requires absolute concentration and superhero organization skills. That is why we are here to help you.

The first baby steps when moving with a newborn

As we have emphasized, organization and concentration are the keys to a successful move with a newborn baby. It is very easy to make a mistake and forget something. We will try to help you by emphasizing everything we think is very important such as hiring the right moving companies in Carmel CA.

Breastfeeding=moving with a newborn
If the mother can be with the baby at all times it makes moving with a newborn a lot easier.

Organization of the obligations regarding the newborn

Remember, a newborn is the number one priority and cannot be neglected even for a second. When moving with such a small and delicate person, the first baby steps should be organizing everything that has anything to do with the baby. In other words, the move should be organized according to your ”baby schedule”, so to speak. Tip number one, the mother should be with the baby at all times, if possible. This is because she is lactating and is in charge of the feeding. Anything that affects her can affect the baby through milk. A newborn has a tight schedule and has to eat at a certain time. If a parent is alone and has no help whatsoever, there are always movers Monterey CA to save the day! Count on them, they will help you when no one else will.

Protecting the baby during the move

You understand that a newborn baby requires constant and undivided attention. Sometimes the parent cannot be dedicated to the baby alone. Because of this, we will list all of the things a newborn should be protected from when in the middle of a moving process.

  1. Too much noise. The newborn should get used to noise but too much noise and too loud can be very stressful for the little head.
  2. Dust and any kind of filth. The little part of the umbilical cord is probably still attached and do you really want to change your baby in the middle of a filthy room?
  3. Everything! The best choice would still be to keep it away from the move and keep the newborn safe.

What are the consequences of the stress when moving with a newborn

The consequences can be many. Since having a baby means being very protective, this itself can create a state of unease in a person. This is expected and quite normal but you should not let it overcome you. If it does, it can actually damage your ability to be concentrated and calm. Being calm is the most important thing of all because any unease can cause the baby stress.

  • No sleep– Bad organization means an unhappy baby and that means even less sleep for you.
  • Bad health– You can get sick because of all the stress and dust
  • A disrupted schedule– Since moving can take unpredictable turns, this can affect yours and your ”baby schedule” if you organize poorly.
If you do the move yourself, the results can be poor. Call a moving company to help you and lessen the stress.

But still, you can make it work!

Moving with a newborn can be stressful, of course. Nevertheless, you can do this and you will have help if you hire the right moving companies. It can all be done as long as you make your baby a priority, hire the best, and organize your time and move in a realistic way. We wish you good luck!

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