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How to address damage and loss during storage pickup and delivery

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Moving is a serious business that requires a lot of patience and strength. It comes as no surprise that many people rush and forget things during the process. Furthermore, this can also lead to unnecessary damages and loss of personal items. Moreover, knowing how to address damage and loss during storage pickup and delivery will only help you after you come to the wanted destination. In this article, we will see what you should do if anything of this sort happens after the move. Additionally, you should also hire the best movers in California to help you with your relocation.

Learn to address damage and loss during storage pickup and delivery

The truth is that no one wants their items to be damaged and, worst of all, lost during the relocation. Nevertheless, nothing is perfect, and this situation can happen. However, we will see what you need to do if you ever find yourself in this scenario. First and foremost, you need to hire credible California residential movers and be sure that your items will be saved.

  • Do a background check
  • Document the damage and lost
  • Consult with your insurance advisor
  • Contact the moving company
  • File necessary claims
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Knowing address damage and loss during storage pickup and delivery will save you from unpleasant scenarios

Background check

Before even putting items in boxes for relocation, you need to know how many things you are about to carry with you. Firstly, you need to separate items by room. For example, start from the bedroom. There you will find large piles of books, bookshelves, and pieces of furniture, such as pieces of bed, wardrobe, etc. Then, you should separate them by boxes. Common mistakes clients make when packing is that they overload boxes. When you do that, the chances of items inside the boxes being damaged are very high.

This is what you should do before packing. However, if you did everything properly and you find your belongings damaged, document what is ruined, damaged, scratched, etc. This is important, for you will later speak with the insurance advisor to whom you will present your list. This will also help you determine if any item was already damaged or if it happened during the move.

Make sure to take photographs or write down the issue on a separate piece of paper. Label boxes that contain fragile items and do so with the ones in which damaged items are. This way, you will ease the job for you and for the insurance advisor. Of course, you will want a good storage solution to prevent these scenarios from happening. That is why you should hire our credible storage and pickup delivery that will help you out instantly.

Consult with your insurance advisor

It is of utmost importance for you to get moving insurance before you even plan on relocating. It’s something you simply cannot avoid and should not, especially knowing situations like these can occur. Insurance guarantees that you will get compensation for damage or loss of your items. That is why it’s important to consult with your insurance advisor when this happens. This way, you will know what insurance covers and what it does not. Later on, you can contact your moving company and provide the necessary documents.

However, know that not every insurance policy is the same. This is something to be discussed before you make a deal with movers. Usually, insurance covers your items according to their amount. Naturally, the more things you have covered under the insurance, you should expect to pay a little extra. Despite many third-party agents having insurance plans, it is in your best interest to get insurance provided by your mover. This will ease communication after the move as well.

man and woman talking to the insurance advisor
Checking your moving insurance helps you recognize what damaged items you can get covered

Contact your moving company

It’s not pleasant to see your items damaged after making everything good while moving. However, you should get compensation for your loss and damage. That is when you should contact your moving company. Provide them with the necessary documents that you have. Those are the list of the items that you packed for transportation and their condition before the move. The best you can do is to provide them with photos of how items looked like beforehand. Then, you should provide them with items that are damaged or lost. Also, retell what your insurance advisor told you about insurance coverage and the way compensation will be handled in the future. It should be enough evidence that will prove your claim for compensation. 

In the end, if it’s necessary, file a claim. Filing a claim will be the final step in your journey of seeking compensation. Of course, you should also provide every piece of evidence that you have collected so far. Know that different companies have different rules for filling a claim, so be sure to talk with your moving company and insurance provider. When everything is over, you should wait for reimbursement. Waiting time for reimbursement can take up from 30 days onwards, depending on the company. Consequently, when you are searching for reliable movers near me, make sure to talk about everything in advance.

a person filling a claim
Filling a claim will be the last step in seeking compensation

Know when and how to address damage and loss during storage pickup and delivery as an experienced mover

This may seem a little bit intimidating for first-time movers. Nonetheless, you still should know how and when to address damage and loss during storage pickup and delivery. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan always. This should not discourage you in any way! Moreover, it should be a good lesson for you on how to prepare more carefully if you plan on moving the next time. You can also give a useful piece of advice to a friend or a co-worker who will also experience moving. Learn how to grow and be more skillful. Change your routine and try something new that will be beneficial for the time to come. We wish you a happy and successful move!

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