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How to adjust after relocating to Dallas from San Francisco

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You choose to move between two big cities, but the question is which one is better? If you came here you probably are already set to be moving to Dallas. In this short presentation, we will be going through some of the basic pros and cons of both places. And we will be going through how to best adjust after relocating to Dallas from San Francisco. Moving is no small feat so, do your research and consider hiring some of the best moving companies in California for the job. We know that it is tempting to avoid hiring a moving company to save money. But most often than not if you do the move yourself you always run a much greater risk of damaging or losing your stuff than when you are doing the move whit professionals.

Pros and cons of moving to Texas Adjust after relocating to Dallas from San Francisco

Back in 2017, Dallas was the fastest growing city in the US whit approximately 300,000 new people moving in that year alone. Moving from San Francisco to Dallas can be made a lot easier and faster if you find the right people for the job.

Golden Gate bridge under a clear sky
Because of the astronomical rent cost, it can put off a lot of potential people to migrate to San Francisco

Pros of moving to Dallas

Living cost

The living costs in Dallas are roughly 1% above the national average. So it is not that big of a difference compared to other places in the US. The average yearly salary is roughly 60,000 USD.

Job Options

Dallas is ranked in third place for the highest salaries in the U.S. and this is after adjusting for the living cost. One of the reasons for this is that a lot of corporations are set up in Dallas or near Dallas. Also, it is one of the most starter companies friendly cities.


It might come as a surprise but Dallas has no state income taxes, but because of that property taxes and salary taxes are higher.

Cons of moving to Dallas

Housing Costs

The biggest part of living costs will go on the mortgage. Because Dallas is a growing city expect the price of mortgage to go up as the demand for housing increases. The average morning goes from 1200rose emoji$ to 1700$ which is not the worst nor is it the best.

The Metroplex problem

Dallas is a huge city and it involves Arlington, Fort Worth, and surrounding suburbs which the locals call DFW Metroplex. It occupies a large area of land compared to other cities this means you will see a weary little granary. And depending on where you find a place going to and from work can be a huge problem.

houses in hosuton
Back in 2017, Dallas was the fastest growing city in the US.

Pros and cons of moving to California

San Francisco is the sixteenth city in terms of population in the US. It is currently housing a little under million people. And it is the epicenter of North California

Pros of moving to California

Job options

San Francisco is home to the so-called Silicon Valley which is a central tech hub that houses big corporations like Apple and Google. San Francisco is ranked as the sixth biggest economy in the US. Transportation

San Francisco has a well-developed public transportation system that can easily bring you from one end of the city to the other end.

Cons of moving to California

High Rent

San Francisco is well known for its notoriously high rents which will consume most of your income. It is on average around 2,200$ for a one-bedroom apartment and around 2500$ for a two-bedroom apartment. To live comfortably in a one-bedroom apartment your income should be around 65,000$. For a two-bedroom apartment, it goes up to 75,000$ per year.

Traffic and high gas prices

If you are planning to drive around in a car and avoid the public transportation system you will spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. The other problem is the high gas cost which is 1$ higher than the national average.


San Francisco has seen a rise in crime over the last couple of years. Especially since the state of California does not deem it a crime if the fee is less than 950$.

How to Adjust after relocating to Dallas from San Francisco

Moving from California to Texas can be stressful and time-consuming, but if you do your research and hire the right professionals it can become a much more pleasant experience. While unpacking and setting up all your belongings might seem like the most difficult part of the move, which can be an exciting but also an overwhelming task. What comes next can be sometimes the most challenging and that is the adjustment period. Establishing a new routine, getting to know your area, and meeting new people in your city are amongst the most basic things you can do. But whit a little preparation, willpower, and positive thinking nothing is possible.

Family adjust after relocating to Dallas from San Francisco in a new house
Adjusting after relocating to Dallas from San Francisco is no small task but no matter what you do remember to have some fun.

Take a Break

There is nothing more exhausting than shifting into high gear right after a stressful move. That is why we recommend stocking up on food and taking the first couple of dais off after the move is finished. So you can truly appreciate your new place.

Explore your new area

As we already mentioned above getting to know your new environment is the key to feeling like you belong. So it is advised that whit in the first month after the move you can navigate the area around you decently. Know the key points of interest like supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, parks, schools, theaters, police ext.

Meet new people

Meting your next dor neighbors is one important step since thous will be your first contacts in a new environment and the people that you will rely most on. So making a good first impression is important.


If you are planning to move don’t hesitate to call one of the professional California interstate movers. They will make your move as comfortable and fast as possible and help you adjust after relocating to Dallas from San Francisco much faster. We hope that some of these tips can help you get acclimated to your new place faster and have a more pleasant experience.

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