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How to adjust to a colder climate after a move

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We have all experienced season change occasionally. However, moving can be very stressful especially if you are moving to a very different place. Everything can be different and challenging to expect including the climate. Monterey CA movers know how important it is for a person to adjust to a colder climate after a move so we have prepared a must-do list of things in order to help you get through this. Be sure to read it thoroughly, you don’t want to miss out on important detail that can help you survive the cold. 

You need to adjust to a colder climate after a move by going outside more

We know that this sounds crazy – but it’s true. The best way to deal with a problem is to face it, right? Moving to a colder place is no different. Human bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to various weather conditions. We know that this can be difficult to accomplish but you need to push through it. However, there are some things that you can do to make it easier for yourself.

A girl in warm clothes and a scarf
You need to adjust to a colder climate after a move by getting the right clothes

Here is a complete list of activities that we know that you will enjoy:

  • take a stroll through a nearby forest trail 
  • enlist yourself in a winter sport activity like skating, skiing, or mountain climbing 
  • throw an outdoor barbecue housewarming party for your neighbors 
  • explore the great outdoors with your family, friends, or colleagues 

Adjust your clothes to a colder climate

In a previous paragraph, we did mention that you need to expose yourself to the cold in order to adapt to it but you don’t want to overdo it. This is where having proper clothes come into play. According to local movers Monterey you need to adjust to a colder climate after a move by getting the right set of clothes. Before you move get rid of all the clothes that you won’t be needing in your new home. After you move you need to learn how to dress smartly. You do need layers – and even more layers of clothes but be careful not to use too much of it. Look at what the neighbors are wearing and ask around where they get their clothes from. It stands to reason that residents of your new place will know where to get the best clothes for that climate. 

A family meal on a table during winter
Eating properly in colder climates is essential

Be ready for higher heating bills

Heating will be another challenge that you need to overcome if you want to adjust to a colder climate after a move. You have two goals to achieve when it comes to heating. The first goal is to prevent your heating bills skyrocket and taking a chunk of your monthly earnings. The second one is to maintain a cozy temperature so that you can adapt to a colder climate but also not freeze or catch a cold. Monterey moving services advise you to keep the indoor temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit so that the pipes don’t freeze. Of course, this temperature would be too low for you to do your daily chores so it’s ok if you increase it during the time you are at home. Just be sure not to increase it too much – the risk of catching a cold is much higher if you are experiencing dramatic temperature changes all the time. If it’s really cold outside keep the temperature in your home around 65 degrees Fahrenheit when you are indoors.

Adjust your diet to a colder climate

Another thing that you need to pay close attention to is your diet. You are well aware that people don’t eat the same in hot places and cold ones. The reason is the human anatomy – your body uses more calories trying to stay warm than to cool itself. This means that you will need to increase your average calorie intake – but be sure not to increase it by unhealthy food. You can simply increase the regular portions that you used to have in hotter places and see how your body reacts to them. Although this advice will work in general, keep in mind that we all have different bodies and they react differently to change. Listen to how your body reacts to various diet changes that you might experience and act accordingly.

Prepare your car for a colder climate after a move

Colder places are usually snowy ones as well – you need to prepare yourself and your vehicle for this. You will soon learn that driving in the snow can be difficult so you need to practice it. In our experience, after a move, people do use their car a lot. There are always things that are needed in your new home or even some that are forgotten in the old one. Packing services are something that anyone who moves to a new place should consider since it will save you the ordeal of the aforementioned difficulties. All in all, you need to practice driving in the cold – you can use a parking lot or an empty street near your home. Just be sure that you are ready for a trip in the cold before you indulge yourself in one.


A car on a snowy road
You need to learn to drive in colder weather and adjust your car for it

Final thoughts on how to adjust to a colder climate after a move

Providing that you follow these simple guidelines we are positive that you won’t have any problems adjusting to a colder climate after a move. Keep things simple and organized. Always listen to what your body says no matter what advice you have received. Don’t worry too much – it’s in our nature to adjust to different surroundings so you will eventually get used to a colder place. This article is only meant to help you overcome the difficulties that you might experience on the way and to speed up the journey – we hope that you found it useful.

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