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How to avoid financial loss when moving a business to Oregon

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So you’ve decided to move your business to Oregon, the home state of the world-renowned brand Nike. We hope that one day you’ll grow as large as Nike did. But for starters let’s see how to avoid financial loss when moving a business to Oregon. We as one of the most famous Northern California movers understand that most businesses will benefit from saving every cent. This is especially true in this year 2022, with all the post-pandemic inflation, fossil fuel crisis, etc.  So let’s dive in and see how can you save some money.

You can avoid financial loss when moving a business to Oregon by planning and decluttering

The first and best tip that we can give you as professional movers is to play way ahead. You have to know when are you moving, what are you moving and how are you moving. For example, if you’re moving from California to Oregon you’ll have to know the exact date; this will dramatically impact the price of the moving company. One extra tip is that you should move during the winter since it’s the cheapest part of the year. After that, you should create an inventory list of all the items that you have and declutter; this is what are you moving part of planning and it’s crucial to do it properly. Finally, you should decide whether you’re DIY moving your business or you’re hiring a professional moving company to assist you.

A team of people around the table working on how to avoid financial loss when moving a business to Oregon;
Planning is the key to avoiding financial losses when moving a business to Oregon.

Decluttering as we’ve already mentioned is an important process and it can save you tons of money.  The three most popular techniques include the 20/20 rule; what is not worth $20 throw it away. After that you have a 1-year rule, if you haven’t used anything for the whole year, throw it away. Finally, you have six box method so you should separate your inventory into six categories such as :

  1. Recycle (to save money) or throw away
  2. Fix (it’s better to fix than to buy a new one)
  3. Donate (good both humane and good for reputation)
  4. Sell (you can assign someone from your company to do it)
  5. Store (if something is important but you don’t have enough space in your company)
  6. Move (items that you’ll keep)

By doing this you’ll be able to move exactly what’s necessary, throw away old items, sell them off, recycle them… So get creative with this process.

Avoid financial loss when moving a business to Oregon by moving it yourself

So the simplest idea is to move the business by yourself. You’ll just need to buy some office moving equipment and that’s it. Supposedly you probably have sticky notes, some tapes, and maybe boxes; but that won’t be enough. You’ll need more boxes and special moving boxes that you can order nowadays online. After that you won’t need just any tape you’ll need something strong like duck tape or smart moving tape (avoid Scotch cellophane tape since they can easily snap). You’ll need permanent markers since if you want to move during the winter your boxes might get wet. It also depends if you’re moving some arts, technology, office supplies, etc. So after you’ve decluttered and made an inventory you can start buying and packing. Of course, don’t forget to rent a moving truck or a van.

A man standing and holding a box on which "office" is writte and a woman holding pillow;
This can be good for creating bonds with coworkers, but it can also be seen negatively as overtime work by employees.

This might sound a bit confusing but it isn’t. Once you get it all you’ll save money on packing services minus materials, but you could have worked for that day or a week. Your business could have been opened so you could have worked a bit longer, while you could have hired some pros to do in no time and to insure it all. So think about hiring professional cross country movers California.

Hiring the pros to move your business to Oregon

So now you’re thinking how can we save money when we’re hiring pros? Isn’t that a bit expensive? The simple answer is that yes, it can be but it usually isn’t. Let us commercial movers California explain. If you’re moving big complex machines and you have to climb them to the 6th floor there is a high chance that someone might damage the machine.  You have to admit that most if not all of the regular employees aren’t trained and skilled at moving; especially moving big machines, or furniture through tight hallways, loading and unloading them on the truck, etc. You’re getting the idea if anything goes wrong, movers are responsible, and depending upon the insurance package you can get your full equipment back in no time. But most professional movers won’t damage anything.

In other words, it’s like an old phrase “Don’t send a boy to do a man’s job”. We’re just implying that movers should move things, while cleaners should clean. It’ll cost you money and more importantly time, but time is money isn’t it?

Proffesional movers packing boxes;
Pros will pack and move your business in no time.

So how do I save some money

First of all move during the Fall or Winter. After that create an inventory and declutter properly, sell items that you need, and fix broken ones (instead of buying new ones). Next thing is to start packing what you’ll move but before that, while someone from your team is selling off unnecessary items you should buy packing supplies.  After packing it’s time for you and your workers to load items onto the truck and move them to the desired location in Oregon. On the other hand, all of this could be done by a professional moving company in no time; while your team is doing their job remotely. We hope that you understand how to lower the cost of relocation to Oregon.

These were our tips on how to avoid financial loss when moving a business to Oregon. If you have any questions you can find most of the answers in our blog section or just give us a call; you can also contact us through the website. Have a nice day and a stress-free move.

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