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How to avoid moving day theft

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Often will we find ourselves packing for relocation and realizing that we have a lot of valuable items to move. These items can have either sentimental or monetary value to us. Because of that, we should always strive to protect those items from potential theft. Luckily, in this article, we talk about ways to avoid moving day theft. Moreover, we will talk about ways you can protect your items if you feel they might be at risk. Hiring California professional movers is a good way to secure the well-being of your items during the relocation process. Fraudulent moving companies are everywhere and taking precautionary measures is the best way to avoid being scammed.

Avoid moving day theft by knowing who you hire

The first thing we should talk about is the moving company hiring process. As we will elaborate later in this article, professional moving companies will always ensure their credibility and professionalism. However, there are a couple of red flags you should watch out for, in case you have suspicions about them. On top of that, we will discuss ways you can improve the safety of your items. By this, we mean protecting your moving containers from being open by someone besides you. Moreover, there are some items you should not place inside the moving truck. Luckily, a professional moving company will always state what you can and cannot take into the moving truck.

a man and a woman shaking hands after they made a deal as a way to avoid moving day theft
Knowing what to expect from a professional moving company will help you see the red flags much easier
  • Take recommendations from those close to you about the moving company
  • Do thorough research on the moving company before you opt for their services
  • Always ask about the insurance policy for your items
  • Learn about the process of hiring a moving company beforehand

Review the moving company before you decide to hire it

Before you opt for a moving company, go on their web page and read about their services. Moreover, read all the information about the company. A professional company will never hide or change its information. Each moving company will always have a list of reviews on their website. These reviews help other people share their experience with said company. Be wary tho, many fraudulent companies will usually have nothing but positive reviews. As relocation is a messy process, it is expected that a mistake or two happen. Bear that in mind when you are looking to hire someone to move you.

Know what to expect when you hire a moving company

Finding reputable movers, especially on short notice, can be difficult. However, you should always pay attention to smaller details when doing so. Learn about how a moving company operates. After that, you will have approximate knowledge of what to expect. For instance, a moving company will always ask questions about your items when they come to do a moving estimate. A fraudulent company will not bother with details. They will usually only focus on the larger picture. Another great way to ensure your items is to ask for an insurance policy.

a man carrying boxes from his moving van
A moving estimate also helps the moving company know how much space they need to transport your items, so if a company arrives with a smaller vehicle even-though you have a lot of items – it is a red flag

Moreover, a professional moving company will often offer you one without you asking. Bear in mind that the safety of your items is a big plus for the moving company and their reputation.

How to successfully avoid moving day theft

The protection and well-being of your items are your number one priority when moving. On top of everything, you have to finish regarding the move, working with sketchy movers will only increase the stress levels. Relocation usually represents the start of a new chapter in one’s life. Because of that, you should do everything you can to enter that new chapter without stress. Make sure you think hard enough before you decide to hire a moving company and take precautionary measures to protect your items in the process.

Start by taping all of your containers

If you feel like your items might be in danger, we advise taping all the containers that have items inside. This is a good way to ensure no one will open them during the transport phase. A tape will indicate if someone tried to open the box or did, in fact, open it. This is a simple trick that can help you assure the well-being of the items inside the containers.

a man putting tape across a cardboard box
Putting tape atop of your moving boxes is a good way to indicate if someone was trying to open the boxes while they were on the road

Moreover, you can hire packing services to help you adequately prepare your items for the move. This way, you will ensure the condition of your items throughout the journey.

Avoid moving day theft by creating a checklist of items

As you are packing, write down all the items you place inside. Categorize them as you like. This checklist will help you make sure that everything arrives as the movers unload your items. We advise creating a checklist for each box you pack. This way, you can count and check if all the boxes are there as you arrive. Moreover, you can later, see if all the items inside the box match the checklist items. If they do not, you will know that someone was going through them. This list will become very helpful if you are moving any valuable collectibles or antiques.

Pack all the valuable items with you

Do not risk. Pack everything you find valuable, both monetary and sentimentally, with you. Items that are important to you should not be in the moving truck. Moreover, a professional moving company will often refuse to take any items that are very valuable. This is so you can be assured they are not going to steal anything. More importantly, this will allow them to work without risks. When hiring a moving company, always ask about their stance on moving items that are of value. If a company gladly accepts to move them, you will have something to worry about. Taking precautionary measures and knowing what to expect from the moving company is the best way to avoid moving day theft.

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