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How to avoid neighbors’ complaints on moving day

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Moving is a very exciting and fun part of life. With moving to a new place there are going to be a lot of new possibilities and ways to enjoy life. But it is also a big and tiresome process. With many things to take care of. From hiring professional and reliable northern California movers. To taking care of small things like changing address, notifying your children’s school about the move. Paying all your bills, and many other things. People often forget that their move is inevitably going to be very noisy and most likely an inconvenience to their neighbors. And you don’t want to leave your old home on a bad note with your neighbors. Nor have a bad start with your new neighbors. So you should make sure that your move doesn’t cause any problems or inconvenience to avoid neighbors’ complaints on moving day.

Inform your neighbors about the move to avoid complaints on moving day

Honesty is always appreciated. In the same way, you would notify your neighbors if you were going to have a party. You should notify them about the move so that they are prepared for it. Being in good relations with your neighbors during the move will help you manage the stress of moving house. You should notify them at least a week or two before the move. It is also important that they know about the move because of the moving truck, or trucks. Which will be parked in front of the building, this is even more important if you live in an apartment. As you don’t want to block in their vehicles, they will appreciate the notice and being able to move their vehicles out of the way.

Woman letting her neighbour know about the move to avoid neighbors complaints on moving day
Take the time to inform your neighbors about your move

Make arrangements for use of the elevator

If you live in an apartment you are going to be using the elevator a lot on moving day. And one of the many people you should notify about your move is the building management. You need to make arrangements for use of the elevator for your move. Making arrangements for it is a good way to avoid the neighbors complaining about the disruption during the move.

Timing the move well is a good way to avoid neighbors’ complaints during the move

It would make the move easier for everyone if you moved when nobody is around. And most likely time for nobody to be around is when they are all at work. To time the move right you should let your long-distance movers in California know about when you want to do it. So that you can both find a day which suits you for the move. This is one of the best ways to avoid neighbors’ complaints on moving day.

Woman carrying a box out of a building
Timing the move well will make the move easier and safer

Cleanup after the move

This is something that a lot of people forget and what upsets most neighbors. All the waste that stays around after the move. While you can hire a house cleaning service to clean your old home. There is still likely to be some moving supplies strewn around the building. Which you should clean up to avoid neighbors’ complaints on moving day. So check hallways, staircases, parking lot, and elevator for leftover moving supplies like:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Furniture pads and covers

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