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How to compare moving companies in Gilroy

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Hiring movers is one of the most important steps you’ll take when preparing for a relocation. And it is one you cannot get wrong. Choosing the wrong moving company could mean falling for a moving scam and losing a lot of money. You don’t need that on top of all the stress and expenses of moving. So how do you find the right California movers for your relocation? The answer is simple – you look really hard and really carefully. Don’t just hire the first movers you find, the ones closest to you or even the cheapest ones. Instead, do your research into every option in the area, compare moving companies in Gilroy and make an informed decision that is good for your move.

Start by exploring your options

Before you can start comparing anything, you need to find moving companies in your area to actually compare. So do a quick search for movers in your county. Then, make a list of all the options you’re going to explore in detail. Make sure you’re only considering the kind of movers you need – not all companies offer all services. So if you’re moving an office, look for commercial movers California. If you’re moving overseas, look for international movers. These are just basic criteria to cut down your selection. But even so, they should help you narrow down your search a bit.

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Start from the beginning: a basic search.

What information should you get to compare moving companies in Gilroy?

Once you have your list of the movers you’re considering, it’s time to take a closer look at each of them. A much closer look. This is where you start doing more serious research and comparing the different offers. But don’t worry – it isn’t as hard as it seems!

Look into the different types of services on offer

In order to find the right movers, you’ll need to know what you’re expecting from them first. Movers can do a lot more than just transport your stuff in a truck. Most moving companies also offer storage units, packing services, packing supplies, furniture disassembly and reassembly… You can even get junk removal Monterey CA from the right moving company. The question, then, is what services exactly you want to hire movers for. Once you know that, you can eliminate any moving companies that don’t offer what you’re looking for.

But it’s not just what is on offer that you need to check. It’s also how those services are provided. Is furniture disassembly included in packing services? Are packing supplies provided if you hire professional packers? Do you need to pay extra for unloading and unpacking? These are all questions whose answers might affect your choice. Keep them in mind when looking at prices as well. If one company’s services come with a higher price tag but include more things, then the money may just be worth it.

Get a few moving estimates to compare moving companies in Gilroy

Moving is always an investment – in a new home, in movers, in yourself. It takes quite a bit of money to complete a relocation start to finish. So it’s only natural to worry about your budget. While movers will certainly be one of your biggest expenses, skimping on their services is not a good idea. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t get affordable movers. So get a few moving estimates from your top choice companies. That way you can get an idea for prices and see which company is most cost-effective. Remember not to fall for lowball offers! Those are often signs of a scam. Instead, look at how prices reflect the quality of services.

Get a few different moving quotes to compare.

Another thing you can find out from a moving estimate is how seriously a moving company takes you. Most movers offer free online and phone estimates where you describe your relocation and they ballpark an amount. However, if that is all they offer, this is a red flag. Movers should always also do an in-person estimate to give you the best and most accurate moving quote.

Pay close attention to the reviews

Nothing is more revealing than the reviews about a business left by previous customers. So when you’re looking to compare movers in Gilroy, always check out the reviews. You can usually find some on the company’s official website. But that’s not enough. You want to check other sources as well to get a more accurate picture. So look up the reviews on Google and social media, Yelp, Better Business Bureau and even specialty websites like MyMovingReviews. Keep an eye out for fake reviews while you’re at it – anything too detailed or too positive, anything that doesn’t feel genuine.

Make sure that you aren’t getting scammed

It’s incredibly important to always make sure that every company you’re considering is legitimate. Moving scams are not something you want to deal with during your relocation. So always check if a company is licensed by the FMCSA – although local movers are not required to be, most movers still do it and a lack of a license is always a red flag. Other red flags you want to keep an eye out for are a lack of an online presence, bad reviews or an excessive amount of fake reviews, and lowball moving offers.

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Mind the red flags when researching moving companies.

After you compare moving companies in Gilroy, it’s time to make the final choice

Once you compare moving companies in Gilroy, it’s time for the next step: making your choice. You should choose based on how well the movers did in the variety of criteria above as well as your personal experiences with their representatives. After all, nobody knows your relocation better than you. So go with your instincts! And remember to keep the contact information for at least two companies besides your top choice. That way, if something goes wrong, you’ll have someone to turn to.

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