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How to disassemble furniture when moving

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Now that the peak moving season is over, you can plan your early autumn move with ease! Especially because you will have more time to find good movers, a nice price and enough time to prepare and pack your items for relocation. In the following article, we will tell you more about the ways to disassemble furniture when moving! This way you will have enough time to properly prepare and pack them before the movers arrive!

Disassemble furniture when moving – prep time

Before you even begin to disassemble furniture when moving, you need to prepare everything for good work. First things first, figure out when your movers will come over. With this in mind, you will know just how much time you have for your relocation.

Basic tools used to disassemble furniture when moving
Disassemble furniture when moving with the basic tools you have at home

In the meantime, you should focus on getting the necessary items for packing your furniture. Let’s begin with the basic packing supplies you should get, and most of them you can find in your own home, such as:

  • Wrapping materials – They are very important when you are about to pack your furniture for relocation. Remember, if you are not sure how to do it properly, maybe you should leave it to the reliable movers CA to finish the job!
  • Packing tapes and ropes – Use them to tighten up the wrapping materials around the furniture
  • Appropriate pads – you can use them to cushion the furniture in the moving truck
  • Tools you will need to disassemble furniture when moving!

These are just some of the basic items you need to have in order to prepare your furniture for the move! If you do not have them, you will have a hard time preparing your furniture!

Empty everything

Now, before you even begin dismantling your furniture, the second thing you need to do is to empty everything from them. Every plate, kitchen appliances, cutlery must go out when we talk about kitchen furniture and shelves! This is important because it will be much easier to transport empty furniture!

A cabinet
Empty everything before you start packing your furniture for relocation

If the furniture has drawers, you should take them out as well. While some furniture can’t be dismantled, a lot of others can. Use the tools you have to unscrew some parts of the furniture. Remember, pack those small items in a bag and keep it safe. You will need it once you are done moving. Once again, there are a lot of things you may find very difficult to accomplish when it comes to moving. If it is causing you too much stress consider hiring a professional furniture moving company that can help you with your relocation!

Wrap everything properly

Wrapping your furniture after you dismantle them is the next step in furniture packing. Because you took it apart, you will have no problems in protecting it from any damages during the transport. There are a few things you can use as wrapping materials when you disassemble furniture when moving. Some of the mare:

  • Old Blankets
  • T-shirts
  • Towels
  • Other textile materials
An old blanket
Wrap blankets around the furniture for additional protection

Using these items will help you a lot when it comes to proper furniture packing and protecting. And since they are huge, they can cover the furniture with ease as well! Furniture can be very fragile and it needs proper protection and care. Since there are a lot of things that can go wrong, the best thing you can do is to know how to properly pack breakable and valuable items! This will greatly help you with your relocation and packing preparation!

Using packing tapes and ropes

Packing tapes and ropes are essential when it comes to furniture packing! Since you will need to have a material you can use to straighten up the wrapping materials you used to protect your furniture! Now, make sure you put them around the furniture at the most crucial parts on them! Using these items will help you straighten up the wrapping materials and leaving them no room to waddle around and fall off. Making it the most perfect way to protect your furniture when moving them around.

a string rope
Use packing rope to tighten the blankets around the furniture

Proper lifting

Now, it is very important to know how to properly lift heavy items. You wouldn’t want to get injured while lifting heavy items. The basis of lifting heavy objects is to lift them with your knees, and not your back! This way you will surely avoid any potential back injuries! These types of injuries are very common during the relocation period because people forget how to properly do things and are prone to get injured. Not only can you sprain your back, but also you risk letting that heavy furniture fall down on your feet. In order to properly avoid that, use straps that you can put on your shoulders and around the furniture. Lift them up and carry them to the moving truck. In case anything bad happens, learn more about the ways of how to treat back injuries!

disassemble furniture when moving - a hurt knee
Be careful how you are lifting heavy objects or you might injure yourself

Don’t leave your furniture in amateurs hands

The most important thing you need to remember is to not leave your items in the hands of amateur moving companies. They can’t handle them as good as the professionals can, and you will have an increased risk of getting them damaged. What you need to know more is how to recognizes moving scams! This will give you a head start when you are searching for professional movers!

It’s not always easy to disassemble furniture when moving! But with our guide at your hand, you will learn more about how to do it! We hope our tips and tricks helped you with your task and made it easier to better prepare for the upcoming relocation! If you have anything to add to our article, feel free to leave us your feedback!

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