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How to efficiently pack a bathroom for moving

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Bathrooms, like kitchens, just seem like one of those places that are not easy to pack for a move. But the truth is that bathrooms are far from the hardest room in the house to deal with. In fact, you can easily and efficiently pack a bathroom for moving with or without the help of moving companies in California if you just follow a couple of simple tips. And we are more than happy to share the most important steps with you! Just follow this guide and your bathroom will be ready for relocation in no time.

What are the big challenges of packing a bathroom for relocation?

As you will certainly discover while moving to Monterey California, every room presents different challenges when it comes to packing. Packing a kitchen, for example, is difficult because of all the glassware and china you’ll have to protect from damage. The living room, on the other hand, is full of electronics which will be a different beast altogether. In comparison, the bathroom seems pretty easy – there aren’t that many things in it and most of them are easy to pack. But here’s the thing about the bathroom: you use it daily. So you will need to time the packing right – as late in the process as you can manage. Even then, you don’t want to pack everything from the bathroom in a box that might end up in storage. That’s why preparing before you pack a bathroom for moving is so important.

Toothbrushes you will need to pack when you pack a bathroom for moving.
Some of the things you keep in a bathroom, you need pretty regularly.

Preparing before you pack a bathroom for moving: sorting and purging

Before you start packing your bathroom, you should sort everything in it. This will help you decide which things to throw out and keep and which boxes to pack them into. You can split up the things you have in your bathroom into several main categories:

  • small appliances
  • toiletries and cosmetic products
  • medication
  • towels and linens
  • cleaning supplies

While you’ll probably keep most of your appliances, towels and prescription drugs, you definitely want to go through your collection of cosmetics and cleaning supplies. Get rid of everything that’s old, expired, almost used up or simply not in use anymore. And remember that many cleaning supplies are toxic or flammable and therefore dangerous to move, especially if you’re moving long-distance. So either use them up or dispose of them.

The 5 steps to take to pack a bathroom for moving properly

Packing a bathroom for relocation is itself a pretty big task. So we’ve broken it down into smaller steps that are easy to follow!

Step 1: Decide what to box and what to bring with you

One of the biggest challenges of packing a bathroom for a move is that you will need quite a few things from the bathroom during the relocation. Soap, toothbrushes, toilet paper – you want to keep these things available right up until the moment you leave the house. And you will also need them immediately after arriving at your new home. Some cleaning supplies would also be a smart idea, so you don’t leave a mess behind or have to live in one your first few nights in a new house.

Man packing a shaving kit.
Bring the necessities with you.

But even when you’re only moving locally, things can go off-schedule. The delivery of your items could be delayed or you may not have immediate access to your storage unit. For that reason, you will need to pack a separate bag or box of bathroom necessities that goes with you rather than on the moving truck. So go through your belongings and separate those you’ll bring along from those you’ll pack away.

Step 2: Prepare your moving supplies

A crucial step in all packing is to gather moving supplies. You want to have everything you need before you start packing. That will make it easier to just get things done instead of running around gathering boxes at the same time. Remember to also line some of your boxes to protect breakable items like glass bottles of perfumes or mirrors. A good trick here is to use the bathroom towels and linens you’d have to pack anyway as your cushioning material!

Step 3: Packing fragile items

Among the fragile items you’ll find in the bathroom are appliances, mirrors, and glass bottles. When packing appliances, try to use original packaging if you still have it. If you don’t, use a box of the approximate size combined with towels, linens, blankets or cushioning material. When packing mirrors, make an X out of tape on the surface to prevent breaking and wrap the mirror in a towel or blanket. When it comes to glass bottles, especially those containing perfume or other high-alcohol content, first check if you can bring them along at all. Depending on your moving company and the distance of the relocation, they may be too dangerous to move at all.

Step 4: Packing liquids

Liquids are notoriously difficult to pack for a move. They can also cause quite a bit of damage during transportation if not packed properly. So think carefully if you really need any liquids before packing them. It may be best to use them up and recycle the packaging instead. For those liquids you choose to pack, follow the following steps:

  1. do not open any containers that are not already open
  2. get excess air out of plastic bottles
  3. put a piece of sarin wrap under any open caps
  4. wrap open bottles in plastic wrap, paying special attention to the bottle openings, screw caps or tubing
  5. put bottles in resealable plastic bags
  6. use sturdy lined boxes or plastic containers for transportation to prevent damage to other items in case of spillage
Glass bottles of perfume.
Be careful when packing liquids.

Step 5: Label the boxes properly

When all else is said and done, the last thing on your least should be to label the boxes. Use a system that suits you, color-coding, labeling all bathroom boxes with the room name or listing what the items in the box are. Just be consistent so you don’t forget what the labels mean!

After you pack a bathroom for moving, you’ll also need to unpack it

Even once you pack a bathroom for moving, load the boxes up on the truck and have them delivered to your new home, your work is still not over. You still need to unpack after you arrive. If you packed properly, this won’t be a problem! You’ll have the things you need easily available because you brought them with you. And everything else will be safe because you packed it properly. If you made a mistake somewhere along the way, however, don’t despair – there’s no use crying over spilled milk, as they say. Just be careful not to hurt yourself in case some toxic liquids leaked or something of glass broke.

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