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How to find a perfect office space in Denver

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Whether you are expanding or moving your business, finding a new office space is exciting and stressful. You want to ensure that you find an area that can fit everyone, and be relaxed, professional, and affordable. If you are looking to find a perfect office space in Denver, Mod Movers are here to give you some useful tips. Let’s get started!

What is important in order to find a perfect office space in Denver?

Whenever one is looking for a new office space, there are certain things that go into account. Before deciding and before even looking around, you should answer some questions that can make this search easier. Some crucial things that you have to know are:

  1. How much space do you need?
  2. Would your employees like the space? Or do you, if you’re working alone?
  3. Are you willing to sublease?
  4. Is it better to work with an agent?
  5. Is the landlord cooperative and trustworthy?
computers and office supplies
Making sure you have all the answers is very important when trying to find a perfect office space in Denver.

These are just some of the questions, but they can help you a lot during this process. Depending on where you’re moving from and whether are you moving a whole team or just yourself, there will be differences from one location to another. For example, if you’re moving from California to Denver, you might find more similarities in spaces and regulations than if you’re moving from, let’s say, East Coast.

Let’s talk more about the important questions

We have listed five important questions, but let’s talk about why they are important. First of all, decide how much space you need. If you are moving a business with a team, there is a basic formula that can help you answer this. For every 4 to 6 employees, you will need about 1,000 square feet. If you are looking for a single office space, you will decide what feels comfortable for you. No matter how many people are moving into this office space, it’s important to safely move all the office items. Make sure you look up “movers near me” and find the best option there is.

Liking the space you’re about to lease is crucial. You have to think about the whole team (if you have one) and make sure everyone would enjoy the space. However, it’s not just about liking the space, it’s about the space being convenient as well. If you have the power to find a location that is not too far for everyone, or that is at least easily accessible by transportation, do it. Commuting is a big part of everyone’s day (and mood), so if it can be shorter, productivity will last longer.

People walking around an office
Convenient office space will make the team more productive.

Subleasing is a good option for a new business

The technical part you have to deal with in order to find a perfect office space in Denver might be less fun. However, it’s something that needs to be done. If you are starting up and you’re not profitable yet, you might not be able to convince a landlord to rent a space for you. That’s why you should consider subleasing. This doesn’t have to last too long, it can be a few months or a year until the landlord is sure you can pay the rent or until you decide to lease alone. If you’re moving a business from California, commercial movers California can give you more advice about this, as they have assisted customers in similar situations before.

Should you work with an agent to find a perfect office space in Denver?

Working with an agent when you want to find a perfect office space in Denver is a great idea. Keep in mind that it’s best if this is an agent that people you trust have recommended. If others you know have found good office spaces in Denver with the help of an agent, ask them for their contact. Moving from California to Colorado means that you might not know as many good agents in CO as your business partners or friends do, so ask them for help in this.

If you want to do some extra research on these agents and see it for yourself, you can. LinkedIn and Zillow are great platforms to check the work these agents have done and how it matches your vision. But, in general, a person that your network trusts is most likely the best choice.

Beware of bad landlords and always negotiate

Bad landlords are not impossible to come across. And they can complicate many things for you if you end up making a deal with one of them. You can ask about landlords to people renting from them. If you find out that the landlord is not showing up unless it’s time to collect rent or they don’t fix the broken things around, that is a red flag.

a person who find a perfect office space in Denver shaking hands with the landlord
Always make sure the landlord is professional and willing to negotiate.

Let’s hope you find a great landlord who is doing their job perfectly. Don’t forget that you can still negotiate the conditions and even rent. Use your business knowledge and skills to make the offer better for yourself and the lease clear. You can always recommend, for example, paying upfront for a long period of time, but getting one month’s rent for free, or something similar to that. You might feel shy to do so, but it actually often works.

Places where you can find a perfect office space in Denver

There are plenty of beautiful and convenient office spaces in Denver. The list could go and on, but here are a few recommendations/ideas for you to take a look at:

  1. Industrious Central Bussines District
  2. Candy Factory Coworking
  3. Regus – 1600 Broadway
  4. Shift Workspaces
  5. Thrive Workplace

There are many more office spaces in Denver that you would love. You will have to create an idea and goal in your mind and go find a perfect office space in Denver yourself. We hope that some of the tips provided will help you discover the perfect space for you and your business. Good luck with the hunt!

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