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How to free up space in your home

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It’s no surprise that, with time, our homes become filled with things we’ve forgotten about and don’t need anymore. And it’s not until we’re running out of space for the things we actually need or our house is overflowing that we notice this. You might decide to free up space in your home before hiring moving companies Salinas CA and relocating or during your big house cleanout. Either way, downsizing your home can be quite overwhelming. There’s a lot to go through and it can take a long time. If you’re dreading the idea of going through everything that’s piled up over the years and getting rid of things, we’re here to help. We’ll give you some pointers that should help you direct your focus when decluttering. Also, we’ll give you some ideas about how to downsize and what to do with the things you’re decluttering.

Go through your closet

A lot of us buy new clothes each season while we leave older pieces in the back of our closet. And so, clothing piles up and all of a sudden there’s no room for our new-in pieces. If you’re a part of this group, it’s time to go through your closet.

Look at your clothes and decide if you truly need to keep everything. Most likely, you’ll find a lot of things that you’re ready to say goodbye to. By getting rid of the clothing you don’t wear, you’re freeing up space in your home and making it tidier and more organized. If you’re struggling to let go of your clothing, we have some advice.

Man putting jeans in a box to free up space in his home
If you have too many clothes, get some boxes and get rid of items you don’t wear.
  • Have you worn it in the last year? Ask yourself this question if you’re indecisive about certain items. If the answer is no, you should probably get rid of it. If you want to be even stricter, you can focus on a shorter time period – the last six months, for instance.
  • Create a capsule wardrobe. The capsule wardrobe seems to be all the rage recently, and it’s for good reason. It helps you free up space in your closet while still having plenty of options. It’s based on the idea of having around 25 staples that you can easily mix and match. Streamlining your closet will also help you get dressed quicker in the morning!
  • If it’s torn or stained, you don’t need it. 

If you’re decluttering before a big move and you’re moving with your family, everyone should downsize their belongings. This will reduce the price of the services provided by moving companies in California! Movers charge by the weight of your belongings, so be mindful.

Find a new home for your things to make more room in your house

If you’ve decided to downsize your house but you don’t know what to do with the things you’re getting rid of, we have a suggestion. Once you unpack after the move, figure out which items you want to say goodbye to. Then, contact your friends and see if they’d like to have any of the items. If so, gift these things to your loved ones. This is a great way to repurpose the things you don’t need and give them a new home.

Woman carrying a gift
Pass your unneeded things along to your friends or donate them to charity to free up space in your home.

Another way you can find a new owner for your things when freeing up space in your house is by donating them to charity. There are plenty of places that accept donations and help the less fortunate. So, find a local donation center and help someone in need by donating the things you no longer need. This way you’re making more room in your home and doing a great deed.

Earn money by downsizing – organize a garage sale

Earning some extra cash always comes in handy. Whether you’ve just spent more than you’d have liked on moving or you’re currently planning a moving budget, earning some pocket money will be helpful. So, what you can do is organize a garage sale and sell the things you want to get rid of. This can be a fun family activity and you can make a day of it. Otherwise, you can even sell your things online. Either way, you’ll find a new home for your unneeded things and earn some money in the process. It’s a win-win!

Rent a storage unit to free up space in your home

Whether you’re downsizing your home before or after your relocation, renting a storage unit is a great decision. Let’s say you’ve just moved into your new house and you’ve realized you don’t have enough space for everything you’ve packed. Well, what you need to do is ask your movers is they offer storage services! If so, find a storage unit that is big enough for all of your belongings that currently don’t fit into your home.

Storage units you can rent to free up space in your home
Renting a reliable storage unit is a great way to free up space in your house and keep your things safe.

Keeping your things in a storage unit means you don’t have to completely get rid of them in order to free up space in your home. Also, you can rest assured your things will remain safe. That is if you rent a storage unit from a reliable company. So, if you need a place for temporary safekeeping of some things, storage facilities are the solution!

Be strict with yourself

If you are running out of room in your home and you’re aware that you can’t keep everything you own, you need to be strict with yourself. To truly free up space in your home and get rid of all the junk and unnecessary items, you shouldn’t get too sentimental. Sure, some items have sentimental value, but not all of them do. Don’t try to come up with a bunch of excuses for why you should keep things. That will lead nowhere. Instead, be realistic and get rid of everything that you really don’t need and use. Don’t hold on to the things that are just cluttering up your home.

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