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How to Get Accurate In-Home Moving Estimates in Monterey

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Looking into moving quotes can really help you manage your costs, especially for long-distance and international moves. When moving it is best to get at least three different Monterey moving and storage estimates. Doing this is great when you want to compare the cost between all of the estimates. It allows you to get a sense of whether the price is fair. Keep in mind that some movers will quote all of the costs associated with the relocation — from door to door services to transport and destination costs. Other companies may only show you the cost to book their time, and later add the transport and destination costs. That is why knowing how to get accurate in-home moving estimates in Monterey is so important.

A Guide on How To Get Accurate In-Home Moving Estimates in Monterey

First of all, you have to find a reputable company that does in-home surveys. Once you’ve chosen the three moving companies; reach out to them and ask for a survey. Surveys are usually done via phone or the internet.

A woman prepared to get accurate in-home moving estimates in Monterey.
Being prepared is key.

Always make sure to check with your chosen companies, or at least check on their website, what they need to do their survey. Some movers will ask you to fill out a checklist for furniture called a cube sheet. These work best for homes that only have one or two bedrooms. On the other hand, some moving companies offer video surveys. However, that is rare, and most movers will send a member of their team to determine the moving quote.

When To Book Your In-Home Survey

It is always best to book in-home surveys as early as you can. Depending on the date of your move the price can change, as can your favored companies availability. Therefore, setting up a survey decently ahead of moving day will help you immensely to find the best deal. Most California residential movers will appreciate the extra time between the survey and the moving date.

Usually, four weeks before your moving date will be more than enough time to set everything up. However, if you’re on a bit of a tighter schedule, being prepared for your survey takes precedence over everything else. Schedule surveys with at least three moving companies of your choice and find the possible option.

Make a List of Your Furniture

A very important step in preparing for your survey is to make a list of your personal belongings that you plan to move to your new house. That will come in handy when the movers do a walk-through of your house. It will also speed up the whole process and avoid any miscommunications with the representative.

A moving comapny rep doing a survey.
You should ask your rep any questions that you might have.

Mark Items That You Won’t Be Relocating

An important step if you want to get accurate in-home moving estimates in Monterey is to label the things that you won’t be taking with you. Doing this will keep your survey accurate, clean, and very efficient. It is preferable to use bright sticky notes or tape to draw the movers eye. If you’re not sure about certain items, it’s better to include them in the estimate rather than not. It is always better to overestimate rather than underestimate.

Determine Your Requirements

Movers and especially furniture movers California are much more than just a truck and some strong hands. You should ask your movers during the survey which additional moving services they offer. That will help them bring the right equipment and crew. Here’s a couple of examples of additional moving services:

  • Long-term and short-term item storage
  • Piano and other heavy delicate object relocation (antiques, safes etc,)
  • Furniture relocation, assembly, and disassembly
  • Crating
  • Packing and unpacking

Moving companies will usually have a full list of services on their website. Sometimes, they can also offer more niche services like junk removal Monterey CA. If services aren’t listed on their website, you should simply ask their representative.

Preparation Is Key

There should always be a decision maker present when it’s time for the survey. Be prepared to show the mover any less obvious places that have furniture — attics, sheds, garages, crawl spaces etc. Before the moving company representative arrives, double-check your list so as to not miss anything during the survey. In general, when relocating, planning and preparation are more than half the work, and if you’ve got that base covered, moving isn’t such a scary ordeal.

Questions You Should Ask the Moving Company

To help you out in order to get accurate in-home moving estimates in Monterey, we’ve put together this neat collection of questions that can be useful to you.

  • How does your company determine cost? By hour, or by weight?
  • Are your packing services included in the price?
  • Do you charge any extra fees? For truck distance or flights of stairs, for example?
  • Are your estimates binding? (If they are not, you might get extra charges on moving day)
  • Is your company insured and licensed? (You can also check this yourself by using something like the Better Business Bureau)

After the Survey

The survey itself can be a good indicator of the moving company’s quality. You should take of note of these things:

  • Did the company’s representative make it on time?
  • Were they polite and professional?
  • Were they dressed professionally?
  • Are they able to answer all of your questions, or find someone who can?
  • Did they give you copies of all the important documents?

The representatives in general are supposed to be professional, knowledgeable and courteous. After all, they are coming into your home to inspect, that’s the least they can do.

A man moving a couch.
If you’ve planned well, everything will go smoothly!


We know that estimates, surveys, and moving in general can be incredibly stressful. That’s why it’s so important to find good, capable, professional and reputable movers. That is also why it is so important to plan and prepare your relocation in advance. If you don’t know something or you’re unsure, always ask questions. The moving company is there to help you after all.

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