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How to get settled in Arizona after moving from California?

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Nearby states of California and Arizona share a border. There is, however, a significant discrepancy between the two. Temperature, climate, culture, and expense of living all differ. There are many bars and clubs in Arizona, as well as other outdoor activities. Many of Arizona’s cities are among the most desirable places to live in. It’s less expensive to do business, to buy a home, and to pay rent. Of course, there are benefits and drawbacks to residing in two different states at the same time. Many people are flocking to Arizona from the Pacific state in recent years. If you are considering moving to Arizona, you may contact moving companies from California to Arizona. This article may help you get settled in Arizona after moving from California. 

Moving from California to Arizona 

Many Californians have relocated in recent years.  You may be wondering where do they all go? The answer is simple: to neighboring states. Texas leads the way, followed by Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. Arizona receives the silver award for escaping the sunniest state. Arizona gained approximately 107,000 persons in 2017, according to the US Census Bureau. Also, in 2017, the state drew 60 percent of inbound moves. During the last three years, nearly 30,000 people have moved from California to Arizona. Only 64,756 persons were counted in 2017. Interestingly, the majority of Californians who moved to Arizona between 2007 and 2017 were aged 18 to 25.

a van on Arizona roads
So many people are leaving California for Arizona nowadays.

Benefits of relocating to Arizona 

  • Lower Cost of Living. Compared to California, Arizona rent and everyday costs are bargains. In fact, according to CNN’s Cost of Living Calculator, $100,000 in San Francisco is equivalent to $52,100 in Phoenix. A $100,000 salary in San Diego is $71,318 in Phoenix. If you live in the Los Angeles-Long Beach area, the corresponding wage is roughly $69,090.
  • Lower Taxes. Coastal residents pay nearly twice the state income tax. Arizona’s personal income tax rate is 4.54 percent, while California’s is 9.3%. Arizona’s state sales tax is 6.60 percent vs 7.25 percent in California. Also, property tax: $1,043 vs $1,449.
  • Better housing market. The median house price in Phoenix, Arizona is $279,650. A comparable house in Los Angeles costs $670,200. If you wish to buy an apartment, the price per square meter varies greatly. The apartment in the center costs $2,145 in Phoenix and $6,966 in LA.
  • Low insurance and driver’s license costs. If you arrive in Arizona with a foreign driver’s license, you must obtain local paperwork and register your vehicle. A new driver’s license is not expensive. This one costs $25 and is for those aged 16 to 39. Getting older saves you up to $10. Arizona auto insurance is also cheaper than California. CA auto and driver insurance is $1,500, AZ is $475.

How to get settled in Arizona after moving from California?

You may find yourself staying in a hotel or temporary housing facility until your items arrive. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the city you moved to. While a nice walk or bus tour is enjoyable for the entire family, it also serves to adapt you to the city and educate you about it. Additionally, you can explore local attractions such as museums, parks, and exhibits. Or attend a performance; and dine at restaurants serving regional cuisine. All while interstate moving companies California are working hard to move all your household items. Investigate any community service activities or organizations that may be of interest to your family.

Landscape, Phoenix, Arizona
You will have no problems getting settled in Arizona after moving from California if you’re used to California’s hot summers.

Consider your spouse’s career

Moving a “second” career is one of the most difficult aspects of relocating. If you and your spouse plan to work from home, you may only need a computer, a phone, an email account, and a fax machine to get started. If you’re going to bring some of your furniture as well, contact furniture movers to help you with that. As an alternative, if your current job isn’t “portable,” you may want to look into a new profession in part-time or temporary employment, or even establish your own business.

Think about what you’ve accomplished and what you’re most good at while you’re planning your next project. Local organizations, real estate firms with “Partner Career Assistance Programs,” independent career counselors, your university/college alma mater, and Sunday editions of the local papers are all good places to start. Begin networking by telling people you meet that you’re looking for a job.

Taking a professional break? Consider giving back to the community by volunteering your skills and time. Volunteering for a non-profit organization is a rewarding experience that can also introduce you to new people and the local community. Volunteer work enhances resumes, but it must be documented in order for the service to be considered equivalent to corporate competence. Make use of any free time you have to get to know your new neighborhood.

Helping your children to adjust

Dependent children are a common reason for moving households. A personal school tour will bring the unknown into reality if you are moving with children. You may have already done some research on schools before moving. Your children will probably have anxiety about starting a new school. Luckily, if you take them on a tour of the school, it will most likely go away. Pay close attention to what each child has to say, as even the slightest movement can elicit new questions. In order to keep your children’s friendships strong, encourage them to keep in touch with their old friends.

Grand Canyon
You will get to enjoy the scenery of the Grand Canyon whenever you want.

During the first few weeks of moving to a new place, exchanging images via email and potentially a cell phone with a camera capability might help bridge the gap between old and new pals. If you need any help with moving your children to Arizona, moving companies in Northern California can help you.

Embrace your new environment

Relocating to a new city may be a beautiful and enlightening experience for anyone, regardless of whether or not they have children, or thy’re single. We are sure that Arizona will swipe you off your feet. You will get settled in Arizona after moving from California in no time. No matter which city you move to. And remember, the Grand Canyon is just the beginning of Arizona’s wonderful landscapes and incredible nature. You’re going to love Arizona’s climate and spending time outside.

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