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How to get your security deposit back when moving out?

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If you have decided to move out of your rented apartment make sure you give notice to your landlord and ask to get your security deposit back when moving out. If you have already done this but you still don’t have your money here are some things you should know.

Check you lease

Read your lease before moving out, but what is most important is to read it before you move in. Check all the terms and conditions about house rules, getting back your security deposit as well as precisions about how and when the tenant is required to notify the landlord of their moving out.

get your security deposit back when moving out
Check your lease before you moving and move out to get your security deposit back when moving out.

The lease also needs to include the number of days the landlord has to return the security deposit back. This is the most important step when you are about to rent an apartment. You should have all the precisions, rules, and details in writing to avoid some unpleasant situations. It’s important that you know your rights as a tenant. If the entire or part of the security deposit isn’t returned, tenants must be informed about the reasons and receive a list of deductions.

There are a few more steps you should take when moving out. Make sure you get all this done to get your deposit so you can move out without stress:

  • take pictures when you are moving into a new apartment and when moving out too
  • repair eventual damages in the apartment to get your security deposit back when moving out
  • pay bills
  • inform your landlord
  • clean the apartment

Take pictures to ensure you get your security deposit back when moving out

When you move into an apartment make sure you take some pictures of the interior. If there are any holes or marks in the wall or any other damaged parts you should document them. Send them to your landlord in the beginning. So when you decide to move out he doesn’t make deductions from your security deposit for existing damages. The same rule can be applied when you are moving out. Take pictures of how you leave your apartment and send them to your landlord.

Let your landlord know you are moving out

When you decide to move out make sure you give notice to your landlord. It’s generally expected that you must give your landlord at least 30-days notice when moving out. But check your lease just to be sure. If you do not inform your landlord on time that you are moving out you’ll most likely be required to pay at least one additional month’s worth of rent. When you have informed your landlord that you are moving out it would be good to contact your residential movers. It is always a good decision to book them early.

Repair damage and pay bills to get your security deposit back when moving out

Do repairs you can do quickly and cheaply. It is better to fix some damages yourself and not let your landlord deduct some money from your security deposit. You can spend that last month in the apartment to fix all the damages caused by you, of course. In case there are some big damages, it is better to hire some professionals. You can handle some small repairs. If you have changed the color of the walls in your apartment, paint them back into their original color. You can also replace bulbs and batteries. If there are some bills left to pay make sure you do it before you move out and ask for the security deposit.

white paint
Do some small repairs, repaint walls into their original color.

Clean the apartment before you move out

Clean the stove, wipe down the refrigerator, mop the floors, clean the toilets, scrub the sinks and showers. If you really want the apartment to look like new you can hire some company for cleaning services. You can search on the internet and find a company that will handle the cleaning for a reasonable price. Do a final inspection of your place yourself, check everything before your landlord comes to check it out. 

Prepare for the move once you get your security deposit back when moving out

When all the work is done in the apartment it is time to pack and prepare your belongings for the move. Go through your stuff to decide what to take with you. Moving is always a good time to declutter. If you have a lot of items you want to keep and you do not have enough place in your new home, you can store them. Call your movers and ask for the storage services. Make sure you check if the storage unit is clean, well-secured, and climate-controlled before you choose a storage unit.

house keys
Make sure you return keys to your landlord before you move out.

When you have sorted your belongings, gather the packing supplies so you can pack your stuff. If you have some artworks in your possession it would be good to hire fine art movers to help you. They will pack these pieces properly and relocate them safely. 

Hire reliable movers

When you have decided to move, informed your landlord and repaired some eventual damages in the apartment, and packed your belongings it is time to book reliable movers. Make sure you hire one of the best moving companies in California so you can have a stress-free relocation. This is the final step so you can prevent stress. If you have done everything right and you got the security deposit there is no need to stress out. Call your movers and let them help you to relocate safely all your belongings.

Reliable movers will offer you full service. They can pack all your belongings, choose a proper moving vehicle, and offer you a storage unit. Besides all these services, if you decide to hire reliable movers, they will offer you insurance. So if anything happens to your stuff, the insurance will cover it.

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