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How to help your aging parents move anywhere in California

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We all know that relocation takes a lot of time and effort to organize, especially when children or seniors are involved. So, if your elderly parents are moving soon, you’d likely want to do everything you can to make this transition as easy as possible. Luckily, moving experts like Mod Movers CA can help your aging parents move anywhere in California, or beyond! Meanwhile, here’s what you can do yourself to give your parents the relocation they need and deserve.

Preparing for your aging parents’ move

Moving an aging parent may be both emotionally and physically taxing, both for you and for them. After all, they are leaving a home full of memories, and if they’re moving to a senior care facility, they might also feel like losing a sense of freedom. That’s why your parents should be the ones making the final call on when and where to move.

A person helping your aging parents move anywhere in California
With professional movers by your side, the only thing your aging parents will have to do is to decide what items to pack

Luckily, you and your parents don’t need to deal with the physical aspect of relocation! As soon as you realize it’s time to move, look for companies offering California installation services. It will be much easier to prepare for the move knowing that you won’t have to deal with assembling and installing the furniture in your parent’s new home. 

Downsizing strategies: helping your aging parents part with belongings

As time goes by, people tend to accumulate items, whether it’s furniture or just sentimental family belongings. Seniors also have a thing for collecting vintage objects or antiques. So, by the time they grow old or retire, people may have a house full of possessions. However, when the time comes to relocate, it’s not possible to take all those items to the new house. If that’s the case with your parents as well, you should help them downsize their home before the move!

Start reviewing items to keep, donate, or throw away room by room, but make sure to consult your parents first. Remember to only take things that make them happy or the ones they can’t do without. Talk to them to see if there are any valuables or family heirlooms they might wish to pass on to someone. To get some money from relocation back, you can help your parents organize a yard sale. Then, hire trustworthy white glove movers to help them move the remaining valuables to the new home. 

Making a moving checklist: what to include for your aging parents’ move

Besides decluttering and hiring professional movers to transfer your parent’s belongings, you should also deal with administration. Therefore, remember to transfer their utilities, cancel subscriptions, and inform banks, neighbors, and service providers of the upcoming move. Then, find a new healthcare provider in their new city, and book travel and health insurance for your parents, for the duration of the move. Finally, if you’re traveling with them to the new destination, make sure to account for more stops along the way!

A to-do list
If you want to help your aging parents move anywhere in California, you need to make a good moving checklist

Hiring a moving company for your aging parents: what to look for

While most movers can transfer boxes from one place to another, not all of them have experience with helping seniors relocate. That’s why in order to help your aging parents move anywhere in California, you should find specialized senior movers CA has. They should be patient and respectful, and know to easily answer any moving-related questions your parents might have. Moreover, they should know how to handle valuables and antiques and have experience with moving people with possible health problems.

Moving day: how to make it safe and comfortable for your aging parents

Depending on where in California your parents are moving to, keep in mind that the weather can get really hot. And no matter whether your parents have underlying health problems or not, being exposed to heat is not good for elderly people. So, if possible, try to avoid scheduling their move between late May and early September. However, if they do have to move during the summer, make sure to keep them hydrated and out of direct sunlight.

Moving your aging parents to a senior living community: what to consider

To help your aging parents move anywhere in California, you’ll likely need to look into retirement homes as well. Firstly, you need to consider the cost of living there, and whether you or your parents can afford it. Depending on the type of care they need, the cost of California retirement homes ranges from $3000 to $7000 monthly. It’s also important for seniors to stay socialized, so choose a senior living community with plenty of group activities.

Elderly couple working out
Social activities will help your aging parents stay active, happy, and healthy

Adjusting to the new home: helping your aging parents settle in.

After you help your parents move, they might miss their old home and express a wish to go back. However, instead of giving in quickly, you should help them settle in. Organize community get-togethers so your elderly parents can meet the neighbors and make new friends. You can also help them decorate their home with pictures of family members and friends, so the new house feels more like home. Finally, remember to call them, visit frequently, and make memories in their new residence together!

Managing the emotional impact of your aging parents’ move: tips and strategies. 

The thought of leaving a home after decades spent there might make your parents feel anxious or overly sentimental. They might even refuse to move after you already started packing and scheduled the relocation. However, it’s important to talk to them about their fears instead of getting angry or reacting impulsively. You could even enlist the help of another family member to show your parents the benefits of moving. Alternatively, you could even schedule a meeting with a realtor who can convince your parents that moving is the right decision. 

Resources and support for caregivers helping aging parents move in California

Finally, keep in mind that the California Department of Aging (CDA) offers programs that benefit senior citizens and people with disabilities. Also, they have programs for family caregivers, and people residing in long-term care facilities throughout the State. So, make sure to get in touch with the Local Area Agencies on Aging and Medi-Cal Community Based Adult Services facilities, and see what they can do for you and your parents.

Now that you know this information, you can help your aging parents move anywhere in California! While it may seem like a hard task at first, with mutual understanding and professional movers by your side, this relocation will be stress-free!


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