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How to help your kids adapt to Carmel?

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Moving, especially with children, can be quite a stressful and demanding time. There’s a lot you have to do before the moving day, and it can all be a little too much. You need to find moving companies in Carmel CA, declutter your home, pack your things, all the while making sure your kids are doing alright. And once you’re finally in your new home in Carmel, the adaptation period begins. It’s important that you settle down and feel at home in your new house, but the same goes for your children. This big transition might be a little overwhelming and scary for your kids, so you should be there for them. If your kids are having trouble adjusting to the new environment and accepting this change, you can help them out! So, today we’re talking about the ways you can help your kids adapt to Carmel – keep reading.

Prepare your kids for the change to help them adjust easier later

Once you know that the move is inevitable and it’s around the corner, you should have a chat with your kids and prepare them for this change. Don’t blindside them and let them know at the last moment. Instead, give them time to process this information and make peace with it. Be there to answer their questions regarding the move and be their support system.

Mother and daughter packing for the move
Let your kids know about the move to prepare them and help them adjust easier later on. Plus, they can help you pack!

This will give you a headstart on helping your kids adapt to Carmel. They will get a chance to slowly accept the upcoming change. You can help them even more by finding things they can look forward to after moving and by involving them in the process. They can help you out and feel like they’re a part of this project. Though they probably can’t help you choose the best movers in California, they can help with downsizing, packing and cleaning, for example.

Adjusting after the move

Keep your kids’ routines alive

Because uprooting your life and moving to a different city is a pretty big and intimidating change, your kids might feel like their world has turned upside down. That’s why it’s good for them to still have some sense of normalcy. The way you can accomplish them is by keeping their usual routines.

Waking up at a certain time, having meals at certain times, playtime, bedtime, etc. Whatever routines your kids are used to, you should try to stick to them even after the move. This way, your kids won’t have to experience more changes than necessary at the same time. Therefore sticking to the usual routines is a good way to help your kids adjust to Carmel.

Set up the kids room first to help your children adjust to Carmel

Of course, once you’re in your new home, it’s time to unpack and make your house liveable. Well, if you’ve relocated with your kids, we suggest you unpack and set up their room first. This will be your kids’ safe space and they’ll feel more comfortable in the new house. That’s why this can be very useful if you’re trying to help your children adapt to Carmel.

A bed in a kids' room - setting up the children's room is a way to help your kids adapt to Carmel
Making your children’s room cozy, comfortable and functional is a great way to help your kids adapt to Carmel.

If your kids are old enough, they can even give you a hand with setting up their own room. They can help with unpacking and tell you what kind of layout they’d like for their space. Let them design and organize their little world to their taste to help them feel good in the new home.

Organize playdates for your kids

Because you’re all new to Carmel, it’s time to start making friends. Remember that your kids need peers they can play with or hang out with just like you need a close circle of friends you can confide in. So, if you want to help your kids adapt to Carmel, you can help them make friends. You can do this by organizing playdates and taking them to kid-friendly places where they can meet kids of their age. Introduce them to the kids in the neighborhood or your friends’ children. This is also a good way of helping your kids adjust to a new home and neighborhood. Of course, they’ll get to meet new kids at school or kindergarten, but they’ll probably like having friends outside of school as well.

Plan some family activities after the move

One of the most important rules to follow when relocating with kids is to not neglect your children at any point. Make sure you’re still paying attention to your kids and giving them love before and after the move. This will immensely help you to make moving easier on your kids. Our advice is to plan some family activities in Carmel and spend some quality time together.

Parents walking with their child - have some family time to help your kids adapt to Carmel
To help your kids adjust to Carmel, it is a good idea to have some family time and have fun together.

Do a little bit of research and see what kind of fun activities Carmel has to offer. Look through the different places and events with your kids and see what interests them. Create a list of things you’d like to do together and have some fun after the move. This is a nice way to have some family fun, forget about the moving stress and help your kids adapt to Carmel.

Help your kids stay in touch with their friends

Just because you’ve moved into a new home, there’s no reason to forget all about your old friends and old life. Instead of neglecting your old friends and pushing down the nostalgia, you should keep in touch with your friends! And the same goes for your kids who miss their friends. However, they might need a little help. So, call up your kids’ friends’ parents and organize skype calls or even visits. Encourage your kids to stay in contact with their friends to feel less stressed out by moving to Carmel, CA. This will make your kids feel better about moving and you’ll help your kids adapt to Carmel and show them that they can still remain friends even if they’re in different towns.

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