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How to help your kids pack for a long distance move to Oregon

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Moving a long distance with your kids is no joke. Moving itself is always stressful, let alone moving with young children. You need to think about your kids right from the start. From the beginning, when choosing moving companies in California, until it is time to help your kids pack for a long distance move to Oregon. With the help of a few tips and tricks, you can finalize your relocation smoothly.

Start to prepare your kids in time

Relocation is very emotional for everybody. It is especially hard for kids that are school age or older. They have their friends and favorite places that they are not so willing to leave. Help them relocate long distances by preparing them in time. Give them enough time to adapt to the idea of moving from California to Oregon. Prepare them emotionally at first. After that, you can start to plan everything else.

mom talking with her kid
Prepare kids emotionally before you start to help your kids pack for a long distance move.

Talk with your children about the whole moving process. Explain to them so they know what exactly to expect. It will be easier for everybody if they are involved in the moving process. You don’t have to run by them everything, just include them in major activities. Help your kids pack for a long distance move to Oregon, so they are included in the packing as well.

Help your kids pack for a long distance move

If you have preschoolers or older kids, you can encourage them to help with packing. There are few ways to include your kids, without disrupting or slowing down the process. If your kids are very young, you can give them an easier task. They can label boxes with different color crayons or markers. Chose a specific color for each room and give them only those color markers to label boxes. You can also write a label on the box. However, they will feel useful and they will be happier. If you are using packing services from your moving company, you can find another easy task for your children.

Little girl drawing
Busy kids are quiet kids and relocation is easier.

Give them enough time to declutter their toys and stuff. But don’t pressure them to get rid of too much of their stuff. Moving is already hard, don’t give them more reasons to feel nostalgic and sad.

Help your kids pack a carry-on bag for long distance trip

Having well-packed carry-on luggage is essential for a long-distance relocation. It is particularly important if you are driving with kids. Make sure that you pack all essentials together. Help your kids pack for a long distance move to Oregon and make sure that they don’t forget anything. Your California interstate movers will transport your belongings, but you can take a few things that you will need during the trip and for the first night once you move in. Let them choose their outfits, snacks, and activities for the road trip.

If you make relocation more fun, it will be a nice experience for the whole family. Your kids will enjoy and they will be excited about the relocation.

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