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How to keep your helpers motivated on moving day

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As the time for your moving day is coming closer, levels of stress and nervousness might become a little higher than you want them to be. You are one step closer to start living in your new place. All the pre-work is done, you have everything organized, all of the boxes are packed, you hired one of the best moving companies in California to help you out, and you can already picture yourself settled in and you can’t wait for that moment to come. To have your first meal in your new home, and first night sleeping in your new bedroom. You have only one more big step to complete – moving day itself! It will be a day full of tension and worrying will everything go well, so you want to do your best to keep your helpers motivated on moving day.

Useful tips to keep your helpers motivated on moving day

Everyone loves to be in a good mood. Yet, sometimes it can be really hard to maintain joyful especially when you are under a lot of stress. The relocating day might be a trigger to lose your temper but try not to go down that road. If you organized everything in advance, there is not a thing to worry about.

  • Prepare everything in advance
  • Group level organization – include everyone in your plan to keep your helpers motivated on moving day
  • Avoid any kind of delay – don’t waste anyone’s time
  • Make it fun – find a way to make a good memory out of it

Either you hired professionals or you have your friends and family to help you out, you want everything to go smoothly and to retain a cheery atmosphere for the big day.

A woman labeling boxes for moving to keep helpers motivated on moving day
Be prepared in advance for moving day

Do your part with preparation

After you are done with pre-move planning you need to take action. It could take around three to five weeks to be prepared and it can be exhausting. We know that you are tired but don’t ruin the final phase of moving by not being prepared at all. If you want to keep your helpers in a good mood everything needs to be in order when the big day comes. You need to have a good moving plan. For example, relocate your bulky and heavy items first. Label all of the boxes so that your helpers can do their job and put all of the stuff exactly where you want them to. Organize boxes by order so they can be ready for unpacking later.

Include the group in the organization

Introduce your helpers with your plans for the moving day. Let them feel included it will help grow their motivation. Sometimes it feels good to say things out loud and let other people hear them. They might have some ideas that you didn’t think of. Several ideas together might work smarter than one. Either you hired some of the professional movers in Gilroy California or you asked your friends or family to help you out, be opened to any kind of advice they might give you. Those could be very handy in the time of need, particularly when you have a lot of things on your mind.

People joining their hands together showing teamwork is important part when you want to keep your helpers motivated on moving day
Teamwork is one of many ways to keep your helpers motivated on moving day

Don’t waste anyone’s time

Good timing is essential. People made a commitment by agreeing to help you and they found the time. Once again, be sure that you are well prepared and all of the staff are in order. If you asked people to come at a certain time, don’t be late. Don’t let them wait for you. Welcome them with a big smile on your face, cheerful and ready for action. You want to keep helpers in a good mood on moving day. Appreciate them with exactness and they will return to you with value. Acknowledge their accomplishments by encouraging them and saying that they are doing a good job with relocating your household. Create a friendly environment with a joke or two, make them feel comfortable while helping you. A laugh cannot hurt anyone.

Clock showing time, which is one of the steps on how to keep helpers motivated on moving day
Good timing is essential

Make some fun to keep your helpers motivated on moving day

It really doesn’t have to be all about work. Build a friendly environment for your helper’s motivation on the day of the move. Let them do their work, make yourself handy in case they need you. Be a powerful companion and appreciate them in a proper way. Accommodate them and find a way to fulfill their needs. You don’t have to say only “thank you” but show them that you are thankful with some small sign of affection like ordering some food and sweets when the job is done. Or maybe throw a little welcoming party in your new place. During the moving process cheer up your crew with some music, set up a mood that everyone will enjoy. The day will pass by faster and the work will be easier.

Everything will be done soon

Go once again through the whole process. Make a checklist so that you can be sure that you haven’t forgotten about anything. Breathe in. Breath out. Soon everything will be done and you will have your well-deserved sleep in your new home. If you need to clear your head, go on an adventure and take a tour to visit the city of Gilroy and all the fun things it offers. When you get your mind off things maybe you will remember something important for the big day that didn’t cross your mind before. Have some fun, you earned it after all the hard work you’ve been doing with organizing your relocation. Remember, keep your helpers motivated on moving day and it will be much more interesting than you can expect.

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