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How to maintain friendships after moving long distance

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You just finished school, got a new job or got married and there arises the need to move to another city or country. New city, surrounding, people, relationships. Often you want to stay in touch with your past. More than anything with the people you left behind in the old place. Sometimes, it can be a bit difficult to maintain friendships after moving long distance. If you put effort into it, the relationships can be kept alive.

Can long-distance friendships survive?

If the connection with a person is real, miles can’t harm your relationship. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much effort you yourself put into it, because it depends on both sides. The person staying has to understand that you are busy with moving into the new home, no matter if you hired professional movers like Mod Movers for example or you are doing it by yourself. When everything is settled, make sure to give them a call or text. In the beginning, it will probably be weird, but you will have to get used to this new form of communication with your friends.

Two women trying to maintain friendships after moving long distance via social media
Video calls might become your best tool for communication

Pick a good time to tell your friends about the move

This is something you definitely don’t want to postpone because your loved ones could even get mad at you for not telling them. It doesn’t matter if it is relocating to another neighborhood, state, make sure to check out long distance movers California, or country. Also, it increases the level of moving stress, which you definitely want to avoid. A real friend will always support you and reassure you that the friendship will survive no matter the distance. As soon as you tell them, they will probably start helping you relocate. Who knows how many tips and knowledge they have on moving. For example, they can help you pack, inform you about shipping fees, take care of your kids if you have any, etc.

It depends on both sides to maintain friendships after moving long distance

Moving is a difficult test for every friendship, and often, people fail it and drift apart. Sometimes it will not work out to maintain friendships when moving long distance, and it is better to accept it and move on. In the beginning, you will try to justify it as something that has to happen from time to time, but often the saying far from the eye, far from the heart is true. These are signs that your friendship might be over:

  • You don’t feel like you can share everything with the person anymore
  • Things have become awkward
  • There are more frequent fights and misunderstandings
  • Toxic behavior starts to arise
  • More and more missed texts and calls ( if this happens, it’s the number one indicator that it is impossible to maintain friendships after moving long distance with that person)
  • You feel like you drifted apart

Your texts do not have to be frequent but more meaningful

Inform your friend about something that made you think of them, a place you found in the new city that you would like to visit together for example. Sending one-word texts is not recommended anymore, since you don’t see each other so often anymore, and texting is the most common form of communication. Technology gave us more options now, but with busy schedules and maybe different time zones, it can be tricky. Instead, opt for texting once or twice a week. Quality over quantity. Share everything interesting that happened during that time, so you can catch up on what’s happening in your lives. You can also have a nice time reflecting on the memories you have together, like when you threw a moving away party, so make sure you also do that from time to time.

Woman looking at phone in the dark
Texting more isn’t necessarily better

Remembering important dates is crucial in order to maintain friendships after moving long distance

Making someone feel special by remembering their birthday is always a nice gesture. Even tho everyday communication is made easy via technology, a little effort on someone’s special day goes a long way. Everybody can send a message to congratulate you, therefore it doesn’t have so much meaning. Send a handwritten birthday card instead or ask another friend from your old place to drop by a present. Having something that you can physically touch when you cant be close to someone means a lot.

Alter your expectations

Moving to a different city or country (take a look at Monterey peninsula movers) brings a lot of new obligations, so there might be no time to text. The person that was “left behind”, might really feel left behind, because it will seem like you don’t have time for them. It might seem difficult to maintain friendships when moving long-distance, but do not fear a change if it is for the better. Going from seeing someone every day to not knowing when you will meet again can be frustrating. Until then, adjust your expectations according to the situation.

Include them in your plans

Nothing hurts more than being left out by someone you love. Regardless of miles separating you, put an effort into including your friends in your plans. Even if you know that they cant join you due to expenses or work, just including them goes a long way.

Three smiling women dressed for a night out sitting in a bathtub
Make sure to still include your long-distance friends when making plans

Use your imagination to maintain friendships after moving long distance

Texting and video calls tend to get boring fast, so get creative about what you can do together. Watch a movie together via Teleparty for example and share your thought on it or call a friend while walking so it feels like you are going on a walk together. A lot of things that you enjoyed doing together while being in the same city can be modified for long-distance friendships.

Don’t be afraid to initiate conversation

A trap that a lot of relationships fall into is not wanting to be annoying. Both sides expect the other one to text first, and a long time can pass before the conversations resume. Be sure to especially initiate important conversations. Make your friend feel like an important part of your life by calling him/her when you have a problem, or to share the happy news. This act intensifies the trust and intimacy in a relationship.


Perhaps one day, by chance, your roads will cross again. Nevertheless, until then, try to keep in touch as much as you can. With all the ways that technology has eased our lives, there is no valid excuse to not maintain friendships after moving long distance.

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