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How to manage the anxiety of moving house?

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If you have moved at least once in your life, you know what the move entails. Stressing about it is inevitable. The amount of stress will be different as there are many factors that trigger anxiety. It is likely that when you are younger and have fewer responsibilities, the move will not be that stressful for you. But age is just one little thing to take into consideration. Other things like time, money, a fear of the unknown are larger triggers. All these factors can cause serious symptoms during the move that can hold you back and interfere with your plans. If you were to hire Mod movers for your relocation, half of this stress would disappear. This article will explain in detail how to manage the anxiety of moving house. Whether you are hiring professionals or going all DIY, we are sure our advice will help.

Manage the anxiety of moving house by recognizing symptoms and triggers

Different things trigger different people to be anxious but there are some that are common to everyone. We have already mentioned three main ones, and these are time, money, and change or fear of the unknown. Let’s break these down a bit more:

  • Time: In order to be able to pack and move you need to have enough time on your hands. With a regular daily job and potential kids and/or pets, it can become impossible to organize. The fact that you have a limited timeframe in which you need to sort things out can cause serious stress. And if on top of all that you are preparing for an international move rather than a local one, than you really need to set your priorities straight.
  • Money: Logically, no move can go without spending more than you hoped for. In order to manage the anxiety of moving house the budget for any type of relocation needs to be carefully planned. Even when planning, there are always some extra costs. So plan those in as well after you decide when you might need additional moving services. If you are struggling with finances, this can easily cause stress as you have to finish packing and moving by a certain date.
  • Change: Last but certainly not least important, change is maybe the number one trigger. This can apply to many situations other than move. Change often means leaving the place you live in, people you love and are close to. The change also means starting something from square one, which is never easy. Facing the unknown and having feelings of uncertainty and suspense will walk you right into the mouth of strong anxiety.
An hourglass on the gravel
Concept of time is a big trigger of anxiety during the move

Stress symptoms and how to recognize them

Symptoms can be physical and psychological or emotional. It is quite important you recognize them on time and try to manage the anxiety of moving house. From experience, we know that majority of these will vanish once you shake hands with some of the moving companies in Hollister and sign a contract. But even so, you need to be aware of what awaits you and how to deal with it. In terms of physical symptoms, you will experience shortness of breath, insomnia, body aches, and low energy. When it comes to the emotional side of things, you can expect to be easily irritated. You will also feel overwhelmed and might even depressed. The good news is that this will all pass and that it can decrease with a little bit of effort.

A woman suffering from insomnia
Insomnia is one of the physical symptoms you might experience as a result of anxiety

Managing the stress of moving house 101

First of all, you have to be aware that everything takes time and patience. You need to stay positive and turn around negative energy into something creative. Moving is after all an organizational task. Why not try and make some sort of a game out of it, by creating the rules yourself? Some of the following things are easier to achieve as they are pragmatic and very easy to comprehend. Others require certain strength and will.

1. Moving checklist

It may sound silly, but this is alpha and omega of the process. Have everything written down. From daily to weekly tasks, over to important phone numbers and costs. Inventory of all the things you own should be on the checklist as well. Maybe not each item separately, but have them jotted down at least in groups, sorted by importance or room they belong to.

2. Getting rid of unnecessary stuff helps manage the anxiety of moving house

It can be hard at the beginning, but the decluttering process has proven to do wonders when it comes to anxiety. Having a lot of things can be suffocating. You need to learn to let go of some things if they are not part of the family memorabilia or some old antique. Things like art and some family heirlooms can help in making your new place feel like home so do not throw these away. With each item that you throw or give away, you will feel lighter and better. After all, it will cost less in the end, if you get rid of a large number of things.

3. Ask for help or accept one if offered

Don’t play a hero and think you can do everything by yourself. Every help you can get is welcome. If you are moving with your entire family, each member can contribute. Even then, if some friends offer you help, do not hesitate to accept. Everything is quicker, easier, and more fun when you have people around.

People holding hands in order to manage the anxiety of moving house
There is no shame in asking or accepting help during the move

4. Starting preparations on time will help in managing the anxiety of moving house

As already mentioned, one of the biggest triggers for anxiety is time. We always feel like we do not have enough of it. This is why it is important to start on time. How much in advance you need to prepare will depend on the type of your move and the number of things you need to do before the moving day comes. If you have many daily obligations already, start preparing several months in advance.

5. Research your new neighborhood

The stress will not go away after you wave goodbye to your movers from the porch of your new home. You still have a lot to do before you settle down. In order to avoid feeling lost in a new town, do a little research before the move. Find out what stores, schools, restaurants, and such are in your new neighborhood. Look for means of entertainment as well. This way you will not feel like a complete stranger and will manage the anxiety of moving home much better.

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