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How to manage your finances when moving to Arizona

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Although relocation brings a fresh start and usually a better life, moving is one of the most stressful times for many people. With seemingly endless packing and unpacking, searching for the best moving company, and dealing with expenses that cause added tension, don’t fail to look at your finances. So, how manage your finances when moving to Arizona and be prepared for all your expenses? With the advice of Mod Movers, you will understand that moving does not have to be a negative and difficult experience with astronomical costs. Just follow the instructions!

With a good plan, expect a good result

There are many things to think about before moving to Arizona. It may seem impossible to keep your finances on track. But if you carefully plan every step before moving day arrives, finances will be kept stable. Start by writing down every little thing that comes to mind. Unplanned costs can ruin your relocation. Try to find out about everything that will wait for you in a new country. Create a checklist of all possible expenses and start to explore.

man and woman making plan
Plan every step of your move to manage your finances when moving to Arizona

Will it be difficult to manage your finances when moving to Arizona?

Moving from California to Arizona has many advantages. If you are looking for a country that has a lower cost of living, lower housing prices, and more employment opportunities, Arizona will meet your expectations. With housing costs 43% lower and average rents 42% lower, Arizona will certainly allow you to keep your finances stable. Also, if we compare the costs of food, transportation, clothing, childcare, and entertainment, you will pay as much as 17.6% less when moving to Arizona. Now, all you have to do is find out more about tax obligations and responsibilities.

You need to know the tax status of the country you are moving to

Arizona collects state income tax at an average tax rate of 4.54% for an individual. Also, Arizona’s income tax allows couples filing jointly to pay a lower overall rate on their combined income. Anyone earning more than $15,000 in gross income per year must file a tax return. The lowest sales tax in Arizona is 5.6% and the average is 6.6%. It is also much more affordable than paying taxes in California. The simplest way to familiarize yourself with tax payment obligations is to contact tax professionals and financial advisors.

Choose the most affordable cities to live in

Although costs will be significantly reduced by moving from California to Arizona, there are additional savings to consider. If your needs do not require you to live in a specific city in Arizona, choose cities that are cheaper to live in. On the list of cheaper cities to live in, whose cost of living is 3-24% cheaper than the national average, there are:

  • Douglas
  • Bullhead City
  • Coolidge
  • Casa Grande
  • Tucson
  • Yuma
Arizona desert
There are cities in Arizona that are cheaper to live in, consider additional savings

Don’t forget about budget monitoring

The budget compares the actual and planned amounts and by budget monitoring, you will have a clear insight into the savings. When you create a budget and stick to it, chances are you’ll start saving. Any amount saved will cover unplanned expenses, keeping your finances stable. It is good to have the amount of money we plan to spend in hand. If we stick to the spending plan, we will stop incurring new debts.

Keep finances stable during relocation

To be able to manage your finances, you need to create an expense checklist. Starting with the costs related to the move, through those that you expect when moving from California to Arizona, all the details must be foreseen. If you decide to book a moving company to complete your relocation, make the best choice. Two of the most important issues when choosing a moving company are the safety of your move and the payment quota. The major thing is to take quotes from at least 3 companies and then choose the right one. It is also important to ask about additional costs. We want to reduce costs to a minimum, and not get into a situation where we have to pay extra.

Moving during the Off-Season

The period from September to May is considered as moving off-season. In the cold winter months, many people do not even like to go outside, let alone move. However, if you want to manage your finances and keep costs down, moving in the winter months is considered a cheaper option. Among all California interstate movers look for companies that offer the best discounts and deals before you decide on the right one. The positive thing about moving in winter is the low demand for movers, so they can devote themselves to you and do the move slowly. It will ensure a safer move with no mistakes and no unplanned expenses. 

Get rid of junk, donate or sell unwanted items

The moment you see that your finances are out of order, immediately start dealing with excess expenses. Manage your finances before moving by getting rid of junk and unwanted items. Taking out the trash will make your life easier and help your budget. Old appliances that are taking up space in your garage, broken furniture and many other non-essential items that will require space in the moving truck during the move should be removed. With the help of the hauling service Monterey CA, all this waste will disappear.  You can arrange for the rest unwanted items to be recycled, thrown away, or sold. Also, there are always people who need someone’s help. Donate! By doing a good deed, you have a positive effect on reducing costs during relocation.

get rid of junk to menage your finances when moving to Arizona
Don’t include old furniture in your moving plan, donate, sell or just get rid of that waste

Moving to Arizona will help you manage your finances

Considering all the benefits of moving from California to Arizona, it’s clear that you need to put in the effort and organize your move. Whether with the help of a moving company or on your own, moving will have a positive impact on your financial status. This is a country with a strong economy and an affordable cost of living. Considering that, you chose a great location to manage your finances when moving to Arizona.

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