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How to minimize distractions on moving day

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On a moving day, you will understand why the preparation period was so important. And why it was necessary to strictly follow the moving guide. With discipline and following the preparation plan, all will be ready on a moving day. So, you will not need to rush around. And most importantly, you will be calm. This calmness comes from the fact that you know exactly where things are. However, on such an eventful day, unwanted things can happen. So, to minimize distractions on moving day, stay alert and flexible. Even after the best moving companies in California come, continue to discreetly supervise moving activities. Pay attention to details and respond quickly to any unexpected event. Our advice is to make for yourself a moving day guideline.

Don’t be tired if you wish to minimize distractions on moving day

When you are tired, you can’t concentrate well. So, you can easily get distracted. Being in such a condition, you can easily overlook some items from your moving day guidelines. To prevent that, make sure to go to bed as early as possible the night before.

How to minimize distractions on moving day - woman walking against the art background.
When you are tired, you can’t concentrate well.

Wake up early to prepare for a moving day rush

Besides concentration, you will need a lot of physical strength and energy during a moving day. So, make sure to wake up early and prepare a good breakfast. Also, give yourself a good start by enjoying your morning cup of coffee in peace. At the same time, avoid asking yourself questions that usually arise on a moving day: what if? Such questions will make you nervous. And they can easily distract you from important things.

To minimize distractions, pack your last items before the arrival of movers

After breakfast, pack all the things that are still out of the moving boxes. Here we mean the things you slept in, the bathroom items you needed that morning, and breakfast dishes. It would not be good to start packing after the mover’s arrival. You could easily get into the way of furniture movers California while they are carrying things. And that will certainly distract them.

People siting around the desk with laptop, a pot flower and checking papers.
Be kind to your movers but check their papers.

To minimize distractions on moving day, remove the items you are not taking along

Before movers come, go quickly through the rooms, and recheck if all moving boxes have proper labels. Also, make sure that all things that you are living behind are separated. By mistake, someone could move such a thing to the wrong pile. Realizing it only during the move will cause distraction. Also, check that some of the moving boxes are not on the wrong pile. The best would be to keep all surplus things in a separate room.

Ensure the safety of the movers

One of the things that can easily cause distraction in the moving process is a lack of safety. So, make sure to remove all things that can get in a way of the crew carrying your boxes. While carrying moving boxes or furniture, they can’t watch the floor. Ans stepping on an unexpected obstacle can cause various problems. They can drop boxes or furniture, causing damage. Or they can get injured. So, take the necessary precautionary measures. Make sure that the pathways between your home and the moving truck are clean. Remove any debris, ice, potted plants that are too close to the pathway, etc.

Don’t forget to keep pets and kids out of harm’s way

Movers, loaded with moving boxes or furniture, will not see kids and pets. The best would be to send them to relatives or friends. You can also ask neighbors to keep them in their homes during loading time. 

To make moving day easier, reserve the closest parking lot and elevator, if living in the apartment building

If you are living in an apartment building, talk to the management prior to a moving day. See to reserve the most convenient parking lot for the moving truck. Also, reserve an elevator, if available. That way, carrying and loading will go much faster.

Be kind to your movers, but check their papers

In theory, the moving day should be an easy event. The movers come, load the truck, and head towards your new location. The reality is a bit different. Nowadays, one has to be cautious. So, when movers come, welcome them, and kindly ask them to review the movers’ paperwork. This way you will make sure that you are really dealing with California interstate movers. Also, it will also give you the opportunity to make sure you are provided with all necessary documentation (like Bill of Lading, valuation addendum, inventory lists, receipts, etc.). After that, you can show them around and discuss the moving details. Also, let them know that you will be nearby if they need further consultation.

A mover drives moving boxes on the vertical cart.
Make sure the movers have good access to the moving truck.

Make a good host to your movers on moving day

When you are kind and communicate openly and friendly with your movers, they will be more relaxed. Thus, they will be also more efficient. And most importantly, there will be fewer chances of distraction. Also, be a good host. Your movers will appreciate is you:

  • Have good communication with them
  • Keep calm
  • Keep your sense of humor
  • Offer them some refreshments
  • Have a liquid soap and disposable hand towels in the toilet for them

You may also come with a few more ideas. Whatever keeps the positive vibe during the moving day, will make the job go faster and easier.

Prepare an essential moving beg to minimize distractions on moving day

During the day, you will have to eat. The breakfast you had will not be enough for the whole day. So, preparing meals like lunch and dinner for a moving day might be a good idea. And of course, always have some snacks on hand. As well as some water or juices. In the same moving bag, pack all your valuables. Our recommendation is to keep the essential bag in your own vehicle. 

Before you leave, double-check for forgotten things

Once all the items are loaded and the moving truck is gone, do a final walkthrough. Check room by room and make sure that nothing has been left behind.

Give your old home a good cleaning

After the movers are gone, it is time for the move-out cleaning. You can do it yourself. Or you can hire a professional cleaning service. And by that, you will further minimize distractions on moving day. The professional will do an easy move-out cleaning fast and properly. That way, you will soon be able to switch off the lights and lock the door. What remains is to get in your car and follow the moving truck, to your new home.

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