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How to move a pool table: Tips from Expert Movers

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Relocating is not something that is that simple! There are tons of preparations you need to do before you move! And depending on what kind of items you are transporting, you will have a lot of different issues to deal with. Here we will help you solve a problem on how to move a pool table! There are a lot of tips and tricks on this, but by the end of the day, only a few ones are what you need to know! Continue reading to find out more!

Move a pool table – prepare like a boss

Now, moving a pool table is not something you should take light-hearted! Because it is huge and heavy, you have to make some first steps before you move it! For starters, start by collecting all the packing materials you will need. And we are not talking bout some moving boxes. No, we are telling yours about some cardboard wraps, rope strings, duct tapes and other materials you will use to completely wrap around the pool table. These materials will provide your pool table with much-needed protection before you move it to your new home. Make sure you have them all in order to successfully move a pool table!

Cardboard boxes used to move a pool table
Gather all packing supplies before you move a pool table

Sometimes, people find this very hard to do, since there is a lot of things that can go wrong while moving a pool table. This is where pool table movers CA comes in handy. They are more than certified and experiences when it comes to pool table relocation! Think about this if you plan on moving your heavy and big pool table!

Have tools to disassemble the pool table

When it comes to pool table relocation, every task you have to complete before doing it is important. This includes gathering all the necessary tools required to do so! This includes screwdrivers, rubber hammers, pliers, etc. These are essential things you need to knave if you want to dismantle the pool table and safely move it to another location. Now, Keep in mind that you should keep screws and bolts in a separate bag, and make sure you 2wont lose it during the relocation period.

image of tools
You will need tools to dismantle the pool table

Tools are not only important when it comes to moving a pool table, but for many other items as well. Since you can have a rough time when it comes to packing big items that are not disassembled. Also, if you find the packing process difficult, you can always get yourself professional packing services CA from your movers! Make sure to ask them more about it before you move!

Stay safe

People often do not think about their safety when it comes to moving! Especially when we talk about moving heavy items such as furniture, beds, appliances and pool tables. Always have in mind that you can easily hurt yourself if you do not how to properly deal with some of the items in your household. There are common mistakes that lead to injuries you need to avoid during the relocation period! These mistakes will only lead you to have a hard time moving your pool table!

Don’t forget to relax

To move a pool table is not a simple matter! It is big, it is heavy and you can easily injure yourself!! This is exactly why it is very important to relax and take breaks from time to time. In order to preserve and save your body from any kind of injury. Remember, if you have to lift the pool table, do it with your knees and not your back! 

woman stretching
Don’t forget to stretch before lifting the pool table

Having a couple of five-minute breaks when moving is very good because you will relax both your mind and body! And this is essential if you want to avoid getting injured or stressed during your relocation! There are also numerous ways to relax your body after hard work! Think about them before you commit to your relocation!

Protect the floors

Since you probably won’t be lifting and carrying the pool table around your home, you will most certainly drag it around the place. This is where you should protect your floor from any kind of damages done to id! Just place some cardboards on it, and basically, that should be enough!

You know, not protecting your home can cost you a lot of money! Because when your home gets damaged, you need to fix those damages if you plan to sell it. Or if you are renting, you will have to pay for those fixes! This is why it is important to know more about the ways to not lose money when moving!

Pack dismantled parts

Right after you dismantle your pool table for your relocation, it is time to pack those parts. If your table doesn’t have that bottom part then you can dismantle the pool table legs with ease. Don’t forget to wrap them in cardboard in order to protect them during transportation! Next, use packing rope or duct tape to tighten the wrapping around them! Once you have done this, you can put them on top of the pool table in the moving truck. The best way to pack a pool table in the truck is by his sides. That way he won’t take that much space in the truck for you! And also, don’t forget to lift with your knees, not your back!

It is not that hard to find the appropriate answer to how to move3 a pool table question! With our guide will have no trouble moving it at all! And you will stay safe at the same time as well! If you find our article to be informative and good, leave us your comment in the comment section!

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