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How to move your exotic pet to another state without breaking the law

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To be fair, moving with a pet can be difficult. But moving with an exotic pet is twice as hard. Now when you have decided on moving from California to Arizona, the only question is – how to transport your pet with you. What makes this question hard to answer is the fact you are not moving only a dog or a cat. Not to mention that you still must work on other moving-related responsibilities simultaneously. Therefore, today we will help you move your exotic pet to another state safely and efficiently. Let’s dive right in.

Get familiar with laws before you move your exotic pet to another state

The first thing you must do before even considering moving your pet is to read about the laws and regulations of the country you are moving to. Whether you are moving internationally or cross-state within the US, there are still rules, regulations, and restrictions. Luckily, you are moving cross-state so you shouldn’t have too many issues. Although, some exotic pets require a permit to transport. Some even require a permit to own. This can be a problem if you are moving to a state where certain species are prohibited altogether. Hopefully, all you’ll have to do is to obtain a permit to own a pet and follow the instructions on how and where to keep them. The best way to obtain this knowledge is to contact the American Veterinary Medical Association. Let them provide all the info regarding your pet and move forward from there.

read about laws before you move your exotic pet to another state
Read all about the state laws regarding exotic pets before you introduce one to the new environment.

Also, you can contact the local county administration and obtain basic info about the permits and restrictions. But in the end, you’ll surely have to obtain a permit, pay certain fees, and provide proof of up-to-date vaccination. After all, your pet must be healthy before it is introduced to a new environment. Once you sort out all the legalities, you can contact one of the best moving companies in California and start preparing for this journey.

Maintain the routine

Your pet can get anxious, stressed, and homesick as well. To avoid such a situation, you should maintain the routine and keep your pet away from the chaotic moving environment. In the beginning, it should be enough to maintain the daily routines no matter what they are. Playing, feeding, sleeping, and spending time together shouldn’t be changed. Of course, to an extent. You still have to commit to all the moving responsibilities. But just try to act normal and do not change anything until you start packing. The most important part is to move your pet away entirely when your movers arrive. Find a nice, calm, and quiet place for them to sit there for a while until you load the moving truck. Preferably to leave your pet with a friend, neighbor, or relative.

Although, if you already emptied one of the rooms, it will be enough to keep your pet there for an hour or two. Hopefully, you can afford the packing services or a stronger moving package so you won’t have to do a thing. It is far better to spend that time with your pet and keep them calm and happy. Right?

How far your new home is?

Depending on the destination and how long it will take to get there, you must take precautionary measures. Firstly, you must decide whether you want to transport your pet by air, boat, or road vehicle. There are quite a few carriers you can choose from and it all depends on the specie you own. Bigger animals can stay on the road for a longer period while smaller and fragile ones should be transported quickly. It all comes down to your budget. And if you have a stretching one, you will move your exotic pet to another state within a couple of hours.

pet reptile in human hands
Make sure your pet is safe and sound during transport. No matter how far it is.

More importantly, you can do it safely and without your pet even noticing that something is going on. Especially because most of the species can sleep through the entire voyage easily. But whatever you choose, make sure they have a proper cage/carrier, enough food, and water to endure this journey.

There are quite a few exotic pets out there

Before you can move your exotic pet to another state you must find it on the list and read a bit about the way you should handle them. Check out the main categories and the way you should prepare them for the transport:

  • Birds – The most fragile of all. Not only because they can easily get hurt if shifted during transport but because they are very anxious while moving. Birds do not like changing the environment in this way. It is a forced change of habitat and they will be nervous all the way. So, the only solution is to transport them in their cage. For larger birds, you should find an appropriately sized wooden container with enough holes to keep the airflow unobstructed. Also, you should cover the cage with light fabric to calm the bird down.
  • Large animals – Those are cows, horses, exotic cats, and most farm animals. For them, you must have a proper trailer with enough room and ventilation. But you probably know this and already have one. If not, rent it.
  • Reptiles and amphibians – As cold-blooded creatures, they must have a climate-controlled environment. It is best to transport them in their terrarium. But to keep enough moisture, you should place wet towels on the bottom. This way they’ll have a proper environment for the time being.
  • Small mammals – There are numerous species of rabbits, cats, and guinea pigs and they all have one thing in common. They are fragile, they can’t stand heat or cold, and they can chew through the cardboard and wood. Therefore, you will have the challenge to create a cozy environment for them. But a sturdier wooden crate with enough holes to breathe through will solve all your problems. Remember to place enough food and water inside as well.

It is time to move your exotic pet to another state

As you may know, not all moving companies transport pets. For most of them, it is too high of a risk to transport a living being. If anything goes south, they won’t be able to repair the damage. Therefore, you must search for California interstate movers that provide such a service. And you can easily find them. But the question is – can you trust them?

mover standing next to a pile of boxes
There are quite a few moving companies that will help you transport your pet. Find the right one.

So, you must research a bit on the internet and roam through social media to find out which company is good for transporting exotic pets. Or transporting any pets for that matter. Make sure they have all the knowledge, tools, and licenses to operate. For their reputation, you’ll have to read reviews and comments in related social media groups. But do not worry, those companies wouldn’t be there on the market if they do not cover this type of work adequately. Hence, find the one you like and prepare your pet for moving.

The safety of your beloved pet is the most important part of this story

In the end, the safety of your pet is what matters the most. Yes, it might sound easy to pack everything and move across the state. But remember, your pet can feel and sense everything. They can get unsettled and some species can have irreversible consequences if not handled properly. So, read our guide again before you start moving and prepare the environment for your pet. Even if it means you must visit your new home beforehand and create the environment so your pet can settle in as soon as you arrive at your new address. This way they can maintain the routine and hopefully, they’ll feel at home right from the start. At least that part is easy for the pets who live in terrariums and aquariums.

Ok, now you know how to move your exotic pet to another state. It won’t be easy that’s for sure. But if you create a plan in advance and obtain all the knowledge, materials, and means to transport them, then you will be just fine. More importantly, your pet will arrive at its new home unharmed and happy to explore. Remember, if your pet is safe and handled with love and care, they will surely be happy in their new home. Good luck.

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