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How to Move Your Rec Room Effortlessly

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Every home has that one special place that is a perfect spot for relaxation and enjoyment. We use it for our hobbies and meditation, and we turn to it on those days when we are not in the good mood. This doesn’t even have to be a room, but simply an area of our home that is making us feel good no matter what. When the time for moving comes, the pressure will become slightly higher than usual, and at some point, we will have to pack the entire home. And once we reach our favorite space in the entire household, it is good to know how to pack and move it. To help you do it, take a look at some tips on how to move your rec room effortlessly!

Making the inventory list

It is not a secret that rec rooms are usually filled with all kinds of staff. And unlike living rooms or bedrooms that have bigger furniture sets, rec rooms are all about small details. Depending on how you like to relax, you could have a lot of candles, scented sticks, books, vinyl, and many other things that need special care when packing. Considering that moving companies like Mod Movers CA can help you with many parts of your relocation, not every part of this process will be so hard. However, you are the one who knows that home to the fullest, and you will have some important tasks as well.

dices on the game board as to move your rec room effortlessly you must pack even the tiniest pieces
Items that have a lot of smaller parts must be packed carefully and be in the same box

Making an inventory list is essential when you want to move your rec room effortlessly. This will help you not only keep everything under control but pack and move much faster. You will also find unpacking to be way easier once you know what each one of the boxes contains. The best method is to make a couple of different categories and start packing items according to them. Some of them could be:

  • Smaller decorative pieces
  • Books
  • Documents or paperwork
  • CDs, vinyl, records
  • Musical instruments
  • Pool table
  • Gaming consoles

To move your rec room effortlessly you must begin right on time

Packing and moving it too soon or too late is not good. You will have to find the perfect time to do it for many reasons. Firstly, it will be good to set up your rec room as soon as possible in your new home. There will be a lot of tasks waiting for you there and you and your family will need a place to relax after all that hard work. On the other hand, packing and moving it too quickly can have a similar effect. This is where you will need to find the perfect balance which is not so hard to achieve after all. With the help of professional packing services, and good organization skills  you will be ready to go on time!

person writing something down while looking at the laptop
Take some time to make the plan and write down all the items from the rec room

The first step: Decluttering

When people move, they usually think that they need to take everything with them. But relocation is not all about taking every single item and moving it with you. You will be living in a new home soon, and maybe you should consider marking the new beginnings with new items for your rec room. Decluttering will help you sort out items that no longer belong in your home, and even though it may seem like there are not many, there will be. Start decluttering as soon as possible and choose a good strategy to follow. You can immediately pack those items and set them aside in the special area of your home.

There are a couple of ways you can get rid of items that won’t be traveling with you. You can sell them and use the income for some other expenses. Don’t expect to earn a fortune, but it may be enough to buy a new decorative piece or a set of scented candles. The Internet is a great tool for this, and you can list them until the buyer shows up.

Consider giving some of them to charity in your area. Since these items were a part of your rec room, there surely is someone who can still use them. If you have soft blankets, lazy bags, or pillows, ask around and see if someone is willing to take them. This will free up your space, and you will know that you did a good thing!

The importance of storage

Your third option for moving your rec room effortlessly is using storage. In fact, using storage services California can be useful for your entire relocation. All you need to do is prepare the items meant for storage, and don’t forget to label the boxes. They will be safe for as long as you want and will provide enough time to finalize the relocation and settle in. Of course, you can store items that you wish to give away or sell too. Storage will be a perfect option to keep them safe until you decide what exactly to do with them.

Labeling items from your rec room before storing them is essential. This will make the unpacking so much easier, and it only takes a couple of seconds for each box. You can write down the labels or use the color-coding method to know exactly what is in each box. 

girl doing yoga
No matter what items you have in there, you have to begin packing them on time

Pay attention to fragile and expensive items

Yes, some people really appreciate their leisure time, and your rec room could have some items that are very fragile and valuable. No matter if it is an expensive stereo, book collection, or heirloom, you must pay close attention when packing and moving it. Again, you will have a couple of options when it comes to this but what matters is that the items in question are completely secured for transportation. You can pack it yourself using:

  • Secured moving boxes
  • Lots of wrapping materials including bubble wrap
  • Tape
  • Foam peanuts

These particular items should be isolated in one box so that they can’t damage. Double-check if the box is closed and if the item is stable inside. If you find this to be too risky, then getting professional boxes and supplies California will be a much better solution. As soon as you get your hands on professional packing materials you will know that almost nothing can happen to your valuable things.

Your second option however is letting movers pack your items. Considering they have much more experience you will find it way easier to trust them with this entire process.

Not everything will be easy to pack and move

Before your relocation begins, you must be ready to make a compromise when it comes to some items in your rec room. If you have a pool table or musical instruments, you already know they will need a lot of space in the new home. If it’s large enough, it is best that you set them in a different room close to the rec one. Pool table movers California can help you disassemble and transport it as you shouldn’t do it on your own. Items like this one provide a lot of fun to everyone but can cause a lot of trouble when moving. This is why you should consider hiring professionals as they can help you deal with them easier.

vinyl spinning
Feel free to use the original packaging for certain items as they will be much safer that way

Even more, those who plan on moving to another city or state should rely on interstate moving companies in California. Considering that you and your items will be moving more than 100 miles, there is no need to risk something breaking along the way. You must also think about vehicles that will transport not only your rec room but the entire household. And since they have spacious trucks you will not have to make double trips and make your relocation longer than it should be.

Inspect the new space before you move your rec room

Completely focusing on your old home is not a good idea, as at some point your relocation will be over and you will find yourself in the new one. The unpacking process will begin immediately even if you don’t plan on doing it that way. This is mainly because relocations can be overwhelming, and all we need is to know that the process is over. But if you skip preparing your home before your arrival, you can find it super stressful to unpack and settle in. This can lead to you doing it in a hurry and making mistakes that will need correction later. To make everything fit perfectly, you should inspect your new home way before you officially arrive.

While California residential movers deal with your items, you can take some time to pay your new home a visit. This will be a perfect moment to find the perfect place for your rec room and imagine how to set it up. If you notice that certain changes have to be made, you must act quickly. In case the space is too small and your items can’t fit, make sure to come up with a solution before movers arrive with your inventory. On the other hand, if the space is too large, maybe the room in question should have a different purpose.

people holding two controllers
To move your rec room effortlessly you must pay attention to the sensitive and expensive items you have there

Common moving obstacles

Speaking of the new space, the time has come to get to know a couple of obstacles that could prevent you from moving your rec room effortlessly. When dealing with large items that are also delicate at the same time, you should probably consider hiring professionals. For example, piano movers California will load and transport your instrument much better and faster than you would. Keep in mind that piano repairs cost a lot and there is no need to go through it when you can have professionals do it for you. 

Apart from items being too large, another common obstacle is when you realize your rec room lacks light. In general, these rooms are the brightest spot in the household, especially if the home is spacious enough. If your new room simply doesn’t have enough natural light, you will have to improvise. Making your small room look bigger is not difficult at all, as long as you get to learn a couple of tricks. Carefully place your items so that they don’t block the windows or the balcony. Get yourself a couple of lamps and don’t forget to bring in a mirror or two. This will make even the smallest room much more spacious.

Include family members and friends

Packing and moving are so much more interesting when you do it with other people. And since you will have to pack your rec room at some point, why not include some people you care about? Together, you will do it much faster, but most importantly, you can have hours and hours of fun. Assign them different tasks regarding your items, so that everyone can participate. Once the process begins, you can easily turn it into a great goodbye party. Include some snacks and drinks, and spend some quality time before you move away. This will be a great opportunity to combine having a great time and doing something useful.

Don’t forget to keep the situation under control though. Even if you have a lot of free time on your hands for this activity, you are still on the schedule. Packing is the priority so make sure the process is ongoing no matter what.

friends sitting in the living room as to move your rec room effortlessly you may need the help of your friends
It doesn’t take a lot to turn packing into a great goodbye party

Have enough patience and you will move your rec room effortlessly

After all, that is the entire purpose of the room itself. Make sure you have enough positive vibes before your relocation begins. This will make packing and moving much easier, and as long as there is no stress, everything will be just fine. Once you manage to move your rec room effortlessly, you will also manage to set it up the same way. Focus on decorating the entire room the way you want, and if you feel like making a couple of changes go for it. Your relocation will be over, and you will have all the time in the world to enjoy your new home. 

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