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How to organize a stress-free moving day

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How stressful your moving day will be doesn’t just depend on outside influences, you’re personality type plays a part, too. If you are the laid-back, easy-going type, you are much less likely to put too much pressure on yourself and get anxious. Moving day necessitates a lot of activity and hustle and bustle, so don’t expect to be able to avoid that. However, there are certain steps you can take to make the whole operation run as smoothly as possible – the first of which is to hire good California professional moversWith professional movers by your side, half of the job is done. Here are some other tips for a stress-free moving day.

Don’t Overburden Yourself

Even with professionals helping you, planning and executing a move takes time. Arrange so that your schedule is totally free for at least the last two days of the move. If you take on too many responsibilities, you are unlikely to have a stress-free moving day. Running this way and that will make even professional organizers exhausted and nervousTake care of any important tasks you have beforehand.

Nervous man.
You are unlikely to have a stress-free moving day if most of your other tasks haven’t been completed.

Pack Ahead of Time

If most of your possessions aren’t packed by the moment moving day arrives, you won’t have too much free time on your hands. Make a to-do list well before moving day and pack a box or two each day. When you spread your packing over a two-week period, it won’t be too hard and you are much less likely to forget anything. If at all possible, leave only packing the essentials for D-Day. When you are in a tight spot, you can always hire packing services to assist you.

Ask for Help with Kids and Pets

Young children and pets are a major stress-factor on the day of the move. Ask your friends or family to take care of them for a crucial couple of hours when your stuff is being loaded into moving trucks. Investing a bit of their energy to watch your kids or pets won’t be a large burden on anyone. Just make sure to ask them upfront so that they can organize their time accordingly. The people who work at moving companies in Hollister can tell you some crazy stories about how otherwise calm parents nearly lost their minds when they tried to incorporate their kids into moving day plans. Unless your kids are old enough to help, or spending time elsewhere, you won’t stand a chance of having a stress-free moving day.

Tips for a stress-free moving day.
Ask your friends to babysit for a few hours.

Allow Yourself to Feel Sad

You may be looking forward to your move, but even then you surely had some nice memories in the home you are leaving. Take your time to say goodbye to the old neighborhood. Visit your favorite spots and have a chat with your neighbors. If you are up for it, organize a farewell party. Gather the people you care about and spend one last night with them. Moving away doesn’t mean that you won’t see them again, but sometimes it can feel that way. Don’t bottle up your emotions only for them to surface on the day of the move. That is definitely not a recipe for a stress-free moving day. Let yourself feel the momentary sadness, but remember that you are starting a new and exciting chapter of your life. Good luck with the move and have fun in your new home!

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