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How to pack a studio apartment in a week

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Moving often seems like a daunting task. There are moving supplies to get, movers to hire or transportation to arrange, people to inform, and seemingly endless items to pack. All the while, life doesn’t stop. There’s still work to do and people to see. It isn’t exactly easy. However, with proper planning, you can pack a studio apartment in a week stress-free. Mod Movers created a brief guide to help you do so.

Mentally preparing to pack a studio apartment in a week

People frequently forget the sentimental aspect of moving. When you’re packing up your complete home, laying your eyes on everything single thing that you own is inevitable. Be ready to let things go. This is where the packing services of a highly rated moving company could come in handy. Not having to sort through everything yourself will allow you to avoid an emotional wormhole. Some things probably add little or no value to your life and will just take up space at your new home. Get rid of them, either by selling, donating, or throwing them away.

Professional movers carrying boxes
Movers can help you pack, as well as transport all of your belongings safely.

Steps to take to pack a studio apartment in a week

7 days are more than enough to pack a studio. But, don’t let that fact fool you into procrastinating. The only possible result of delaying moving tasks can be a completely chaotic moving day when one has no idea what’s packed with what and if it’s safe and secure. Therefore, develop a plan as soon as you have a moving date. Stick to it until you’re in your new home, unpacked and settled.

Booking movers

One week before the move is the right time to research California residential movers and book a reliable moving company. An alternative is to rent a moving truck and maybe ask your friends to help you pack.

Gathering packing supplies

As soon as you’re done researching moving companies in Gilroy, it’s time to get some packing materials. You can’t start packing until you have enough supplies on hand. You’ll need boxes of various sizes, packing tape, packing paper, scissors, and markers.

Stack of cardboard boxes and books on a table
Use sturdy cardboard boxes to pack your studio apartment in a week.

Pack, pack, pack

There’s a logical order when it comes to packing. While the important thing is that your items arrive at your new home safely, following a logical order can help you stay organized before the move, during, and after the move. Remember to label all of your boxes and pack an essentials box.

  • Start with your kitchen space. It contains the most fragile items that have to be packed with extreme caution.
  • Move on to the wardrobe and your bed. Sort through your clothes and get rid of everything you don’t seem to reach for when getting dressed.
  • Pack the living area. Remove artwork from walls, pack decorative items and electronics.
  • Pack your bathroom last. Leave it for the day before the moving day.
  • Check if you forgot something before the movers come. Even though you can pack a studio apartment in a week fairly easily, it’s also always easy to forget something.

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