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How to pack an essentials box for moving

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The moving process is a complicated, time-consuming and nerve-wracking endeavor. There are many variables, ups and downs, and potential struggles. That is why you need to approach it seriously and with a good plan. Don’t worry, once you make proper organizations, everything will be much easier. And if you happen to hire a professional Monterey moving company to help you, you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about. However, there are things you should do on your own. You should make sure to pack an essentials box, for example. But, again, with a reliable company that will provide you with some of the best moving boxes Monterey CA has to offer – you are bound to have a successful packing process. Learn what to put in your essentials box and try to enjoy your relocation.

Why do you need to pack an essentials box properly?

If you want to make sure all your belongings survive the trip and remain safe and sound during a move, you need to pack them properly. The only way to completely ensure that is to hire some of the best professional packing services CA is offering. Let’s face it, nobody can pack your possessions like experts. They have the necessary moving supplies and equipment, but, most importantly, they have the knowledge and the experience to pack any type of item you may own. Whether it is clothes or a piano, they know exactly what to do and how to handle it to ensure safe transportation.

pack an essentials box - a couple with a moving boxes and pizza
You will be able to enjoy even the first days in your new home if you pack the essentials box properly

However, when it comes to packing the essentials box, you are the only one who can do it right. Why? Because this box should be filled with items you will use last in your old home and the first at your new home. And you are the one who knows the best what you need. Nevertheless, there are some usual things you should pack in it for the move. Imagine you have to live off only the items inside this box and pack accordingly.

The “must-have” items at your disposal at all times

You will not leave the essentials box in the truck of your Monterey residential moving company. You shouldn’t even leave it in storage facilities. This is something you will carry with you all throughout the relocation process. A moving truck can experience some delays, especially if you are moving long distance. That’s why you need to make sure all the important stuff is with you as soon as you step into your new home. You don’t want to be there hungry, dirty and with nowhere to sleep if the truck can’t make it on time, right? And, even if there are no delays, you can’t possibly expect to unpack everything the moment you arrive. So, you will use the content of your essentials boxes until you manage to unpack and arrange all your belongings in the new home.

Every essentials box should contain:

  • food and kitchen supplies,
  • bedroom items,
  • bathroom essentials,
  • important documents and valuables,
  • children’s and pets’ necessities,
  • electronic devices,
  • medications,
  • cleaning supplies and tools.

Food, beverage and relaxing items are the basics of every survival kit

After a long day of traveling and moving you will probably be hungry and tired. So, when you pack an essentials box make sure to put some food and beverage in it. We suggest non-perishable or canned food. You can always order pizza, of course. But in case your possessions are not arriving for quite some time, you’ll need more than a take out. That’s why you should have some plastic plates, cups, and cutlery with you. If you can, pack in your essentials box some dishes. A pan and a pot should be enough for the first couple of days. Don’t forget to pack a good knife, some rags, and a coffee maker, you know you’ll need it.

spaghetti on a plate
You can prepare a tasty meal with just a few dishes

After you finish eating, you will want only one more thing to do before you hit the bed. And that is to take a shower. A perfect moment to unpack your bathroom and bedroom essentials box. Relax with some hot water and the hygienic products you have packed, a clean towel, and a PJ. Don’t forget to pack toilet paper and cleaning supplies, in case you need to prepare the bathroom and a home for use. It is great that you packed bedsheets in the box, so you can have a good night’s sleep even if your moving truck is experiencing some delays. Or if you had to place your other boxes in a storage facility for some reason. When the morning comes it’s good to have a clean set of clothes for both you and the other members of your family.

Never leave your valuables unattended

When you leave your house, you carry your bag, wallet, keys, phone, money, documents… right? Well, this is similar, except there is a bit more valuable stuff to never take your eyes off of. And, since you are not returning to the old place, you have to take with you everything that has ever been important. That encompasses all official documents for the real estate you own, wedding and other certificates, diplomas, medical and school records, bonds, contracts… But not only documents are valuable. There are items that have physical and emotional value to you. So, pack your photo albums, jewelry, passports, credit cards, and cash. You shouldn’t leave these items with a moving company, no matter how reliable and trustworthy they are.

Remember to pack your children’s and pet’s favorite items

All parents know how hard it is to have to put your kids to bed without their favorite blanket, book or toy. These are really the crucial things for children and you need to make sure not to fail. When you pack an essentials box it’s best to have a separate one for your the kids and their necessities, medications, and change of clothes. The same goes for your pets. Their toys, bowls, and pillows should all be in one place. Somewhere you’ll be having easy access to them. And don’t forget their food as well!

a boy and a dog
Don’t forget your kid’s and pet’s essentials as well

Electronic devices will make your life easier, especially on the first day of living at your new address. We are not saying you should put the fridge in your essentials box, of course. We are talking about mobile devices, laptops, PCs and children’s toys such as tablets. And don’t forget to pack the chargers with you, because everything will be useless without them pretty soon.

Your essentials box will make a moving process much easier to bear

Now you understand why it’s so important to pack an essentials box properly and thoroughly. Even though you have chosen a reputable moving company Monterey is proud of, these are the things you should always take with you. So, make a good checklist and start packing. However long it takes you to finish, you will be happy once you get to your new home and realize you have everything you need right in front of you.

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