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How to pack and move expensive rugs

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While you’re packing for your upcoming move, you may run into a few problems with certain items. Among these items are certainly expensive rugs and carpets. They can’t really fit into any regular box, and they can be quite heavy too. However, we’re probably right when we say that you planned on grilling them up. If you want everything to arrive safely in your new home, you’ll need a few tips on how to pack and move expensive rugs. Of course, these tips won’t be quite as useful without the help of the best movers in California. With this combination, you won’t have to worry about any potential damages during the relocation. You can instead, think about which part of your new home is the perfect place for your fine rugs.

Develop a good plan before you pack and move expensive rugs

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide is which items you’ll take with you to the new home. As with all other items, you’ll have to go through the same process with your carpets and rugs. It all comes down to their value and how attached you are to them. Since we’re specifically talking about expensive rugs, you will most likely keep all of them. It is also more than likely that your home has a mix of both standard and high-end rugs. Carefully inspect each of them before your movers Morgan Hill CA arrive and decide what to do next. Even some of your more valuable floor coverings can deteriorate over time. At this point, it is up to you to decide if there is a chance of repairing them, or if you should replace them entirely. After this, you can move on to the packing preparations.

a table and chairs on a fine rug
Rugs and carpets are the staple of every home and should be treated with care

Preparing your rugs for the upcoming move

The most important thing to do before packing your rugs is to make sure they’re in good condition. This is important because their state can largely impact the packing process, and because it ultimately leads to a stress-free moving day. Rugs and carpets should be properly cleaned before packing, to avoid the chance of pests appearing. A good vacuuming will remove any dust, hairs, or crumbs hiding in the fabric. This is especially important to do if you own pets. If you can, leave your rugs outside for a few days to air out. Exposing them to the sun and fresh air will better prepare them for the move. If you have high-quality Persian rugs, you can vacuum them as well. However, it would be wise to hand them over to expert cleaners, as they may require special care.

person preparing to pack and move expensive rugs
Give your rugs a thorough cleaning before the moving day arrives

Once everything is nice and clean you can proceed to the next step. If you’re not careful, there are plenty of things that can go wrong during a relocation. This can be easily prevented by identifying how the fibers are orientated. All you need to do is run your hand over the carpet’s surface. While doing this, you’ll feel resistance in one direction, and a smooth feeling in the other. Once you need to fold, remember to do it against the fiber orientation. Doing this in the opposite way may result in the fibers losing their integrity and ruining the carpet’s look. Lastly, remember to turn your rugs upside-down. This is important because most rugs have a stiff back. If you roll them with the fibers facing you, the extra pressure may cause the rug to stretch or possibly even crack.

Folding and rolling rugs is a delicate task

When it comes to regular rugs, the rolling process is pretty simple. You want to end up with a proper cylinder, so you should start rolling the carpet slowly. Be careful how you do this though because at some point you might feel the rug tilting left or right slightly. If this happens, go back a bit and straighten everything out. Smaller rugs won’t be a problem as you can roll them by yourself. Persian rugs are a bit different though, and they may require professional packing. They’re large and heavy, so you’ll probably need someone to help you. Start by folding the rug in thirds. Take one side of the rug and fold it towards the center. Now take the other end and pull it over the folded part. Now, your rug is in three layers, one on top of the other.

a rolled up rug
Avoid using plastic to protect your rugs as it can easily retain moisture

Let’s look back on the fiber direction we’ve mentioned earlier. Once your rug is neatly folded, you need to identify the fiber orientation and roll it against the grain. Once you do this, stand on your rug, pick up the correct and move it backward. Fold the rug over itself until you are three feet away from the opposite end. Then, go back to the “first” side and start rolling. Once you reach the 3-foot marker which is still unfolded, stop. Go to the end of that section, fold it towards the opposite end, and then roll the carpet all the way to the end.

Your expensive rugs are finally ready to pack and move

Every successful relocation largely depends on high-quality packing materials. Luckily, if you want to pack and move expensive rugs, all you need are a few basic items. This implies a few pieces of string, some durable wrapping paper, and strong packing tape. To prevent your rugs from unfolding, you can either use string or rope. You’ll need at least two pieces of your chosen material per carpet. All you have to do is tie them up on each end of the rug. The knot should be firm enough so the rug can’t unroll, but also loose enough as to not cause damage. Avoid using plastic wrap to pack rugs as it can cause mold or mildew to appear. Instead, roll your carpet in packing paper and secure everything with a bit of tape. Once you’re done, you can place your delicate rugs in the truck and be on your way!

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