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How to pack and move office equipment

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Relocation is always stressful. No matter if you move for business or you are starting a new life in a new city. Moving your office can be quite challenging but the key is in the good preparation plan. Emptying out all the offices, packing delicate company computers, and ensuring that sensitive documents don’t get lost are some of the things on the list you need to think about. So, in order to help you, check out these tips on how to pack and move office equipment. But if you don’t have much experience in packaging an office you can get in touch with commercial movers California who can help you.

Prepare for packing

Go step by step. Firstly you should get rid of unnecessary stuff. You may find your files, paperwork, and other documents staying there for too long, without any reason. So now it is an ideal opportunity to go through them one by one and see what you can get rid of. Remove all the papers and other items from your desk and collect all important documents inside a plastic bag or cardboard box. Find out what your company’s protocol is regarding the old documents so you can shred anything that you don’t need anymore or file some of the documents that you should keep. Keep the most confidential documents with you. Tag or bundle your documents and paperwork together.

pens, sticky notes
Get rid of dried up pens, paper clips, notes, and all unnecessary items.

Go through each drawer and get rid of the junk that is accumulated over time. Throw away dried up pens, mostly filled notepads, damaged paperclips, and any other item that you won’t be needing in your new office. Also, if you have some private items pack them too or return them to your home. To pack all the inventory and office equipment, you will be needing a lot of packing supplies:

  • cardboard boxes
  • bubble bags
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • proper tools if you need to disassemble some furniture
  • a dolly
  • moving sheets or blankets to pack and move office equipment

Office electronics and furniture

After you have sorted documents and other inventory, it is time to pack office electronic equipment, computers, printers, office phones, wireless routers, printers, and fax machines. These are the most valuable items in your office. So, make sure these items are properly protected from any damage during the office move in order to use them again. Keep all wires and cables properly separated and organized to prevent chaotic tangling during the move. You can also pack wires in their own boxes. Or pack them with the appropriate equipment so they do not get lost. Use plenty of padding materials when packing office equipment like printers, scanners, fax machines, phone systems. These are the items that require additional care when packing and moving.

cardboard box
Pack your office equipment properly so it does not get damaged.

When packing computers, make sure all the wires are disconnected from all of its parts and pack each component carefully. Wrap and secure computer monitors, mouses, keyboards. If you are packing laptop computers, use a laptop bag if you have one, if don’t you can use a cardboard box. Once you pack office equipment and electronics, close the boxes and secure them with a few layers of durable packing tape.

The next step will be to pack office furniture. Before packing the office desk, it’s better to disassemble it. Unscrew and remove all the drawers, racks, and other parts. Make sure to keep all screws and bolts in a Ziploc bag to prevent from losing them. Wrap all the parts in protective blankets to protect them against any kind of damage and secure them with the packing tape. Before packing filing cabinets, make sure all cabinets are locked. And protect all its shelves and cabinets with a few layers of strong bubble bag.

Pack and move office equipment

When you get to your new location, chances are you’ll have an enormous number of boxes to sort through so do not forget to label all the boxes. You can sort them by department, employee, floor, or simply by content that is in the box.

This is a very challenging task. If you are a big company you can solve this by contacting some moving companies in Carmel CA and choose the one that responds to your needs. But if you are a small or start-up company, the chances are you will need to do it all by yourself. So, prepare well and go step by step.

Hire professional movers

Finding a reliable moving company is the crucial thing to do for many reasons which that not need to mention. Besides the fact that you are moving, which is stressful by itself, you don’t need additional stress whether your office inventory is going to be damaged, lost, or stolen.

That’s why it’s preferable to have insurance just in case your stuff gets damaged or lost. You should specify the type of insurance in case your things get damaged or lost. Will they be repaired, replaced, or are you going to be reimbursed. Being well-prepared is half of the job, so do the research on the internet in order to pick the right moving company that suits your needs and budget. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to make a list of all your belongings or take some photos so you can easily note if something is missing, you can just never be careful enough.

office desk
Organize your desk as soon as you relocate to your new office so you can start working.

Once you move to your new office, you need to unpack your items. In order to unpack your office after moving, make a room plan. It can also help you prevent moving items back and forth across the office. It will show you where you can place the furniture. As well as all the other things such as computers,desks, office supplies, etc. Once your furniture and technical equipment are installed, it is time to organize your desk.  Pack and move office equipment properly so you can reuse them as quickly and possible and continue with your work.

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