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How to pack and move your book collection

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Books are one of those items that tend to pile up over time and we don’t even realize how many we have. If you’re a book enthusiast and you enjoy winding down with a good read, your book collection is probably enviable. And while that’s definitely something to be proud of, when it comes to moving house it can become an issue. Let’s face it, books aren’t the lightest of items and packing them safely for a move can be a challenge. If you’re hiring moving help Monterey CA, but you’re not getting packing services, you’ll have to pack your books yourself. Don’t worry, though. We’re here to tell you how to pack and move your book collection and make sure your precious books stay intact. So, stick around to find out.

Streamline your book collection before packing

Let’s be honest, even if you’re an avid reader and a big book lover, you probably have some books you could do without. There must be even a few books that you don’t like or don’t need and that you could say goodbye to. Well, this is the perfect time to do that.

A book collection
Before you start packing your book collection, its best to downsize.

Go through your book collection and figure out which books you want to get rid of. Once you streamline your book collection and you eliminate everything you don’t need, packing and moving your book collection will be much easier.

You won’t have as many books to pack, which means you’ll need fewer moving boxes. Other than that, you’ll reduce your moving expenses – Carmel Valley CA movers charge by the weight of your items. So, the less you pack, the less you’ll pay. Also, you won’t clutter up your new home with the books you don’t need. So, it’s a win-win-win situation!

What to do with the books you’re getting rid of

Now that you know which books you’re ready to say goodbye to, one question still remains: what do you do with them? After all, books aren’t really something you want to throw down the trash chute. So, before you can pack and move the books you’re keeping, here’s what to do with the ones you don’t want anymore.

  • Donate them. A great way to help someone by getting rid of unwanted books is by donating them to charity. So, find a local donation spot and drop your books off.
  • Gift them. Another great thing you can do is invite your friends and family over to browse through the books you’re getting rid of. Maybe they’d like to take some of them home.
  • Sell them. Good news! You can earn some extra cash while streamlining your book collection. If you declutter early enough, you can put the books online or organize a yard sale yo find them a new home. This way you’re downsizing and earning some pocket money at the same time.

Get the supplies to pack and move your book collection

Once you know which books you actually want to pack, it’s time to start gathering the packing supplies. There are a few different options you can choose from. So, if you’re unsure about which supplies you should get, here are a few suggestions.

Carton boxes on a desk
When you’re getting the supplies for packing books, one of your options is cardboard boxes.
  • Cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are what most people associate with moving. If you’re one of those people, feel free to use carton boxes to pack and move your book collection. Be wary, though. Get high quality moving boxes of the right size. Don’t get boxes that are too big cause that often leads to overpacking.
  • Renting plastic containers. If you consider cardboard boxes to be too fragile and not sturdy enough, you might want to check out plastic containers. You can buy them or rent them for as long as you need them.
  • Packing books in suitcases. If you’d like to save money on packing supplies, you can use some things that you probably already own. Put your suitcases and bags to use when packing and moving books.

How to properly pack and move your book collection

Once you have all the supplies and moving boxes and you know what you’re packing, it’s time to start the packing. What’s important is that you make sure your books don’t get damaged during transport. In order to do that, there are a few steps you can take.

A couple packing and moving books
When you are packing and moving your books, make sure to do it properly and protect them from damages.
  • Line the boxes with packing paper.
  • Don’t overpack. If you put too many books in a single box, it’s likely to tear from the weight. Also, the boxes will be heavier and more difficult to carry. So, be mindful when packing.
  • Put heavier books on the bottom of the boxes. Otherwise, they could crush the lighter and more delicate books.
  • Fill the gaps between the books with packing paper.
  • Seal the boxes well. Use tape to shut the boxes and make sure your books don’t stay in place.

Label the boxes

Once all of your books are in the boxes and they are wrapped and protected, there’s one thing left to do. Namely, the last step to successfully pack and move your book collection is labeling the boxes. This is a step that doesn’t take long, but it’s useful both to your movers CA and you. By labeling the boxes and making it clear that the boxes contain books, you’re letting the movers know how they’re supposed to handle these boxes when loading the truck. Other than that, having these labels will help you when you’re unpacking later. So, take the time to write labels on your boxes to finally complete the packing process.

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