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How to pack and move your piano safely

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Moving a delicate and massive object like a piano demands precision and gentle handling. This beautiful musical instrument has many complex components. Before you try to do it yourself, you might want to consider hiring piano movers Monterey locals recommend to do the job. Professionals are definitely your best option in case you need to move the piano into an elevator, down a flight of stairs, or have very tight spaces to navigate. However, it is possible to do it yourself, with a little help. Read on to discover the steps you need to take to pack and move your piano safely.

Before the move

In order to pack and move your piano safely, you will need to find the appropriate moving supplies.

  • Plenty of moving blankets. Wrapping the piano with moving blankets will protect it from scratches. You can also cover the piano with regular blankets or thick towels.
  • Multiple roles of packing tape. Use them to secure the blankets in place.
  • A piano dolly for moving an upright piano. You’ll need something to move the piano since it’s almost impossible to carry it.
  • A piano board for moving a grand piano. Grand pianos are especially large and heavy and moving them will best be handled with a piano board.
  • Straps and screwdriver. You will need these to hold the piano steady on the piano board.
Woman and child playing piano
Pianos are valuable and should be moved with the utmost care.

If you aren’t sure which materials to use, ask some of the best moving companies in Northern California for help. With the experience and expertise in moving pianos moving companies have, their advice is the one you want when in doubt.

Enlist people to help you pack and move your piano safely

After you gather the supplies, find as many people to help you pack and move your piano safely as you can. Depending on the size of your piano and the space you have to navigate, you’ll need at least four helpers, maybe more. Choose some of your family members, friends, or neighbors who are in good shape and have experience moving heavy objects. Before you move the piano, measure every place that the piano will pass through.

How to pack and move your piano safely

Moving an upright piano

Firstly, it’s imperative that you protect the piano keys and piano pedals. Proceed to cover your upright piano with moving blankets and secure them with tape. With your team of helpers, hoist your piano onto the dolly. Someone should be on all sides of the instrument when lifting. Slowly and carefully move the dolly to your moving truck. If you’re moving long-distance, California interstate movers will know how to best pack and move your piano.

Protect the piano keys like the ones in the photograph in order to pack and move your piano safely
Make sure to protect the piano keys before packing and moving your piano.

Moving a grand piano

Lower and secure the top lid of the piano. If possible, dismantle the piano pedals and legs. Wrap it in moving blankets, and secure all blankets with tape. Use separate moving blankets to wrap the piano’s legs and pedals. Lightly tilt the piano onto the piano board. Secure it with straps. Have several people to help you while pushing the piano board to prevent accidents.

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