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How to pack and store paintings?

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Moving can be difficult and stressful sometimes. Especially when you have some paintings which are very dear to you! In that case, you will have to pack them with care. All the regular items that you are packing do not require special treatment. Such as to pack and store your paintings. If you are not sure that you can properly pack and store paintings then you should hire moving companies in Northern California, to pack and safely relocate your items. You cannot choose any company, make sure you pick movers with experience in art moving. Being cheap is not a good enough reason to choose and hire your movers. It can cost you a lot more if they get your art pieces damaged. If you decide to do it by yourself follow these steps that could help you with your beloved artwork.

Always make a plan

For packing and storing your paintings, you need to make a detailed plan. First things first, you need to decide if you are going to pack and move all the items. Make a list of packing supplies you need, and also make sure to check how to pack each item. You definitely cannot use the same packing method for framed and unframed paintings.

plan- how to pack and store painting
Before you start packing make a plan.

There is a must when it comes to packing supplies needed, and here is the list of things that you are going to need:

  • bubble wrap
  • tape gun
  • artist tape
  • pair of scissors or Exacto knife
  • glassine
  • foam boards
  • tape measure
  • cardboard boxes or a crate
  • foam or a blanket to pack and store your paintings
  • gloves

You need to take good care of your paintings. In other cases, it will be very difficult to pack and transport them. To keep them in good condition treat your paintings properly. There are lots of instructions on the internet as well, who will help you pack and store your paintings.

Pack and store framed and unframed paintings

When it comes to this, you should know that there is a slight difference when packing framed and unframed artworks. In both cases, make sure that your hands are clean! Also, you need to prepare the proper packing supplies. Try to calm yourself down, because steady hands are required as well as focus, concentration. Make no mistake, packing artwork is a delicate and important job!

When it comes to your framed paintings, you can find a crate or build a box. It is recommended to find a bigger box than the painting. Use wider artist tape and make an ”X” across the glass so it doesn’t get broken. Pad the front and back of the artwork using pieces of hardboard and then tape them together. Even if it does get broken, the tape will prevent the glass from moving and damaging your artwork. Then you can wrap it in brown paper and after that wrap the piece in two layers of bubble wrap. Do not forget about the corners. You can add cardboard corners to prevent damage.

packing paintings
Pick wisely the packing materials for packing your paintings.

For your unframed paintings, well be sure to not touch them with your hands, instead, you can use gloves. Use a sheet of silicone release paper to cover the front of the canvas and then wrap using glassine paper. Glassine is a smooth paper that is air, water, and grease resistant. You can protect the edges with a few layers of cardboard as well as front and back. Wrap them using a blanket or bubble wrap. Secure the pieces and layers of material using packing tape. Do not use duct tape, use the artist tape. If you don’t have time for all this stuff, then we recommend checking out movers Pacific Grove CA. They will help you out with your paintings.

Choosing the right room to pack and store your paintings

When you move into your new home, turning a closet or small office into an art storage room is an option. But you need to know what to look for when choosing a room in your house. First things first, the room must be finished. Avoid attics or basements unless they are finished and have climate control. Be sure there are no air vents or open windows. If there is a vent, you can speak to a specialist about creating a deflective device so the air doesn’t blow directly on the artwork. You also want to be thoughtful about dust, mold, and any musty smells that could be the indicator of a bigger problem.

The last thing to avoid is storing your art in a room that has an exterior wall. You should use a room that is completely inside the house. This eliminates the risk of windows bringing in sunlight and weather which can damage and fade artwork.

pack and store paintings
Make sure you choose a climate-controlled storage unit to store your paintings.

Common mistakes when packing and storing your paintings

Moving without a plan can lead to more expenses and higher chances of damages. Do not let the bubble wrap to touch directly the surface, always put the glassine first. Packing supplies and moving can be very pricey, so sometimes you decide to reuse some boxes but when it comes to your artwork it is better to avoid doing that.

It is for the best to know your artwork is in good boxes and crates. One of the mistakes is that sometimes people tend to pack the artwork first. That means they will stay for too long in the moving van and you will only add boxes on top of them. To avoid that mistake, pack the fine art pieces last and protect them from damage. Also, never pack your paintings on top of the other. Always pack them vertically. However, if you choose to hire movers to do the job for you, always ask about the extra insurance.

Follow the steps above, if you want to do it on your own and you will successfully pack and store your paintings for moving to your new home. Good preparation is the key to non-stressful packing and relocation of your items.


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