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How to pack efficiently for a cross country relocation

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So you would like to move and pack efficiently for a cross country relocation; if this is the case then hop in and let the pros at Mod movers explain this to you. We understand that moving especially cross country can be pretty complex and stressful. Because of that, we’ve prepared easy-to-follow tips that you’ll need for an easy cross country relocation. Let’s hop in and see what those tips are.

Make a bullet-proof plan before starting to pack efficiently for a cross country relocation

Let’s say that you’re moving from California to Austin, what’s the first thing you would do? Making a plan of course! This is crucial and as long as you have a good plan stick to till until the very end. So let’s make one. The first thing that you should do is see how much time you’ve got left. So if you have one month that’s good enough, but if it’s less than that that you’ll need to rush things a bit or skip some steps. Secondly, divide your plan into stages

  • Decluttering stage
  • Packing material stage
  • Packing stage
  • Moving stage
A cup of coffee, watch and an open planner with a pen on it;
If you want to pack efficiently for a cross country relocation make a good plan.

These are the four most common stages in the moving and packing process. If you can’t do them all or need any help check out the Monterey moving services they are pretty useful in this kind of situation.

Pack efficiently for a cross country relocation by decluttering first

Before you start decluttering the first thing that you would like to do is create an inventory. Search room by room and put down all of your belongings on a piece of paper. If you have someone with your a friend or family member it’s much faster; also you can do two things at once that’s creating an inventory and decluttering. This is the best way to do decluttering also there are several ways how you can do it. One of the most common methods is a one-year method by which you’ll throw away, sell or donate things that you haven’t used for a year or so; the second popular method is the $20 method, which states that you’ll throw away or give away a thing that is worth less than $20.  By far the most popular method is the separation method, which states that you’ll separate your belongings like:

  • Donating
  • Selling
  • Throwing away
  • Recycling
  • Keeping
  • Fixing
  • Storing
Reuse, reduce, and recycle the writer in a piece of white paper with a black pen;
Recycling is a much better option than throwing away.

The best way about this method is that the categories can be added or removed as you wish so it makes it highly customizable. Many moving companies California to Texas use this method and it’s quite popular these days.

Pack efficiently by preparing everything in advance and finding free boxes

If you want to save some money it’s best to first create an inventory and calculate how many boxes you’ll need. Before you go buying boxes or even calculate, you can use some of the boxes that you probably already have or your neighbors have them. If you need boxes there are plenty from Amazon delivers and near the trash can, but just watch out if they’re wet or dirty (stinky). On the other hand, if you want to be environmentally conscious use every empty container in your house that you have like luggage and backpacks for example. If you have some big pots fill them with other pots, etc. to save money, the environment, and a lot of time looking for these supplies.

It’s also important to prepare everything in advance. So when it comes to packing supplies you’ll need boxes (different sizes and shapes possibly), markers, moving blankets, furniture covers, plastic bags, wraps, bubble wraps, packing peanuts, tapes (scotch tape, duck tape, painters tape, etc.),  ropes, scissors, sticky notes, etc. The list is also highly customizable but these are some of the most common things that people use during the move. Furthermore, if you are in rush or are not sure how to do any of these contact cross country movers California to help you. If you need any other tips to check out our blog, so you won’t miss out on any other moving tips and tricks.

How to pack properly and efficiently

So there is one fairly simple technique where you’ll have to put heavier items on the bottom of the box. Also don’t overload the boxes because you won’t be able to carry them but don’t also leave them empty.  Use smaller boxes for books, clothes, decorations, etc. Also use the colors or premade colored tapes for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. this is a useful tip. This will save you a lot of time especially when you’re unpacking. When it comes to the kitchen you would want to double-wrap all the dishes and other ceramic (fragile) objects. Use tapes to tape the wires with their device and put them in the same box preferably.  Some boxes offer your clothes to be transferred on hangers so if you don’t want to fold them do this.

Brown bag, MacBook, magazine, shirts;
If you don’t have to pack it yourself, hand it over to the pros;

Take all of your future apart so it’ll be easier for you and more.  When packing thinks about what you’ll need last, but what you’ll need first when you arrive. So usually the first thing that people pack are things that they don’t need necessary; while they pack the kitchen and bathroom last since you’ll need these things upon your arrival. If you have any problems consider hiring a professional moving company. They can pack a 4-room bedroom in 3 hours (max 4) and they’ll unload or load the truck in less than an hour and a half.

How to pack efficiently for a cross country relocation a quick recap

In the end, it’s all up to you. You’ll need to figure out your schedule, can you do it yourself, or do you need any help, etc? Packing, decluttering, creating an inventory and moving is the process in a nutshell. For most efficiency use free boxes, put heavier things at the bottom, and throw away (or recycle) things that you don’t need, if you think this is too hard, hire pros.

Thank you for reading this blog and we hope that you found it useful. These were our thoughts on How to pack efficiently for a cross country relocation. See you next time and have a great stress-free packing and moving process.

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