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How to pack kitchenware for moving?

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Kitchenware consists of many things and packing them is very boring and tiring. To make it easier for you, we will explain how to pack kitchenware for moving in the easiest and most practical way. But remember, an easy move is not possible without the best Monterey moving services. Let us begin.

Is it difficult to pack kitchenware for moving and where should you start?

Well, any preparation for a move should start with hiring the best Monterey Bay movers. After you do that, you can start thinking about other things like how on Earth should you pack forks and pots?! Just relax and follow our lead. It is no difficult matter, just a boring one.

Packing pots, pans and similar

You should probably start by packing the bigger kitchenware such as pots, pans, and similar. Pans are something people pay a lot for so your meals can be good and not ruined because of a pan with poor quality. Because of this, we recommend paper towels. Yes, put paper towels and bubble wrap between the pans that you will be putting in a box. We suggest putting all pans in one box and then marking the box as such. This actually applies to pots and everything else too. You should put smaller pots into bigger ones, put paper towels between them, the covers should be put in bubble wrap, and put them aside in the box. If you have a lot of covers, you can put them in a separate box.

Pan and pot-pack kitchenware for moving
Be careful with good quality items when you pack kitchenware for moving.

Packing cutlery and similar kitchenware

Good quality cutlery usually comes in a box that people do not throw out but keep in storage somewhere, for these situations especially. If you have not kept that box then you will have to use a regular one. It would be wise, just like with the pots and pans, to separate the cutlery with a soft material to prevent damaging. When it comes to things like whisks and other tools and utensils, they are not too fragile most of the time and you can literally put all of the whisks, ladles, and others in one box and just label it. It really is nothing of a science and this kind of kitchenware is usually made of strong materials. By this, we mean that you do not have to be too cautious.

Glassware and crockery

Glassware is the most fragile of all kitchenware. To pack cups and glasses, you will need all of the above mentioned, paper towels, bubble wrap, newspaper, soft materials, and more.

  1. The best option would be to find an old box that was used for glasses because that box probably has already separated compartments for each glass.
  2. If not, you should wrap the entire glass with one of the mentioned materials.
  3. Cups are just a little less fragile than glasses but it is still complicated to pack kitchenware for moving that is made of fragile materials.
  4. Plates and other crockery should be placed in boxes but, like everything else, separated with materials or cardboard cutouts.
Cups and some crockery
Fragile items require special protection.

You know how to pack kitchenware for moving

We hope that this was useful information and that you will take extra care of the fragile things. Take care of this boring part and then move on to the fun stuff! We wish you good luck!

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