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How to personalize your rental without losing the security deposit

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The layout of the living space affects our life in many aspects. So, most people don’t mind spending months decorating their residences to feel comfortable there. But, when you live in a rental, there are many issues you’ll potentially face. Limited design liberty is one of the biggest challenges when living in a rental. Although buying an apartment or house isn’t an option at the moment, you can actually do a lot to turn your rental into a place you love spending time at. Whether you plan to hire one of the finest interstate moving companies in California or just move locally, don’t be sad about the fact you are changing your space. Reading this comprehensive article will help you personalize your rental without losing the security deposit. Let’s see how to upgrade your rental and enjoy every moment there without any financial losses. Here comes creative and wise ideas!

Different ways to personalize your rental without losing the security deposit

Did you find a new apartment at the location you have always wanted to live in, only to realize you will need to add a lot of personal touches to transform it into a nice-looking place where you want to stay? Although you don’t have permission to renovate the entire apartment, it doesn’t have to look completely opposite of what you like. There are many ways to turn your soulless rental into a place customized to your personal taste. And the good news is you don’t have to put your security deposit at risk even if you do take a bit more design liberty. Since you can take off all the wallpapers, and take away carpets, you will easily make it look like before once you decide to move out with the help of our California residential movers. So, let’s explore your options thoroughly.

A flat-screen television in the apartment
Be creative and personalize your rental without losing the security deposit.

Once you complete your relocation task, decorating can start. After a successful relocation with Mod Movers CA, now you need to deal with design challenges. Are you running into issues, such as horribly stained walls or floors, budget finishes, or standard-grade appliances? We have creative solutions you can use to your advantage. As long as you comply with your landlord’s policy, you can make significant changes in terms of personalizing your rental. Here are some simple ways to personalize your rental without losing the security deposit:

  • adding a rug or layering your rugs;
  • using removable peel-and-stick wallpaper;
  • adjusting the light by changing the lamps;
  • replacing hardware and knobs;
  • painting doors or walls – with the landlord’s permission;
  • adding bookshelves instead of wall drilling;
  • decorate with nature, plants, or drained flowers;
  • be creative with adding window treatments.

Start with the floors – adding a rug is one of the ways to personalize your rental without losing the security deposit

Your new space looks pretty nice but you still want to change some details. Will you need to cover any stains or damage to your flooring? In this case, you should consider adding an area rug. Using them will help you cover any kind of damage or stains on the flooring. Your new home will look warm and cozy with area rugs even if your landlord doesn’t allow you to paint.

A colorful rug and furniture in a rental apartment
The colorful rug will make your rental apartment look warmer.

Since your floor is one of the biggest surfaces in the home, maybe you should opt for a colorful rug. Unique rugs have a huge impact on decorating your home, even more than painting the walls. Besides, their role is to protect floors in your rentals from any damage so you can act more freely. As far as your security deposit goes, this is a plus when it comes to your money return. So, choose a carpet with a bold color, pattern, or texture. You can make sure your new carpet matches curtains or drapes. When it comes to protection related to your floors, be careful if you need to bring in your pool table or piano. Instead of DIY, opt for hiring our pool table movers California and save floors in your rental during the move. They will know how to take care of surfaces and protect them well.

Opt for layering your rugs

If you are a lucky piano owner, you will not have to think about adding carpet in the area where your piano is placed. Pianos look stunning and this instrument will be the highlight of every room where you place it. Our piano movers California will make sure to transport your piano safely to your rental apartment. But if you don’t have a piano and there is something missing in your room, adding carpet can be a solution.

A photo of rug layering with old furniture which is one of the ways to personalize your rental without losing the security deposit
Make sure your carpet and rugs match.

If you don’t like your rental carpet after trying everything, but just cannot rip out that icky rental carpet, worry not. You should just add a rug on top of a rug or carpet and personalize your space with new colors and patterns. Pick a rug over your wall-to-wall carpet and it will look more custom to you. You can find great, affordable rugs from cool inexpensive stores or even the flea market.

Spruce up your walls

Moving your home to another state is challenging for many different reasons. But if you are in a game, you will need to cope with all the difficulties you face. No matter how complex your move is our reliable California long distance movers will lend you a helping hand. Our experienced employees will speed up your move and help you arrive safely at your new address.


Most newcomers to a certain state used to opt for renting instead of buying. It helps them explore areas and neighborhoods where they would stay permanently. However, even if you are about to rent an apartment, you can enjoy well design space as long as you live there. Whether your rental is small or spacious, white walls will make it look more spacious but also soulless at the same time. So, let’s see how to personalize them and make them look better.

White and lilac bedroom showing you how to affordably personalize your rental without losing the security deposit
Use peel-and-stick wallpaper instead of painting.

Whether you opt for a picture wall or something else, your walls will look completely different. Instead of being sad about not having permission to paint your walls discover a solution called removable wallpaper. Everyone loves them because they present an affordable and quick way to make a huge change when it comes to your walls.

If you choose a nice wallpaper, you will quickly upgrade the look of your room. Wallpaper is a great way to showcase your personal style in a unique and bold way. It will instantly add a pop of color and spruce up every old, boring wall in your rental. Adding wallpaper is a cheap way to get a personalized rental and keep your security deposit. So, take time to pick one and stick it to a small accent wall in your bedroom or living room.

It’s time for creating a gallery wall

If you did find a new apartment and already thinking about decoration ideas, remember you could use your pictures and family photos. So, before our experts for packing services come to your current home, separate your pictures and photos for the picture wall. Did you know you can do it without causing much damage? There are stick-on picture hooks for damage-free hanging and hanging strips, too. Since these strips come in different sizes you can easily carry heavy wall frames and other decorative objects.

So, before you start packing think about the things that you want to display on the walls. Once you arrive at your new apartment, you will set up your gallery wall with framed photos and pictures in no time. This is an ideal way to personalize your rental without losing the security deposit. Don’t wait up and pick the best photos and favorite pictures for your rental gallery wall. Before you hire our moving services California, put aside things you will use to decorate your apartment right after unpacking. Once they came, you will be ready for moving and decorating rental afterward.

Adjusting the light is a way to personalize your rental and keep your security deposit

Do you believe that plenty of illumination is the main reason why you feel so much energy in a certain home space? We do! Unfortunately, most overhead fixtures cast harsh light. This is the reason for creating weird shadows that is why everything looks odd. Undeniably, good lighting fixtures help make an impact and comfortable appearance in your home. So, if possible, replace lighting fixtures, buy new lamps, and create a welcoming ambiance in your home. If you want to feel better while spending time at your apartment, look for a solution by incorporating more lightning at eye level or higher. Whether you opt for a form of table lamps, floor lamps, or plug-in sconces, you’ll get more lightning for sure. What makes an apartment feel more like a home is an optimal amount of lighting.

Add lamps

If your new apartment isn’t spacious enough for larger floor lamps, use the table lamp. It is up to you to choose the design you like and change your apartment’s appearance quickly. People like what they get with this step with is very affordable. In case you are dealing with dark corners in your room, start your search for ideal floor lamps. Also, your children’s room will look stunning if you pick one of those cute wall lams. They come in many shapes and sizes so consider getting them.

a lamp and a laptop where you can research how to personalize your rental without losing the security deposit
Purchasing a new lamp will help you get an optimal amount of lighting and personalize your rental without losing the security deposit.

One thing is for sure, there is never too much lighting and lamps in the room since you can always turn them off. But the lack of lighting can make you feel depressed, exhausted, and out of energy. Therefore, use lamps and boost your energy and create a productive and healthy ambiance.

Adding bookshelves will transform your rental

When you start thinking about a home library, you can’t imagine it without drilling the walls, right? We have great news, you can use floor bookshelves and make your dreams come true. Can you believe you can create a small library in your rental without breaking the bank? There is no need for wall drilling since this brings a risk of losing your security deposit. Also, wall shelves are not the best solution if you need to fill them with numerous heavy books. So, floor bookshelves are an ideal way to personalize your rented apartment. In case you don’t own any, you can easily purchase the one that will fit your new apartment. After you contact us and appoint your moving date, you can take time and search for a suitable bookshelf.

A bookshelf in the home
Invest in a bookshelf and personalize your rented apartment.

Luckily, bookshelves do not have to be too expensive. You can pick the one according to your budget and bring it with you once you decide to leave your current rental. Also, you can easily sell it if doesn’t match your next apartment design. If there is one in your rental, enjoy placing your favorite books on shelves.

Enjoy the process while sticking to the landlord’s rules

Adding value to an apartment doesn’t always include large steps such as painting, wall drilling, and making drastic changes. But if you want to add a personal touch to the space you currently live in, you will need to do some simple design and decorative changes. Just as you have seen in this article, there are plenty of ways to personalize your rental without losing the security deposit. As long as you stick to the advice you have found in this article, you will not put your security deposit at any risk. Nevertheless, if you are not sure about certain actions you plan to take, ask your landlord for permission.

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