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How to prepare an essentials box for moving to Gilroy

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A move be it local or long-distance can represent a challenge, especially if you’re moving by yourself. However, there are ways to make that easier for you by following simple rules. Some of them are more complex than others, but our Monterey Peninsula movers are sure that this one will be appreciated by every person that is moving. Here’s how to prepare an essentials box for moving to Gilroy without many problems and make the first day at your new home a better experience.

Make sure to have all the things you’ll need on the first day

When preparing for your move to Gilroy it’s very important to have the items that are important to you by your side. Whatever those might be, you need to have them inside a box. Label it accordingly, and make sure it’s with you or in the moving truck where you know you’ve left it. Our movers Gilroy CA always prompt their clients to have one of those boxes ready and available. Above all, take care of that box and make sure you unpack it first when you arrive in your new Gilroy home. It might be a great way to get your move off to a good start.

A person folding clothes
An essentials box for moving to Gilroy needs to have everything you need

Personal belongings need to be in the essentials box for moving to Gilroy

People usually forget about certain items when they’re moving. Usually, those are small personal items that won’t hurt you if you lose them but can be precious when you have them the first day when you arrive at your new home. After you get all the boxes and supplies make sure to dedicate one box to your personal belongings like clean clothes, toothbrushes, and other items that you might think are a must-have when you set foot in your home. Get sure that you don’t receive an unpleasant surprise when you arrive home.

Your pets will also require their items and treats from the start

How can you forget about your best friends? Above all, pets will also need a significant level of attention. Depending on which animal you have in your house it will take more or less care to get everything ready for your pets. From cages, toys, food, and other items you need to keep such a box in order to keep them happy. Even local moving can be stressful for the animals and that’s why you need to support them as much as you can. Before they arrive, use your essential box for pets in order to create a special space for them. It will make the transition to your new Gilroy home much easier for them.

General items need to be packed in your essentials box for moving to Gilroy

Even if an essential box needs to be only the bare necessities, it’s a good idea to have a box with some general items. That box might include some forms of entertainment and other things that you might find useful. Be it only a piece of paper and a pen or your favorite console, make sure to have some of those items that make you feel good at your home. Our packing services might not go that route, but a person needs to have some fun too. Prepare a box just for those types of needs.

Lap top and other items on a table
Take some items with which you can entertain yourself in your new home

When packing your essentials box for moving to Gilroy think about your rooms

There are also other methods of determining your essential boxes. Above all, one is there that makes sense to a lot of professional movers. That is a good idea as you can think about your new room even before moving in. Take all the items into consideration by going room by room and thinking about what you want first in them. Whatever your choice is, make sure to pack a box for every major room in your new Gilroy home.


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. That’s where you prepare and eat your meals, and that’s why you want to keep the kitchen as clean and functional as possible. Will you need plates? Spoons and forks? Glasses? Make sure to know what you really need on the first day you move to Gilroy and pack it accordingly. Having a kitchen ready to go after you move makes the process easier.


Another important room in which you take care of your personal hygiene and can relax in the bathroom. You want to have everything prepared and packed in a moving box so that after a long day of moving to the City of Gilroy you can take a long bath and enjoy it to the fullest. Make sure that you can completely enjoy and relax after you unpack your essential box that is dedicated to your bathroom.

A bathroom
Enjoy your bathroom to the fullest by having everything ready for it

Having a bedroom essentials box for moving to Gilroy is a good idea

Make sure that you get everything that you need for a good night’s sleep in your bedroom essentials box.  From your candles to books and everything else that helps you sleep. Nothing is better than enjoying the first night’s sleep after you arrive in your new home. For that reason, make sure that you pack all your items inside a box and get yourself in the perfect position to get some rest in your new home.

There are many different ways with which you can facilitate your move and make it faster. However, the most efficient is packing boxes with attention. Depending on what you need the most the more idea of what to put in them will you have. We hope our tips will help make sure that your essentials box for moving to Gilroy is full of necessities. Get your moving boxes ready and items and put an end to your Gilroy move.

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