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How to prepare and pack your patio furniture for moving

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If you have already invested in patio furniture, that tells that you like spending time there. So, moving to a new home, you will probably want to take it along. And, good quality patio furniture can last for years. Of course, if you are taking proper care of it. You will also be happy to learn that ways to pack your patio furniture for moving are not too hard. With help of Northern California movers, your patio furniture will arrive at your new place in perfect condition. So, you will be able to enjoy it soon after unloading. Besides, we have prepared a small guide to help you. We will show you how your valuable furniture has to be prepared for transportation.

Before you start to prepare and pack your patio furniture for moving, decide if you’ll move all pieces

First, measure all your outdoor furniture. That way, you will know if you’ll have enough space for all pieces in your new patio. Also, in case you are moving to an apartment, you’ll not have a place for any of your outdoor pieces. Or, in case you are downsizing your home, you will probably have to leave some of it behind.

Two Brown Wooden Lounge Chairs at the Pool - how to prepare and pack your patio furniture for moving.
Well-maintained patio furniture can last for years.

By making decisions timely, you won’t waste time preparing and packing the outdoor furniture. And you won’t invest in its transportation, without having use of it in the new place.

Some of your outdoor furniture will not be worthwhile moving

In case you have a nice patio at your new home, you will definitely move some of your pieces along. However, some of your pieces could be old, scratched, or cracked. So, in such a case, it is good to check the current patio furniture prices. It may turn out that buying the new furniture is a much cheaper option. However, some pieces might have high monetary or sentimental value. Such pieces people are usually taking along.

In case your patio furniture is new or well-preserved, you won’t be in a dilemma. However, before packing, you will have to inspect each piece carefully. Being exposed to elements, patio furniture might have some small damages, which are usually not so obvious. But, they can easily ruin your precious pieces.

How to inspect your patio furniture?

Have you decided to use packing services for your patio furniture preparation? If you did, you can relax. They are dealing with various pieces of furniture daily. And when it comes to patio furniture, they know exactly what to check.  In case you are checking your outdoor pieces, you should pay attention to the possible:

  • holes with insects inside (bugs, spiders, wasps, etc.)
  • cracks in the wooden parts
  • torn upholstery
  • spots of mold and lichen
Terrace of the old house with chairs.
Patio furniture is exposed to elements and can get dirty and damaged easily.

In case of such findings, you will have to assess if you can repair that piece. If smaller surfaces of the furniture are affected, these things are easy to remove. However, if it is about larger surfaces, it is better to buy a new piece. After all, moving companies would not allow such furniture to be loaded. Bugs, molds, or lichens spread easily and could endanger their moving truck as well.

Before you pack your patio furniture for moving, you must clean it

It is well known that outdoor furniture can easily get dirty. It is exposed to elements. And you can expect to find mud, dust, leaves, and other types of debris on it. So, even if the furniture is not damaged, it must be cleaned. Same as the movers, you wouldn’t be happy to pass the collected filth onto your other furniture. And furniture movers California will strongly advise you against such actions.

In most cases, cleaning the patio furniture will be easy. For the wooden, or iron parts, you can simply use disinfectant wipes. You can even clean them with a clean piece of soft cloth and water. In case you have to wash upholstery, take it off the furniture and wash it well. No matter which part of the furniture you wash, you will have to dry it well. Never pack wet or damp items.

Disassembling is the next step in preparing your patio furniture for moving

Some of your patio furniture you will have to pack as it is. Namely, you won’t be able to disassemble them, since they are made of a single piece. On the other hand, you have many pieces with removable parts. Such pieces you will carefully disassemble. After that, you will use the proper wrapping material for each of the pieces. After wrapping, make sure to put the belonging bolts and screws into a plastic bag. All parts belonging to one furniture piece pack in one moving box, seal it, and label. That way, you will easily find them after unloading.

Man putting tape on a chare covered with bubble wrap.
To properly pack your patio furniture, you will need good moving supplies.

To properly pack your outdoor furniture, you will need good moving supplies

Regardless if you have to pack your patio furniture in one piece, or you can dismantle it, you will need to wrap them properly. In case you are not sure where to find all necessary packing material, you can always address moving supplies Monterey CA. Besides, they will also advise you which materials are better for certain pieces. And, if you are not sure how much material you will need, no problem. They will help you to assess the needed quantity.

After all your patio furniture is ready, you can load it and move

As you could see, it is not so hard to prepare and pack your patio furniture for moving. You will need only some basic tools, and patience. Also, you will have to pack different types of patio furniture. So, you will not apply the same technique packing the patio umbrella, grill, or furniture. A swing set you will pack differently than the trampoline. So, here is a more detailed instruction for packing various outdoor items.

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